The disadvantages of studying in Russia are they real?

The disadvantages of studying in Russia Most people think that studying in Russia is not good so they do not put it as the first option in the search for a distinctive place of education, but this is not true so I will put in our article about my study experience in Russia and I will also put forward the disadvantages and advantages of studying in Russia.

Disadvantages of studying in Russia
Disadvantages of studying in Russia

Disadvantages of studying in Russia

Despite the many advantages of studying in Russia, there are disadvantages to studying in it that we will put forward in several points:

  • One of the disadvantages of studying in Russia is the climate, as Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world, many students find it difficult to adapt to the climate of Russia and this is due to the low temperatures that reach below 0 degrees, but students will not find problems if they are inside a fountain or a car because all the buildings are air-conditioned.
  • Most people complain about language difficulty and you should know your ability to learn languages before deciding to learn there.
  • Not all Russian universities are universally recognized so you should research before taking the university where you will study.
  • You should know that the primary language of Russia is Russian and not all Russians speak English.
  • There is a prevalence of alcohol in Russia and dealing with profanity.
  • There are not many places to work while studying, there are not many jobs for students, and this makes it difficult for them to find the costs of studying and living there.
  • There are some universities in Russia that need bilingual, as in some years it will be taught in English and some years it will be in Russian and this causes some student problems.
  • As we said you can study in Russia in English but this has many drawbacks because all sources are Russian and Russians do not have a good language in English and an interpreter is hired.
  • There bribery is dealt with in most procedures.

My experience studying in Russia

Before I made a decision to study in Russia I looked for the Russian language and is it easy or difficult? I found one of the articles in a poll on the ease and difficulty of this language, and found that 63% say that the language is difficult, 29% say that the language is medium difficult, and only 8% say that the Russian language is easy, and 2400 people did it.

But when I thought about it, the difficulty or ease of any language depends on who teaches it and on his diligence in this matter, I found that 330,000 students answered me studying in Russia in Russian.

There is also a preparatory year before you enroll in college in which you learn Russian, and this year the costs of studying vary from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 depending on the city in which you will study.

There is also something special about studying in Russia as there are universities with certain disciplines where you study in English if you want.

There is a 2019 study on the number of international students abroad and we have concluded:

Russia ranks seventh after France in the number of international students studying there, and the number of students studying in Russia has exceeded 33,000.

The percentage of students studying in Russia has increased by 6.8% compared to 2018.

With this study, it was found that Russia outperforms Germany, Spain and Japan.

Ranking of Russian and Turkish language globally

Russian is spoken around the world by 2.33% of non-indigenous people, the ranking of the language is the 8th most widely spoken globally, while Turkey is the 22nd in terms of global language prevalence (0.95%)

Ranking of Russian and Turkish universities globally

In the Shanghai ranking of 1,000 universities, there were 11 Russian universities in the rankings, and for the Times World Magazine rankings, there are 2 Russian universities in the top 100 universities around the world.

In the Shanghai World Rankings there is no Turkish university present in the rankings and also it is not in the ranking of the Times magazine.

The similarity between Turkey and Russia

There are private universities and public universities, we will avoid private universities in both.

Because private universities, for example, in Russia are not accredited in Egypt, as well as the cost of private universities is very large, it starts from $ 15,000 a year and these are university costs only.

The difference between Turkey and Russia in public universities

The situation in Russia is better than in Turkey and this is because there are two conditions that must be met when you study in Turkey, the first condition is that you must pass the "YOS" exam, which is an aptitude exam that combines English, Turkish and intelligence questions and this is far from the high school diploma, and according to this test the specialization in which you will study is assigned.

The second condition is your high school total, which should be 70% and above.

In Russia, there is no aptitude exam and you must have a high school diploma of 50% or above.

In Turkey they give priority to those who are younger while in Russia priority is given to the person who is serious about studying.

The cost of public universities in Turkey is cheaper than in Russia, for example Russia in medicine

It will be between $2,200 and $5,000 depending on the university where you will study and depending on your studies, whether it will be in Russian or English.

In Turkey, the study is for $200, which is equivalent to 1,000 to 3,000 liras.

As for the cost of living is in contrast to the cost of studying, the cost of living in Turkey is more expensive than the cost of living in Russia.

Disadvantages of studying medicine in Russia

They are as follows:

  • The cost of studying at medical colleges in Russia is rather high, with fees reaching $3,200 per year.
  • You largely need to do the training after you finish your studies.
  • When you study one of the following specialties, namely cardiology or gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology and neurology, you pay other fees.
  • It is difficult for you to sign up for a university studying dentistry and this is because you need a medical residency to find one of the right programs.
  • If you want to work in a hospital in Russia after doing your studies at a university in Russia, this is not an easy thing, especially since you have to speak Russian properly.
  • There are only a few universities in Russia that study medicine in English and this makes it difficult for students to understand medical terminology in Russian.
  • Students in Russia are not allowed to communicate directly with patients.

Difficulty studying in Russia

These are as follows:

  • Studying is difficult in Russia because it is different from studying in Egypt as the student there takes the whole subject and not just crusts.
  • You take science based on the words of scientists in Russia, so the study is fatty, but you must adhere to the curriculum and adapt to the study.
  • You also need to know that it requires you to do research and projects and you don't have a chance to delay or even deliver the research on an unscheduled date, and you also have to apply this research in laboratories located within universities.
  • Therefore, you have to comply with all existing laws and this ensures that you do not fail in any material.
  • There is no possibility for you to fail in any subject because if you do so you will be better off than university and leave Russia.
  • Studying in Russia is not strong everywhere and you have to research well before enrolling in any university in Moscow or St. Petersburg.
  • In Russia the explanation is relied upon and after this the questions are explained and equations and arithmetic problems are dealt with but you have to prove the laws before proceeding with the solution.

In the end, we talked in detail about studying in Russia and we made a comparison between studying in Russia and some countries as well as we got to know the most important disadvantages of studying in Russia, the most important of which is the difficulty of language and we also got to know the best disciplines that are studied in Russia.

أيهما أفضل الدراسة في روسيا أم ماليزيا

الدراسة في ماليزيا تكون أقل في التكاليف مقارنة بروسيا.u003cbru003eوهما الاثنان منخفضتان في التكاليف من حيث مستوى المعيشة.u003cbru003eيتحدث الكثير من السكان باللغة الإنجليزية وهذا ما يسهل التواصل على الطلاب عكس روسيا فالجميع يتحدث اللغة الروسية وعدد قليل جدا من يجيد اللغة الإنجليزية مما يصعب التواصل.u003cbru003eماليزيا تعد بلدا آمنا عن روسيا وهذا يجعل العديد من الطلاب يتخذونها في دراستهم.u003cbru003eأما عن جودة التعليم فهو في روسيا أفضل من ماليزيا.u003cbru003eكلا الجامعات الحكومية في ماليزيا وروسيا معتمدة في مصر.u003cbru003eفي تصنيف شنغهاي يوجد 4 جامعات في ماليزيا ضمن أفضل 1000 جامعة على مستوى العالم، ويوجد 11 جامعة روسية.

أيهما أفضل الدراسة في روسيا أم تركيا

الدراسة في روسيا أم تركيا أفضل، هذا يعتمد على التخصص الذي ستقوم بدراسته، فإذا كنت تريد أن تقوم بدراسة الفيزياء، الرياضيات أو علوم الحاسب فيجب أن تكون وجهتك هي روسيا فهي تنافس الجامعات العالمية في هذه المجالات.u003cbru003eوأيضا إذا كان هدفك الدراسة في العلوم الطبيعية فاختر روسيا فهي أفضل بمراحل عن تركيا.u003cbru003eأما دراسة الطب في روسيا فهي ليست جيدة بشكل كبير وسبب الدراسة فيها تكون بسبب رخص الثمن حيث أن 10 فصول في روسيا تساوي فصل واحد في أمريكا.


Disadvantages of studying in Russia

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