Study Economics in Russia

The study of economics in Russia is one of the most important sciences that can be studied by any individual as the economy is one of the pillars of any country and it is important to have cadres in the economy within any country, the study of economics in Russia gives the student a good and stable foundation as Russian universities are one of the best universities that use a number of modern technological methods in the teaching process and therefore a large number of foreign students study inside Russia.

Study Economics in Russia
Study Economics in Russia

Universities of Economics in Russia

Economics within Russia is studied through a large number of universities, and these universities are represented in the following:

  • Altai Academy of Economics and Law.
  • Moscow Academy of Finance and Technology.
  • Tai Higher Institute of Economics and Law.
  • The Financial University is sponsored by the President of the Russian Federation.
  • Kazan State Higher Institute of Economics and Finance.
  • Copan Higher Institute of Business and International Management.
  • Academy of Marketing and Social Information Technology.
  • Kazan Higher Institute of Economics, Management and Law.
  • Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Commerce and Economics.
  • Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics.
  • Moscow Industrial Financial University.
  • Pacific State University of Economics.
  • Rostov State University of Economics.
  • Russian Economics University in the name of Plekhanov.
  • Russian University of Cooperatives.
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.
  • Samara State University of Economics.
  • Saratov State Social University of Economics.
  • Siberian Higher Institute of International Relations and Regional Studies.
  • Moscow University (Higher School) of Economics.
  • Moscow University of Humanities.
  • Moscow State University of Management.
  • Ufa State Academy of Economics and Services.
  • University of Management (Tzipei).
  • Ural State University of Economics.
  • Volga River State University of Services.

Costs of studying economics in Russia

The student studies economics within Russian universities for five years and after successful completion of the study he is able to apply for a master's degree from any university, and the practical aspects are studied deeper than the theoretical ones.

The student offers a cost ranging from 240,000 rubles to 260,000 rubles, or approximately 3,400 US dollars to 3,800 US dollars during one year, and that average.

The minimum tuition cost is up to USD 1,700 per year while the maximum is up to USD 9,000 per year within high-cost universities.

Study Master of Economics in Russia

A student can apply to a Russian university such as Moscow University or Saint Petersburg University in order to obtain a master's degree in economics in case he has obtained a specialization or bachelor's degree from a university.

Russian universities offer a huge diversity of master's programs where the student can freely choose the program in which he wishes to conduct the master's.

The cost of a master's degree for a student studying full-time is from 260,000 rubles to 280,000 rubles, which is approximately 4,000 US dollars during one year, the minimum cost of a master's per year is estimated at about 2100 US dollars, while the maximum cost of study reaches 6500 US dollars during one year within high-cost universities.

Housing costs for students in Russia

Students in Russia have many options for housing, including the following:


A large number of foreigners prefer to choose university housing and this is because it is the least expensive option in addition to being able to make friends and get acquainted with the experience of the university student.

Dormitory complexes are often available on campus and possibly outside the campus but are close by.

The student within the university dormitory can share the same room with other students ranging from 2:4, and if the student wishes to live in a room alone, this depends on the number of vacancies and also the university.

The rooms of the university residence are fully equipped, as they have a closet, desk and chair for study, in addition to bookshelves as well as a table and bed, but the kitchen is inside a single room and is shared by all students on the same floor.

The cost of university housing ranges from 500: 5000 rubles during the month depending on the university and the city in which it is also located.

The student can pay the cost of housing in one payment for the semester or pay on a monthly basis, but if the student receives a discount on the cost of housing he will be able to pay for the entire academic year.

The student must be familiar with all the factors in the place he will choose for housing because this affects his personality as well as his academic achievement, and for this he must be familiar with all the negatives and positives.

The student is also able to be a guest of one of the host Russian families throughout the study period.

Accommodation inside an off-campus apartment

A student who does not have a dormitory within the university where he is studying or who does not prefer a dormitory can rent a room inside an apartment with other students, and two students can share the same room as well.

A student who has financial ability can rent an apartment on his own or a studio, and he can rent it with a number of students as well.

The rental value is determined based on the city the student chooses and the place of residence, as the farther away the student moves away from the center and center of the city, the lower the cost of housing and the closer he gets to the center, the higher the price of housing.

The average rental cost of a room inside an apartment shared by students is from 7,000: 10,000 rubles per month which is equal to 100:200 US dollars per month.

The rental value of apartments within Moscow ranges from 15 to 20 thousand rubles per month which is approximately 215: 286 US dollars.

The university where the student is studying works to direct the student to the appropriate place of residence for him, whether it is on campus or inside one of the common rooms and also if you want one of the host families, so the student should not hesitate to ask for help from the university so that he can find the right place.

Study Economics in Russia

A foreign or Russian student finds a lot of options in case he decides to study economics within Russia, as Russia has a very large number of universities that teach economics.

The student can study economics free of charge within a Russian university if he receives a scholarship from the Russian university if it meets the conditions of the scholarship, and the student can choose the university he wants in order to study where there are universities with prestigious centers in this field.

After graduating from a Russian university, the student obtains an accredited certificate within a large number of European countries as well as Arab countries as the universities of Russia are among the best universities.

The student can return to his home country after completing his studies in Russia and hold prestigious positions and jobs within the best economic institutions.

Studying economics in Russia is not difficult as any student who has met all the conditions can enroll in one of the Russian universities offering this specialization and finish the bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees as well.

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