Study Electrical Engineering in Russia

Studying electrical engineering in Russia, electrical engineering is a branch of engineering interested in the study of applications of physics and mathematics with electricity, electromagnetism as well as with electronics.

Electrical engineering deals with electrical power devices and systems as well as photovoltaic energy, electrical engineering is concerned with the design and development of electrical machinery and equipment, as well as the development of electrical control systems and solving equipment problems.

The great task of electrical engineering is about the production and distribution of electricity on a large scale, everyone seeks to study engineering in general in Russia and this is because students undergo practical training and this makes them more efficient than others, as Russia has a large technical base.

Study Electrical Engineering in Russia
Study Electrical Engineering in Russia

Some universities to study electrical engineering in Russia

To study a bachelor's degree in electricity:

  • Tambov State Technical University.
  • Belgorod State Technological University.

Location: Belgorod, Russia.

  • Kazan State Power Engineering University

Location: Kazan, Russia.

Duration of study: 4 years.

Language of study: Russian.


This program involves preparing students scientifically and technically in the design of electricity systems as well as the distribution and transmission of electricity from electrical substations to the consumer and this ensures the supply of electricity.

Students are prepared on digital technologies and this enables access to modern electricity.

Through this university professional training is carried out to work in various fields of the electric power industry.

Teaching is carried out by qualified teaching staff at KSPEU.

Through the educational program, capacity formation and scientific research skills as well as the ability to apply specialized programs in the simulation of intelligent electrical systems are carried out.

The educational program consists in the design of industrial systems and this is to supply electricity, calculate the parameters of subtransformers as well as cable lines, and work with electrical equipment that provides power to residential complexes and factories.

At the education stage students acquire scientific knowledge in the design of industrial electricity supply as well as the calculation of electrical loads, the calculation of the number and power of transformers and the calculation of short-circuit currents.

Students also learn how to choose the main electrical equipment for the network inside the store and inside the factory.

Main academic disciplines


Higher mathematics.

Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering.

Electrical machinery.

Computer Science.

Engineering modeling.

Within the educational program, the following main disciplines will be mastered:

Power supply.

Regulative, technical and operational documents in the electric power industry.

Engineering design using CAD.

Selection of technical solutions in the design of electrical networks for power supply systems.

Technical solutions in the design of lighting systems.

Reliability and diagnosis of power supply systems when choosing optimal technical solutions.

Selection of key equipment for power supply systems.

Develop sets of design documents for the design of power supply systems.

Technical solutions for the selection of power transformers in power supply systems.

Electromechanical transients to choose optimal technical solutions in the design of power supply systems for capital building.

Power supply systems for industrial capital construction projects.

Special issues for the design of power supply systems for industrial capital construction projects.

Through the educational program a number of practices are carried out:

Educational practice (introductory).

Educational practice (profiling).

Production practice (design and technology).

Production practice (project practice).

Production practice (pre-graduation practice).

Students receive an electrician work career in the internship period and this is for repairing electrical equipment.

After completing the bachelor's degree, Kazan State Power Engineering University can continue to study for the master's degree "Design and Development of Power Supply Systems".

Energy Study and Electrical Engineering

Moscow Automobile And Road Construction Institute

Location: Moscow, Russia.

Duration of study: 4 years.

Language of study: Russian.


After graduating through this specialization at the university you can work in electrical and electronic equipment for vehicles.

Students study some disciplines such as:

Theory of electrical engineering.

Theory of automatic control.

Fundamentals of Electrical Technology

Power machines.

Electrical and electronic devices.

Students who graduate from this university have many job opportunities, they can work in car factories, service stations, factories, the automotive and tractor industry as well as research institutes and companies of engines and electrical systems.

Study Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI)

Location: Russia, Novocherkassk.

Duration of study: 4-5 years.

Language of study: Russian.

To work Bachelor of Electricity and Electrical Engineering

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

Location: Russia, Tatarstan.

Language of study: Russian.

Duration of study: 4 years.


The graduate of the Department of Electrical and Thermal Energy Engineering is engaged in the design and operation of electrical and thermal supply systems, electrical utilities and heating for industrial enterprises, assessing the energy efficiency of a whole range of production equipment, as well as improving the operating methods of electrical complexes for oil and gas producing enterprises.

Students work on some systems including:

Electricity, heating and electrical installations for industrial facilities and institutions.

Electricity, heating and electrical installations for industrial facilities and institutions.

Devices for automatic control and relay protection.

Electrical machinery, transformers and electrical appliances.

Electric motor and automation of mechanisms and technological parks in various industries.

Master in Electrical Engineering

Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Duration of study: 2 years.

Language of study: English.

Subjects of study for electrical engineering in Russia

They are:

  • Electrical circuits
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements
  • Modern Physics
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Introduction to Power Systems
  • Introduction to logical circuitry and programming
  • mathematics
  • Applied mechanics and construction theory
  • Laws Governing Engineering Professions
  • Accounting and Costs
  • Electrical circuit analysis
  • Electronic Circuit Analysis
  • Logical circuit design
  • Solid Steel Electronics
  • Logical circuit design
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Materials Technology
  • Analog integrated circuits
  • Microwave and optical transport media
  • Analog connections
  • Electronic and microwave measurements
  • Electromagnetic waves and acoustics
  • Computer Applications
  • Digital Logic
  • Analysis of signals and systems
  • Assembly language and microprocessors
  • Electronics
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Calculus Mathematics
  • Differential equations
  • Statics
  • Fundamentals of engineering drawing (to be studied for those who wish to study the specialization of electrical forces and stations)
  • Vectors and matrices
  • Digital Logic
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Measurements & Devices
  • Computer Architecture
  • Electrical forces
  • Power Electronics
  • Foundations containing
  • Analysis of signals and systems
  • The programmed logical ruler PLC.
  • C++ programming language
  • Energy Conversion
  • Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Electrical forces
  • Logical circuits
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Neural Networks
  • Optoelectronics
  • Remote Sensing
  • Mobile Communications
  • Local Area Network

Electrical Engineering Specializations

  • Department of Power Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Microelectronics
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Engine Engineering

Advantages of studying electrical engineering in Russia

  • When you take to study in Russia for an electrical engineering major you will get many different advantages than studying this specialization in any other country.
  • Russia has many institutions and universities dedicated to the teaching and awarding of various degrees in electrical engineering.
  • When you study in Russia you will receive subjects of study in electrical engineering such as physics and mathematics as well as communication sciences.
  • Many Russian universities that teach electrical engineering are ranked in the world qualifiers.

The labor market always needs graduates of the engineering specialization in Russia and this is due to the level of higher education as well as the skills acquired through the university and needed by private companies.

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