Study Computer Science in Russia

Studying computer science in Russia, many students seek to enroll in universities in European countries because of their many advantages that enable the student to reach the highest scientific ranks and outstanding academic excellence, in addition to that it makes you pass a lot of different stages to become a great scientific position, in this article we will teach you how to enroll in those universities with knowledge of the most important of those universities specialized in this field in Russia.

Study Computer Science in Russia
Study Computer Science in Russia

Advantages of studying computer science in Russia

This particular type of science, called computer science, has enabled many students to develop all the mental skills in computer science.

Studying at these universities enables you to carry out scientific research professionally with ordered and organized steps that benefit scientific organizations later.

In addition to the possibility of the student to rely on himself completely and learn self-diligence without asking for help from others.

The university does not care about the age of the student If the university finds that this female student is significantly superior in the scientific field and is sufficiently familiar with all computer science, this student can join the teaching job at the university with ease.

The university puts you on the first path of scientific nobility in terms of teaching the student all the academic and scientific skills in this field so that the student becomes sufficiently educated for the benefit of society.

Scientific diligence is the first stage of the development of intelligence in students, the development of all their intellectual skills, the renewal of brain cells and the ability to acquire new ideas in the field of research.

Computer science has become one of the first sciences on which it relies heavily in all medical, economic and other systems and relies heavily on it in obtaining all information.

Learn how to apply and enroll in universities in Russia

If you want to enroll in a computer science university in Russia, there are a number of papers that must be submitted first:

If you are a high school student and want to complete your university studies in Russia, what you need to do is present your high school diploma.

Special document showing the grades of the materials.

The student must extract his own passport with the need to translate it into Russian.

Two sets of personal photos of the student provided that they are clear.

If the student holds a university degree and would like to prepare a doctorate or other studies, the university's graduation certificate must be submitted.

Computer Science Tuition Fees in Russia

Tuition fees at the University of Russia vary depending on the contract of the applicant to the university from the country in which he resides, it is possible that the student has a free scholarship to study in that country.

The value of the visa is first determined for the country from which the student is attending, as there are some countries that cost about $ 400.

Some other countries have a high cost of a visa to come to Russia and up to almost $500.

As for the summer resorts for the university fees themselves, they reach $ 3,500 per year, and if you compare this figure to any other European country, you find that Russia's expenses are a small thing for those countries.

Costs of studying computer science in Russia

The costs are divided into two parts, one for the costs of studying a master's degree after high school and the cost is approximately about $ 2,500 per year.

Costs specific to those preparing a doctorate and the cost is approximately $3,000 per year.

There are several personal costs to keep in mind when considering enrolling in the University of Russia:

First, the student's accommodation expenses in one of the Russian places and the expenses of food, drink, etc. are a maximum of $ 500 per month and may increase or decrease depending on the student's choice of place, or his ability to manage food and drink.

Second, expenses for health insurance systems for the student, which is one of the important systems that the student needs in anticipation of the occurrence of any medical or other symptom and costs approximately $ 300.

Textbooks are not calculated because there are as many scientific libraries as possible that enable you to know all the information you want and this saves the student the trouble of buying.

Computer Science Universities in Russia

Here's the following list:

Lomonosov Moscow University is the first in Russia

The advantages of the university are:

It is the largest university building in Russia.

It contains the largest scientific university in Russia containing millions of valuable scientific books in all fields that benefit students.

It is one of the most accommodating universities for the largest number of students in Russia, with the number of students annually reaching almost fifty thousand students.

She rose to the throne of science and became a pioneer in pharmacy, and distinguished in the field of genetics or what is known as genetics.

It became a pioneer and significantly advanced in the field of computer science, which was recently added to the college in the nineties by one of the genius Russian scientists in the field of computer science, "Tikhonov".

The university is the first to enroll a large percentage of students coming from other countries to achieve their scientific goals and the number of these students reaches five thousand students.

ITMo University which ranks second in the field of computer science

University Features:

It occupied the forefront in the field of computer science and gained great popularity among many universities because of its ability to prepare the student to become a leader in the field of computer science

In addition to developing the intelligence of the student significantly, it helps him to think and understand more than memorization and indoctrination.

The university is one of the universities that has been able to establish itself in a short time in Russia because it has the best university teachers in the world.

There are several important conditions for admission to that university, the most important of which are:

The student must submit the papers for his education if he is a university student or holds a high school diploma.

The university takes a number of exams before agreeing to take them to ensure that you are fluent in Russian.

If you are not eligible for admission to the university in terms of language, the university helps you to be fully proficient in Russian through Russian language support programs for students.

After you have mastered the language well, you take the university exam if it is passed, you must prepare for the next stage, which is the travel visa.

After the visa is accepted, the student applies to pay all the tuition fees in advance and pay the value of the visa with all the papers for the fees sent along with the rest of the papers.

Third: MipT Institute of Excellence in Computer Science

It is one of the institutes that took care of the development of physical skills in students and urged students to conduct physical scientific experiments properly and obtain results.

The Institute is one of the most famous institutes from which the largest number of physicists around the world graduated, which has become an honorable façade for Russia.

The Institute was not only interested in the sciences of physics but also in the energy sciences and the field of construction of civil and architectural engineering.

The Institute occupied a prestigious position among a number of universities that accommodated a large number of students wishing to study computer science.

How to apply to the Institute

All you have to do is apply online, visit the institute's website and start filling out the steps on the site.

Submit graduation papers, whether high school diploma, or hold a university degree.

You must be proficient in English and have at least a B2 level in the language.

You will take a language exam to be able to enroll in the institute and if you pass the test you start working on your visa.

After the visa is made, a copy of the passport, a copy of the visa payment invoice and a copy of the invoice for university expenses will be sent and the application will be approved and travel will take place within days.

HSE School of Computer Science Prussia

School Features:

The school has more than one department specialized in a lot of sciences, the most famous of which is the science of business administration and economics, where students were able to manage huge projects and make an integrated project plan to the fullest.

As well as political and social sciences and the ability to analyze all political matters accurately and also the ability to establish an integrated society inclusive of all resources self-sufficient.

About three thousand students come to the school in order to master computer science and work all programs on the computer professionally.

St. Petersburg University of Russia

University Features:

It is one of the oldest universities in Russia and is one of the most used universities for advanced educational systems that includes a unique database in the whole of Europe.

The university has taken care of educating the student by providing him with a large amount of general information in computer science.

It enabled the student to apply all that information that he understood practically through his training in a number of major scientific institutions of computer science.

It also enables the student to work many programs on electronic platforms to become a highly proficient student in the labor market.

How to Apply to University

Fill out the data form for admission to the university fully with all the papers of the student.

The university requires you to take several personality tests in order for the application to be approved, especially in the Russian language.

If admitted, the student begins to prepare his personal papers related to the passport and visa, pay the expenses of the university and prepare for the start of study in Russia.

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