Study Sound Engineering in Russia

The study of sound engineering in Russia, that the field of sound engineering is not an easy field that needs many research and studies, this field is related to music and creativity, the stage of sound production needs many stages where it is processed through the use of many programs specialized in processing through going through several stages and this specialization of sound engineering is one of the technical disciplines.

Study Sound Engineering in Russia
Study Sound Engineering in Russia

Introductory Overview Study of Sound Engineering in Russia

The Department of Sound Engineering is one of the departments related to creativity and music and therefore this department is considered one of the difficult departments.

The process of preparing and producing sound is one of the important stages through which sound goes through several important stages.

After recording the sound, it is inserted into the specialized programs of the processors so that the processing takes place in multiple stages.

Studying sound engineering is one of the most important parts of engineering disciplines as it is not an easy discipline at all.

This specialization is a scientific and technical specialization and through this specialization students study theoretical and scientific subjects.

The student then applies the theoretical and scientific materials studied in this field.

Through scientific study, the student learns physics, mathematics and science.

During the study phase, the sound engineer learns to strengthen the sound, modify the sound, and copy and merge the sound.

The student studies the technical aspects through which he recognizes the adjustment of sound levels and the recognition of microphones.

The best personal features that an audio engineer should have

There are many qualities that a sound engineer must possess as he must have personal abilities required to study this field as the student must choose this study with his desire and be keen to learn sound engineering The next student must.

  • Be patient.
  • How to manage time.
  • Developing creative skills.
  • Self-education and skills development.
  • Commitment to duties and timely delivery of projects.
  • He has to possess good skills in mathematics and physics.
  • Be cooperative.
  • High ability to concentrate on several things and at once.
  • Keen to follow up on everything new in the field of sound engineering.
  • Learn about the modern products that appear.
  • Establish extensive relationships with actors, artists and sound engineers.
  • Full readiness to know all that is new in the world of audio engineering devices.
  • Not feeling frustrated, being optimistic and positive.
  • Make sure to know the different opinions of people and accept them either negatively or positively.
  • Take care to deal politely with people.
  • High organization of the tools needed to start working by making sure the audio devices are clean.
  • When hesitating study the specialty.

Materials majoring in Sound Engineering

Upon graduation of students of this field, they are highly prepared to do the following work:

  • Dealing with professional programs specialized in the manufacture of sound with ease, including these programs pro tools and Logic pro.
  • Professionally handle microphones used in the audio production process.
  • Use of mixers and digital audio devices.
  • Take practical experience in electronic music and live audio.
  • Gain significant experience in post-audio manufacturing and learn about the latest technologies in audio manufacturing for film and television.

The following list will identify the most important and prominent subjects taught by sound engineering students in Russia.

  • Founding sound study.
  • Acoustic production skills.
  • Industrial regulation and supervision.
  • Introduction to editing and video.
  • Introduction to Sound Technologies.
  • Digital audio production software.
  • Principles of sound design.
  • Mixer controllers.
  • The degree of mastery of the product.
  • Recording on sites and producing audio for movies.
  • Use sound effects.
  • Voice equipment recognition for live and live occasions.

Some of the most important things that students learn in this field are:

  • Sound design- Sound design.
  • Production techniques- Production techniques.
  • Studio techniques-studio techniques.
  • Critical listening- Critical listening.
  • Principles of sound – Principles of sound.
  • Daw operation – DW operations.
  • Microphone techniques- Microphone techniques.
  • Audio engineering principles- Principles of Audio Engineering.
  • Live sound- Live and live audio.
  • Signal processing- Sound signal processing.
  • Acoustics- specialized knowledge in the sound industry.

Number of years of study of the specialization of sound engineering in Russia

The study takes place in two years unlike other studies which take up to four years such as engineering and medical specialties.

Sound engineers nowadays do not have a university degree and are technicians specialized in the field.

Percentage of demand for the specialization of sound engineering

The market needs certain specialties, which makes it classified according to the need, so we take the index of stagnation, demand and saturation on the specialization with a very important indicator.

Know the percentage of demand for the specialization:

The increased demand for graduates of the Sound Engineering major makes it easier for graduates to find a job in a very short time.

Saturation and stagnation:

In the event of stagnation and gratification, it is difficult for sound engineering graduates to find an opportunity to work in the field.

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for graduates who have studied majors that are not available at Arab universities.

Very few universities offer diplomas and bachelor's degrees in sound engineering within Jordan.

This is what makes the media and large companies look for specialists in the field of sound engineering in many Arab countries, including:

Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and in North Africa and the Middle East region.

The labor market abroad is also in high demand for sound engineering from 2018 to 2028.

The annual return on sound engineers is US$43,000.

Pros and cons of studying the specialization of sound engineering


  • Get rewarding salaries.
  • The ergonomics are very pleasant and beautiful.
  • Dealing with Internet programmers, artists and the most important figures in the field.
  • Graduates of the Sound Engineering major gain extensive experience by dealing with the most prominent figures in the field.


  • Work for a long time.
  • There are few universities in the Arab world where this specialization is studied.
  • The possibility of tension while working in live and live performances.
  • The need for constant development to keep pace with the tremendous developments taking place in the field.

Areas of specialization of sound engineering

The tasks performed by sound engineers vary as they do blending engineering, Waldo Plage and acoustic engineering.

The study of acoustic engineering allows its graduates to work in many vital places such as:

  • International schools.
  • Parties.
  • Satellite channels.
  • Hat Studio Audio Recording.
  • Offices.

And all these jobs and many other job titles that graduates of the specialization can work in after graduation:

  • Voice recorder on websites.
  • Sound engineer on live and live occasions.
  • Studio engineer.
  • Music producer.
  • Engineers for radio broadcasting.
  • Engineer in cinema for post-production and manufacturing.
  • Mastery engineer.
  • Engineer for registration.
  • Audio engineer.
  • Studio manager.
  • Owner of a studio.
  • Production assistant.
  • Assistant Sound Engineer.
  • Sound technician.
  • Expert in audio and media business.
  • Auditory consultant.
  • Music player.
  • Designed for sound.

The most famous inventors in the field of acoustic engineering

  • Thomas Edison.
  • Emile Berliner.
  • Lee de Forrest.

Thus, we have learned about the most important and prominent advantages, negatives and possibilities to study the specialization of engineering study in Russia , this specialization is one of the most important and enjoyable disciplines ever.

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