Study Medical Engineering in Russia

Studying medical engineering in Russia, the development of engineering disciplines nowadays is considered the most important, especially the field of medical engineering.

Study Medical Engineering in Russia
Study Medical Engineering in Russia

Study Medical Engineering in Russia

By studying medical engineering in Russia from professions that link engineering and medicine and an example of this is virology that requires you to make a vaccine you definitely need medicine as well as engineering in your knowledge of tools and how to deal with them.

Medical engineering is the field of the age and this is because of our needs for it, engineers who study medical engineering are working greatly to expand the boundaries of medicine through their skills in engineering and development, and the biggest example of the importance of this specialty is those working in the manufacture of the coronavirus vaccine.

Therefore, most universities seek to make this specialization possible through their universities and from those countries that have added this specialization is Russia, where Russia has a technical base of the strongest in education.

What distinguishes studying in Russia is that the learning cost is reasonable as well as teaching in English, in addition to being ranked among the high centers in the global education of Times Higher Education, and these advantages make studying in Russia distinctive for foreign applicants.

As we have said, you can study entirely in English or improve your Russian language and start learning in it.

How to study medical engineering in Russia

The study of medical engineering takes four or five years at other universities, while in Russia you need four years to study this specialty.

The steps you must follow in order to be able to enroll in the Faculty of Medical Engineering in Russia:

  • You first have to get a high school diploma either general or Azhari.
  • When you enroll in the University of Russia you must pass a test in the mathematics exam as well as physics and computer science and in the case of our specialization in medical engineering you must pass the biology and chemistry exam.
  • To study in Russia you can study either by contracting with a university there or through a government scholarship and to get it you must have excellent grades after graduating from high school or you have received an award from the Olympiad of Study.  

The Steps You Must Follow to Work as a Medical Engineer

They are:

  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • Obtain a bachelor's degree.
  • Gain experience from work for a year or more.

Subjects in the study of biomedical engineering in Russia

Each university has a study plan approved by the University Council, and we will display the study materials at the Russian University, including:

  • Biomechanics
  • Biomedical sensors
  • Digital Systems
  • Numerical Methods of Engineering
  • Physiology and Anatomy
  • Means for Biomedical Engineers
  • Biofluid Mechanics
  • Cardiovascular mechanics
  • Advanced Biomaterials in Medical Device Design
  • Basics of X-ray methods
  • Recognize biomedical patterns
  • Economics and Engineering Management
  • Electrical Circuit Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Physiological Modeling and Control Systems
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices.
  • Prosthetic medical devices such as prosthetics and others.
  • Management of medical systems in specialized health facilities.
  • Medical development systems.
  • Design, production and handling of medical devices.
  • Medical Foundation Applications.
  • Physiology.
  • Principles of medical engineering.

The most important specialties of medical engineering in Russia

These are:

Neuromedical Engineering

Biomechanics: It is a study of how the body is structured, especially on how to move and move, and biomechanics focuses in particular on the organs and cells of humans, animals and plants.


Divergent health is a method in which communication is used to provide health services.

Biomedical Engineering Biosignal Processing

This serves to monitor vital signals, interpret the signals that the body sends, and this has nothing to do with neuroscience but is vital signals and is electrical and non-electric.

Medical Imaging

It means medical imaging that takes pictures of the inside of the body and this is to contribute to the diagnosis of the disease such as magnetic resonance imaging.

Computational modeling

They work to see what is happening inside the cells and organs of our bodies.


Neuroengineering works on the interaction between the body's nervous system and industrial medical devices, combining the brain and the computer.


Biomaterial is any type of substance that integrates with the biological systems of organs and tissues as well as blood, this biomaterial works normally in the body but is now made in laboratories quickly.

Tissue Engineering

It is the creation of tissues and substances that make up tissues and this is to replace the failed functions in the body.

Surgical instruments and medical devices

It works on the design and development of surgical instruments as well as the design of medical devices.

Fields of work of medical engineering in Russia



Pharmaceutical Factories

Medical Centers and Clinics

Scientific Research Centers and Institutions

Medical Equipment Engineering in Russia

This is a new discipline that connects medicine and engineering, and this specialization works to solve engineering problems related to the medical field.

This specialization works to apply the latest engineering studies in the human body and work to identify the appropriate devices for it in terms of hearing devices as well as prosthetics.

The study of medical equipment branches into several sections, including the following:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Medical Engineering
  • Electronic Medical Engineering
  • Clinical Medical Engineering

Areas of work of the specialization of medical equipment engineering after graduation

You can work in the management of medical equipment.

Create special files in the medical equipment and this serves the management service in the hospital.

Receive medical equipment and match it with technical conditions.

Carrying out medical equipment in various fields.

Work on the design of new devices that did not exist before.

Work on the development of existing equipment.

Treatment of medical imaging systems.

Supervise health care centers.

Conducting studies and research in the field of biomechanics.

Development of prosthetics as well as supervision of their work.

Forming committees for health quality care.

Study related to rehabilitation for people with special needs.

Costs of preparatory study in Russia

This year you learn Russian and take intensive language lessons and this year's prices are from $1,000 to $5,000 a year and this depends on the city and the Russian university where you will study.

The costs of studying medical engineering in Russian in Russia

Costs per year range from 240-260 thousand rubles which is equivalent to 3400 to 3800 dollars.

Costs of studying medical engineering in English in Russia

Costs start from $4,000 to $8,000 depending on the university you'll be learning at.

The cost of living in Russia during study

CampusIt costs about 5000 rubles equivalent to $ 71.
Food & BeverageIt costs about 10,000 rubles equivalent to $ 134.
Use of transportationIt costs about 405 rubles equivalent to $ 6.
Internet & Mobile PhoneIt costs about 800 rubles equivalent to $ 11.
SportsIt costs about 4000 rubles equivalent to $ 57.
TotalIt costs about 20,205 rubles equivalent to $ 289.

In the end, the most important advantages of studying engineering in Russia is that it guarantees you a high-paying job as well as that it gives you the opportunity to progress in a specialization that mixes two fields, medicine and engineering .

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