Cybersecurity study in Russia

The study of cybersecurity in Russia, the study of this specialization has been interested in the study of this specialization by many universities, the most famous of which are the universities of Russia and America, due to the increasing electronic robberies on many international companies in the field of the Internet, the most famous of which is Yahoo known since the beginnings of the era of the spread of the Internet as this company has been seized a large number of its emails by unknown parties, which increased the concern of many countries and their interest in this specialization to protect those major companies from Theft.

Cybersecurity study in Russia
Cybersecurity study in Russia

A brief overview of the study of cybersecurity in Russia

It is the security that specializes in protecting all major Internet companies from what is known as a hacker by anonymous people who steal the emails of those companies and sell them to other people in exchange for money.

Did you know that stealing those companies like Google and Yahoo greatly affects economic growth in many countries and leads to huge losses.

These major countries have been interested in intensifying the entry of a large number of students into this discipline due to their need for shortcomings in eliminating electronic piracy that has become widespread in recent times.

A number of universities in various countries of the most famous of which is Russia have been allocated to study this field where a large number of the most skilled senior professors in this field have been appointed.

Students graduating in this field get countless jobs in various major electronic companies with huge salaries that may break the $100,000 barrier per month.

Study of information security in Russia

Why is the study of information security in Russia one of the most important disciplines found in universities?

Due to the expansion of the world and the intensive use of Internet means in all fields, this has led to the massive opening up of electronic information networks.

Therefore, the management of this information requires people with sufficient competence and experience in this field, as about 5,000 students per year study this specialization in Russia, which is the second largest country interested in studying this specialization after Russia.

In addition to the amount of theft that has become widespread in recent years starting in 2013, these major international companies in the field of the Internet should have been insured by a deviant specialist with great knowledge of the science of electronic programming.

The question that occupies the minds of many is what are the benefits of stealing or hacking the emails of these companies?

The answer is that due to the spread of electronic currencies in recent years on the most famous of which is the formation currency, some experts in this field have the desire to buy those emails to trade in the purchase of those currencies with more than one email, so a number of thieves of those emails sell them to the dealers of electronic currencies for huge sums of money.

Computer science is of wide field and is not limited to the fields of reducing theft only, but is also specialized in the field of knowledge of all systems for programming devices.

There are some countries that carry out heinous international acts of cyber espionage on other countries to find out the confidential private information of those countries, so an important step had to be taken which is to pay attention to the study of this field on a large scale to avoid such crimes.

The student is applying to one of the Russian universities specialized in this field to obtain a bachelor's degree in the study of information security after successfully passing the high school stage.

In addition, the student graduated from one of the faculties of programming and information systems was able to enroll in one of those universities in order to obtain a master's degree in this field. This article is part of the series of study in Russia.

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