Study Informatics Engineering in Russia

The study of informatics engineering in Russia, this type of study has become a focus on it by educational bodies because of its great importance in everything related to software science and the ability to develop it by people in addition to the fact that the study of this type of engineering branches has become in great demand in the labor market, and one of the countries that have been interested in the study of informatics engineering is Russia, so follow us this article to learn more about the study of this field in Russia.

Study Informatics Engineering in Russia
Study Informatics Engineering in Russia

What is the study of informatics engineering in Russia in a nutshell and its importance

It is a modern branch of one of the departments of engineering, the most important of which is recently due to the development of technology in the whole world and has become a means of communication between individuals and their ability to obtain the information they want with ease through computers with various advanced technologies.

Its importance is now one of the great treasures that education is interested in at the moment as the educational system has evolved and has become the use of computers starting from the first educational stages of the student, which is the primary stages.

Up to the undergraduate level of the students, this field has been made into a larger framework through its teaching by the Higher Education Authority and considered one of the most important sciences at the moment.

This field is concerned with everything related to the science of electronic programming as a whole through the maintenance of computers and knowledge of how to install and deal with them.

Also know electronic systems professionally and how to receive information and send it to other devices and this area is of great interest to security systems.

It is a huge information network that belongs to companies and people and enables all state bodies with all their systems to obtain all the information they want through computers and that are developed by information engineering engineers.

Learn about the most important papers required to study informatics engineering in Russia

If you are a student with a high school diploma and would like to complete your studies in Russia to obtain a bachelor's degree, several papers can be submitted to the embassy including:

A certificate of success of the student in high school, with a clear statement of the grades that belong to scientific subjects such as mathematics and chemistry.

In addition to special certificates in Russian and English to know the possibility of the student speaking those languages because they are the main languages of study.

The student also needs to have his passport issued in Russian to be admitted.

With the payment of all fees for the papers and sending the payment invoice with those papers.

How many years of study for informatics engineering in Russia

The number of years of study in Russia for this particular field is about four years.

What privileges can be obtained by studying informatics engineering in Russia

Bachelor's study can be fully completed at one of the universities of Russia specializing in this field as well as the possibility of the student to complete the study and prepare the master's as well.

The study of this field in Russia enables the student to be able to apply the information he studies in engineering companies belonging to those universities and thus enables the student and the professionalism of this field.

In addition, the certificate obtained by the student in the field of study is accredited by the education body on it and can be worked in one of the countries or work in one of the major companies in Russia specialized in this field.

Find out the costs of studying informatics engineering in Russia

Russia is one of the countries that are interested in science and scientists and the cost of studying in it is affordable for the student if we compare it with America or England.

With the multiplicity of universities in Russia specialized in this field we find that the costs of each university are completely different from the other in that the cost of studying in Russian is cheaper than studying in English for example:

Studying informatics engineering at Moscow University in Russian costs around $4,000 a year throughout the year and the university adds a student's accommodation fee of about $150 per year.

With the addition of fees for student health insurance and its cost of about $ 100 per year added by the university in anticipation of any damage that may affect the student during the period of study.

As for the study of informatics engineering in English at Moscow University, it is worth about $ 4500 per year with the addition of a total value of the student's residence and health insurance to the total value of expenses about $ 5200 per year.

As for the expenses for the annual expenses at Samara University for the study of information engineering in Russian, the expenses break the barrier of three hundred thousand rubles in Russian currency over the course of one year.

Informatics engineering at Samara University is studied in English and the expenses paid annually to the university are worth about 340,000 rubles in Russian currency.

Get acquainted with the most important universities specialized in the field of study of informatics engineering in Russia:

MIFI University or what is known as the National University of Russia

This university uses the latest cutting-edge studies in the field of informatics engineering and a large number of students come to receive this specialization approximately 20,000 students from the world's population.

The university applies the mechanisms of modern information technology where students are able to practice these mechanisms practically in large libraries licensed with the latest computers.

ITMO University

This university contains a number of engineering disciplines, the most famous of which is the study of information engineering, as it contains a distinctive number of professors who teach the subjects of this specialty professionally.

The university has occupied the forefront in modern technology sciences and has become widely renowned in this field as a result of its participation in a number of international conferences that discuss the mechanisms of advanced technology.

Petersburg University of Russia

The university is one of the largest Russian universities that contains a large number of disciplines, and it also uses modern methods of education and communication of information to the student with ease.

This article is part of the Engineering Study Series in Russia.

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