Study in Russia in English

Studying in Russia in English, studying in Russia is one of the dreams of many young people in various countries of the world, especially the Arab world, and the Russian language stands as an obstacle to the realization of this dream, but the State of Russia has provided the study of many disciplines in English, where English is the first language in the world, which people deal with in all countries.

Study in Russia in English
Study in Russia in English

The costs of studying in Russia in English

The minimum cost is 122.5 thousand rubles ($ 1750) per year. The maximum is 632,580 rubles ($9,036) per year. The cost of studying a specialist degree at a medical university in Russia is on average 290-320 thousand rubles* ($ 4143-4.571) per year.

Study medicine in Russia in English

Russia is one of the countries characterized by low costs of tuition and living, so we find that many students wishing to study medicine resort to studying there.

The costs of studying medicine in Russia are equal for foreign and Russian students, and there are no differences in costs between them.

A foreign student can study in Russia in English and enroll in a medical school where the duration of study is 6 years.

But the study program of the Faculty of Medicine of Russia does not contain only English, but there are some subjects taught in Russian.

The cost of studying medicine in English in Russia may reach from 80,000 to 400,000 rubles, and this percentage is estimated at about $ 7,000.

As for the tuition fees for pediatrics at Moscow University, it is estimated at about $ 5,000.

The study of medicine in English in Russia is characterized by a low percentage of tuition fees, and complete freedom to choose a course without resorting to taking entrance exams.

Study Pharmacy in Russia in English

A large number of students want to study in Russia in English, and the study of pharmacy is one of the disciplines offered by the state in English.

The State of Russia provides a large number of universities, which offer educational programs for the University of Pharmacy in English.

In order to obtain a pharmacy degree from Russia, a university student must complete a five-year period of study.

Pharmacy classes in Russia are received by classroom, and each semester ends with an exam or the work of a particular project.

Most Russian universities offer free admission to foreign students, where all students with a high school qualification can enroll in Russia's public universities, Bonn conditions or restrictions.

But the student must have studied the famous scientific subjects of physics, biology, and chemistry.

If you have successfully passed these subjects, you can enroll in one of the pharmacy universities in Russia, and no specific grades are required but only a passing grade.

There are some universities that teach pharmacy in English and Russian, the most famous of which is Kazan.

Studying pharmacy in English in Russia costs five thousand dollars during the first year of study, and the remaining three thousand years for one year.

Master's study in Russia in English

Master's study in Russia in English
Master's study in Russia in English

Many foreign students are looking for majors to study in Russia in English, and there are a lot of students who want to get a master's degree from Russia.

In order for a foreign student to obtain a master's degree from Russia, he must have obtained a bachelor's degree in one of the disciplines, and then register in a different discipline.

Immanuel Kant University offers many disciplines in which students can enroll and obtain a master's degree.

The specialization of nanomaterials and contemporary techniques is one of the most important programs taught using the English language.

Therefore, we find many Arab students who accept this specialization, because it is taught in English, which all students know.

The data science program is also taught in English, and students learn techniques for machine learning, along with the design and analysis of mathematical models.

Kazan University also offers a variety of specializations in the field of master's which reach 250 specializations.

One of the most famous of these disciplines is the work related to gas and oil, and students accept this specialization because of its teaching in English.

Through this specialization, learners learn ways to identify the most important places where wells are located, and to know their production capacity.

Kazan University offers another English-taught major, Management and International Relations, which is remarkably accepted among foreign students.

There are some disciplines that are open to their students to work in major technology companies, such as Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, and these disciplines are taught in English.

Study dentistry in Russia in English

Many students accept to study dentistry, where the student can study in Russia in English, and obtain a degree in dentistry from a Russian university.

Universities of Russia are characterized by offering a good level of education, lower cost and a large number of students are rushing to obtain a dental degree from Russia.

Many dental universities in Russia offer dental teaching programs, in Russian and English.

Moscow University is one of the most famous universities, which provides the service of teaching dental subjects in English.

He teaches students there, a distinguished constellation of the brightest professors specializing in dentistry and surgery.

Kazan University is one of the most famous universities, where students receive dental subjects through the English language.

There are some criteria set by Russian universities for the admission of applicants, namely that the applicant obtains a high school diploma and is affiliated with the Scientific Division.

High school grades are not an important criterion for admission, but only success, that prepares you to study dentistry in English.

There is a renewed period that the student must finish to obtain a certificate of dentistry, which is five years, and to obtain full eligibility after the completion of the study, the student's medical residency in the State of Russia must be terminated, which ranges from two to four years.

There are a lot of specializations that a student can enroll in in the universities of Russia, where the student can receive study in Russia in English.

The student can specialize in pediatric dentistry, orthopedic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, dental practice in general, and therapeutic dentistry.

Costs of studying medicine in Russia in English

There is no doubt that the study of medicine is one of the most expensive fields, which needs a lot of money, in order for a student to obtain a degree.

Studying in Russia in English is also expensive, sometimes expensive than studying in Russian, and the costs of studying medicine in Russia vary from university to university.

The cost of studying at an English-language medical school can be as high as $3,500 per year, and this rate is reduced each year by one hundred dollars.

The English-language human medicine student who enrolled in Kazan University costs $5,200 per year, and these costs are the same if the study is done in Russian.

An English-language dentistry from Kazan University costs $5,500, and the same value if he takes lessons in Russian. Thus, we have explained to you all the information about studying in Russia in English, especially for students wishing to enroll in Russian medical schools, whether human or dental, and the costs that the student pays during one year.

This article is part of the study series in Russia.

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