Study Decoration Engineering in Russia

The study of decorative engineering in Russia is a good study through which the student gets a good base in engineering sciences, and there are many universities that study different types of engineering as pharmaceutical engineering and electrical engineering also petroleum engineering and many others and graduates get accredited certificates that enable them to work in a number of good jobs.

Study Decoration Engineering in Russia
Study Decoration Engineering in Russia

Study Decoration Engineering in Russia

A large number of students choose to study decoration engineering within South Ural State University because it is an educational institution that offers many experiences to the students who enroll in it.

Students can study decorative engineering within those Russian universities in English and also Russian for those who master it, where bilingual study is available for new and foreign students.

If a foreign student wishes to choose the Russian language for study and is not proficient in it, he can enroll in the preparatory department located within most Russian universities.

Russian universities offer accredited study programs within universities in the field of decoration engineering and interior designs, which is why the student is able to enroll in a large number of leading universities in their field.

The student can enroll in Moscow State University of Construction, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Construction and Architecture, Kazan State University, Isturkhan University of Technology as well as Kuban State University of Construction.

Prices of studying decorative engineering within the universities of Russia

The study prices are very similar within most universities and are also dependent on the prices of the dollar exchange, and these prices are as follows:

  • Study prices within Moscow State Construction University are $4.000 annual tuition, $50 per month for university housing, $180 for health insurance.
  • Study rates within Sankt Peterburg State University of Construction and Architecture are $3,500 per year, for university housing $50, $200 for health insurance.
  • Sankt Peterburg State Mining University The student pays $3,000 in annual premium, $60 for university housing plus $200 for health insurance.
  • Nizhny Novgorod University of Construction and Architecture is paid $3.300 by its learners for the annual premium of $35 for university housing as well as $150 for health insurance.
  • Kazan University has an annual premium of $ 2800 and the value of health insurance reaches $ 170, while university housing the student pays $ 25 for university housing.
  • Astrakhane University of Technology has an annual premium of $2,400, a health insurance amount of up to $170 and a college dormitory of $45.
  • Kuban State University of Technology has an annual premium value of $2,400, student housing is up to $40 and health insurance is $170.

Steps to enroll in engineering programs within Russian universities

The student must take some steps in order to apply to study engineering in Russia, and these steps are as follows:

  • Choosing a specialization: The student chooses the programs of decoration engineering and chooses the university where he will study and it is important to be one of the universities that offer good study programs, it is important that the student chooses the language in which he will also study as a preparatory class is available to those who want to study in Russian and are not fluent in it.
  • The second step is the funding option: where Russian law grants foreign students scholarships, they can sign a contract in order to study inside Russia, and in order for the student to be able to own a scholarship, it is possible to do these things:
  • Conducting scholarship classes.
  • Participation in the International Olympiad held by Russian universities.
  • Conduct standardized state tests or university entrance tests.

Preparation of documents

  • ● The student must write to the university specifying the required level of education, the student fills out a form at the request of the university staff with copies of the passport to be translated with a personal photo and certificate of education.
  • Upon arrival in Russia the student presents the original passport and the original of the medical certificate as well as the certificate of education, the documents sometimes vary between universities and therefore must contact the university for accurate information.

Pass the competitive exam

  • In order for a foreign student to be able to enroll in study in Russia, he must pass the examination of the representative of Russia within his home country:
  • The student can enroll through the education contract whose results are shown on the university's website.
  • He passes the unified state exam if he wishes to study equally with Russian students, and this test is carried out in a number of subjects up to 14 subjects, all in Russian except the foreign language.
  • Scholarship Students: A number of foreign students receive scholarships if they have high grades and pass the scholarship exam or participate in the International Olympiad carried out by Russian universities.
  • Having a student invitation and a visa: The student gets an invitation from the Russian university in order to be able to enter Russia, there is an agreement between Russia and a group of countries to travel without obtaining a visa.

The most important Russian technical institutes and universities

There are a number of universities and technical institutes, which are as follows:

  • Moscow Institute of Technology and Physics: Within this institute trains specialists in software engineering, software mathematics, systems management and analysis as well as information security.
  • National University of Nuclear Research: International students can obtain 100 specializations through that university such as the Division of Nuclear Physics, which is the most famous division, and the specialization of systems programming and nuclear energy is also available.
  • Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University: This university is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities and offers within it civil engineering programs as well as energy engineering and information technologies.
  • Samara University: This university is famous for aeronautical engineering as aircraft engineering within that university is a very good field, and that university includes the specialization of computer engineering and theoretical mechanical engineering as well.
  • Siberian Federal University: This university specializes in the Energy Engineering program as well as mining engineering, biotechnology, gas and oil field development as well as communication systems.
  • Tomsk State University: All international students can enroll in that university and choose any engineering program they wish to enroll in such as rocket engineering as well as mechanical engineering and other disciplines.
  • Tyumen University: This university is a classic university through which the student obtains postgraduate studies in imaging engineering for the gas and oil industry, the quotas are obtained through representatives of engineering companies within Russia and university teachers as well.
  • Novosibirsk State University: The Nanotechnology and Biomedical Technology Engineering Program as well as electronics and laser systems are offered within that university, that university is located within the Akademgorodok Science Center and this center gives students great research opportunities.

The study of decorative engineering within a university of Russia enables the student to obtain an accredited certificate in the study of engineering in Russia.

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