Study Marine Engineering in Russia

The study of marine engineering in Russia, the study of engineering is one of the most important studies that contributed to the advancement of information technology significantly, where the role of marine engineering is not limited to the maintenance of parts of marine ships but also it is related to a number of important studies that we will learn about in this article in detail:

Study Marine Engineering in Russia
Study Marine Engineering in Russia

Why studying marine engineering in Russia is one of the most important sciences that a student can study

This is because the science of marine engineering is not limited to the study of one field of engineering techniques specialized in marine sciences but has been interested in more than one of the most famous fields, the following months:

Study everything related to naval submarines and how to manage them and know their mechanisms and how to use them in attack and defense against the enemy.

In addition to learning how to manage ship-specific technology science and how to send information across ships, as well as the student's ability to study ships' artillery.

This study helps to teach the student practically in a number of ships and learn how to deal with the chance of the student obtaining the title of captain.

Study marine science in detail and study waves and winds and how to deal with them in case any of these factors occur while you are driving a ship at sea.

It also enables the student how to send messages from the ship to other call centers and how to receive and translate light signals from other ships and know their content.

Expenses of the Naval Academy of Russia

Russia is one of the leading universities in the field of marine engineering study and the tuition fees paid by the student in Russia compared to any countries specialized in this field around the world such as America are very few

Since the annual costs of a student's study to study marine engineering in America can reach approximately $10,000 per year, in addition to the added value of housing and health insurance for the student, the total amount may exceed the barrier of 15,000 per year.

As for the expenses of Russian universities, we find that the highest value of his expenses per year in one of the Russian universities specialized in the field of marine engineering does not exceed $ 4,000 and reaches a maximum in one university to $ 5,000 per year by adding the amount of housing and the amount of health insurance.

Maritime College fees in Russia

The official language of study in Russia is Russian and English and a number of European students may receive that study in French and study part of the scientific terminology of the subjects in Latin.

The point we mentioned is that the cost of university fees for a number of Russian universities that teach marine engineering has multiplied depending on the language they use.

For example, the cost of studying marine engineering in a number of Russian universities is lower than studying marine engineering in English, for example, studying marine engineering at the University of Petersburg costs about $ 3,700 per year annually, in addition to the costs of university housing.

When studying marine engineering at the same university, which is the University of Petersburg, its cost in English costs about $ 4,100 per year plus the costs of the student's stay at the university.

Costs of studying marine engineering in Russia

There are a number of distinguished Russian universities in this field that accommodate a large number of students throughout the year from all over the country.

The costs of studying at each university vary separately from the other, for example:

Studying marine engineering at Admiral University in Russia The cost of studying in Russian is approximately $ 2700 paid annually, and the university adds about $ 80 to the expenses of university accommodation with the addition of about $ 150 per year the expenses of the student's health insurance.

As for studying marine engineering in English at Admiral University, the financial cost paid throughout the year is about $ 3200 with the addition of the fees for accommodation, which costs about $ 100 and the value of health insurance for the student is about $ 220 paid annually.

East State University of Russia

Marine engineering is taught at the university in Russian and English with different expenses for each of the two official languages of study at the university, for example:

The total cost of studying marine engineering in Russian at the University of the East all year round is about $ 2600 by adding the value of student housing at the university and adding the annual health insurance cost is the value as a whole of about $ 300 per year.

Studying marine engineering in English at Sharq University costs about $3,000 a year, adding the cost of student accommodation and the cost of annual health insurance, the cost as a whole is about $3,600 per year.

Maritime Colleges of Russia

Naval faculties in Russia are numerous due to the importance of this field An example of such universities is:

Baltic Academy of Fishing in Russia

That academy that was established to be one of the leading colleges in the field of marine engineering study is one of the academies that have received many awards from the Supreme Council of Universities due to their application of the scientific approach correctly and mechanized and their graduation of a large number of outstanding students in this field.

Technical University of Russia or what is known as Astrakhan University

One of the universities that has taken the lead in the teaching of marine engineering sciences, since it has a large number of professors specialized in this field who provide curricula to students in a developed manner.

This university has added distinctive additions to Russia by presenting a number of detailed modern studies on the science of marine engineering.

Moscow University

The university is comprehensive and familiar with everything related to the study of engineering in Russia and presents it to the student easily as it is interested in all the modern technological details in the teaching of marine engineering, in addition to teaching the student how to deal with naval submarines and other mechanisms.

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