Study Fashion Design in Russia

Studying fashion design in Russia is the passion of many girls and boys as well, it is not only a women's specialty but a large field that includes both sexes and everyone who innovates in the field of fashion design.

But you may be afraid of being abroad in a country where you know nothing about its language, nor about the cost of studying in it, so we will share with you the most important information that may help you make the best choice for your study tendencies.

Study Fashion Design in Russia
Study Fashion Design in Russia

Fashion Design Universities in Russia

Each university has a special and resonant broker in the country, and every student aspires to join the best, but of course you will want to know the annual amount of money for each university so that you compare it with your level and the financial situation allocated to study, and here are the approximate prices for each university in the specialization of studying fashion design:

  • Moscow State University $8500
  • Friendship University of Peoples in Russia $ 5200
  • Moscow State Technical University $4150
  • Moscow State University of Construction $3400
  • Sankt Petroburg State University $8,000
  • Sankt Petroburg Technical University $3500
  • University of St. Peterborg ITMO $3500
  • St. Peterborg Electronic Technical University $3500
  • Genzhi Nevgorad State University $2800
  • Genzhny Nvograd University for tongues $2200
  • Nouf and Siberik State University $4200
  • Novo Siberik State Technical University $3,000.
  • Vazan Federal University $2,500.
  • Kuban State University $2200.
  • Astrakhan State University $2,700.

Documents required to study at universities of the Russian Federation

Of course you have to convert your papers to the Russian language, because the institutions there will not find anyone who is fluent in Arabic, as it is the law of the state, you must translate your documents from a birth certificate, a high school certificate, and a health certificate to the Russian language, and no person or any office is recognized in translation, they must be translated by an official notary public recognized by the Russian government, and he stamps the papers for you and approves them to acknowledge the validity of what is in them.

Fashion Design in Russia

In recent years the world has witnessed the orientation of institutions to use design in everything, so design studies have evolved in many universities in different countries of the world, to appear new faculties, branching out departments that did not exist, to cover the needs of the market and the world of its need of design science.

But in our article this time we will limit ourselves to a design that has existed for thousands of years, which is fashion design, a wonderful specialty that every girl loves and adores and practices from a young age, when she plays with dolls and designs for her doll her own clothes to her own taste.

What areas does a fashion designer study?

They are as follows:

  • Study the basic and sub-concepts of fashion design.
  • Study the basic elements that make up the different designs.
  • Training courses to study fusion techniques for the coordination of colors and materials.
  • Lectures to study international fashion and fashion, and draw ideas from international designs.
  • Study electronic design programs such as Photoshop and design software to use technology instead of using papers and pens, which facilitates the retention of designs, in an easier and more orderly way, and reduces waste from papers.
  • Study the design and drawing of mannequins and the way clothes are coordinated on them, and coordinate larger and smaller sizes of mannequins.
  • Study the crisis skills to sense the materials, test the different types of fabric to determine their quality, and determine the appropriate fabric for each part of the design.
  • Know the skin types to coordinate and match the colors to suit the owner, and what suits his skin.

Tasks of a fashion designer

If you think that the tasks of a fashion designer are easy and simple, this is a misconception from you because he is bound by several important things, the most prominent of which are:

  • He has to take into account the tendencies of customers and always take them into account, to develop the goods or product satisfactorily for everyone.
  • He has to study the fashion prevailing in every society, to derive from it all the new.
  • The study of the ancient fashion prevailing in each country over different eras is also a source of inspiration, so he should get a good look at it.
  • The materials of various fabrics in the markets, knowledge of them will make the designs special, the designer when drawing a model of certain clothes, it will require him to determine the appropriate material for his design, sometimes the design is wonderful but spoiled by an inappropriate cloth.
  • The fashion designer's role is not only painting, but it always requires the study of previous research and studies, especially when fashion relates to a certain historical research, he must study it well, and know the clothes of all the people of that era, so that the design is compatible with the personality of that era.
  • Working in a team is the basic and first skill that anyone working in the field of fashion design should have, because you will discuss designs in a working group, there are those who will draw them electronically, there are those who will greet you with the first model on sewing machines, and there are those who design the necessary accessories to go along with your design, you must explain to everyone how you think when you designed the model, to think in the same style.
  • Provide a feasibility study for each design, after determining the materials used in the design, the necessary and appropriate accessories, and know the price of both the fabric and yarns used, and sewing machines, everything that needs money you have to put in a list, so that the cost of your design is calculated well and know the percentage of profit before its production and descent into the markets.
  • ·          The ability to notice small and precise details is one of the most important features of the fashion designer, because the public and employers will criticize each piece he designs and produces, and therefore he must criticize himself first and notice the small and accurate details.

What procedures do you need to apply to Russian universities?

After translating your documents into Russian as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you also have to buy a medical insurance policy in Russia, because as an expatriate you will only have first aid in case of emergency, and the ambulance only for free, while the rest of the services from meeting the doctor and others you will have to pay large amounts for each service, so buying a medical insurance policy will save you a large amount, and do not compromise on the order to buy it because in police patrols, if you do not show that document you will pay a fine Great.

The most important procedure is also to enroll in courses and training courses to learn Russian, so that you understand the science you are studying, and know how to read, write and communicate with your professors, study friends, and all the people of the country, you will not find anyone to speak to you in your own language, but you must learn their language.

In terms of the ease and difficulty of the Russian language only statistics, 20% of the international students see that the Russian language is easy, and another percentage sees it as average, and the majority sees it as difficult, but we do not advise you to take someone's personal experience, you have to go through the experience yourself to decide maybe you are better than everyone.

Does the field of fashion design have a career? And is it a good career for a high income?

Of course, fashion design is a profession that has a promising future for everyone who works in it, as fashion houses are always in need of brilliant designers, whose thinking is modern in line with the thought, changes and trends of global fashion.

And not only fashion houses are the ones that provide job opportunities, but also garment factories with all their specialties and departments need fashion designers, there is a specialization for children's clothing, and another for formal men's clothing or casual, and some factories and production lines have specialized in women's clothing, whether home, formal, casual or sports.

In the end, we encourage you to compare the field you want to study in Russia between its level in your country and in the Russian Federation, if it is in your country better, then you should study it in your country, and if it is stronger in Russia, we advise you to go to study there, and do not forget to first enroll in a training course to learn the Russian language.

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