Study cinema in Russia

Studying cinema in Russia, there are a lot of film lovers who dream of studying it outside their country for the purpose of professionalism in this wide field, which allows students to study multiple disciplines such as photography, production, lighting, directing cinematic, short and long films, and many disciplines related to the world of cinema and the world of filmmaking, so the study of cinema in Russia includes many academic issues such as criticism, thinking and writing articles of all kinds, and it is recognized that cinema has a great role in the progress of peoples and that Through the content provided by filmmakers from discussing real-life events happening in much of the world.

Study cinema in Russia

An introductory overview of the study of cinema and filmmaking in Russia

If you want to study the field of cinema and filmmaking, you can study this field and delve deeper into it by studying in Russia.

The field of cinema includes many sections which are represented in photography, directing, lighting, production and many areas related to filmmaking.

All scientific and theoretical matters are studied through study in Russia, where students are allowed to study subjects related to filmmaking.

The study of cinema and filmmaking is an academic and practical study, and this field is a sophisticated technological field.

What is the specialization of film study?

The study of cinema and film is a practical study of filmmaking, and a sophisticated academic study.

This specialization was classified as one of the most important disciplines in the future due to the fact that it is a specialty with modern technological development.

This is through the tremendous technological development in the field of photography and film industry.

Personal traits of film students

You can achieve great success in the world of film and television by studying cinema and filmmaking in Russia.

And that is through qualities in your personality that you must have to prepare to study this broad and distinct field and here are some of these qualities.

  • You must be creative in this field.
  • Have a comprehensive view and vision of things.
  • Be a lover of film and its industry.
  • Work with the team in one spirit.
  • Be fully prepared to study the film and film industry.
  • You must be passionate about learning the history of cinema.
  • You must possess analytical skills.

Sub-specialties of the specialization of the film and film industry in Russia

This specialization has several diverse disciplines, including the study of the history of cinema, the study of advertising and films, and the study of philosophy and films.

Study marketing and filmmaking and learn about the ancient and modern history of cinema and the tremendous developments in the world of cinema.

Subjects studied in film studies

There are many areas related to the study of film and film industry and one of the areas being studied is history and literature.

Specialization subjects vary between many different groups and from these practical subjects and theoretical subjects.

The process of practical education is carried out by the use of production equipment and the use of cameras and many specialized materials in the field are also learned.

These include:

  • Information, media applications and communications.
  • Versatility in media.
  • Fundamentals of visual technology making and filmmaking.
  • Media, communications and information procedures.
  • Production of the short film.
  • The art of storytelling.
  • Making fictional and non-fiction films.
  • Short promotional films.
  • Write for the screen.
  • Digital photography.
  • Marketing, law planning and business.
  • Methods of distribution and production.
  • Advanced cinematography techniques.

The subjects studied vary from university to university.

Number of academic years to study film and film specialization in Russia

The study of the specialization of cinema in Russia is usually three years, and in the case of the study of the specialization in English or French.

The study takes four years for the student to obtain a bachelor's degree in film industry.

Everything you need to know about a bachelor's degree:

To obtain a bachelor's degree, the student needs a period of time of up to five years through studying for a number of hours up to 136 hours of study.

Percentage of demand for the specialization of film studies and the rate of stagnation

There are many changes in the labor market and this is what makes the labor market variable in terms of stagnation and saturation at the local and global levels.

What do the required majors mean?

The disciplines needed by the job market are the ones in demand in many diverse fields and not just the field of cinema.

Finding a job in the specialty is therefore very easy.

What does it mean by saturated and stagnant specialties?

The term stagnant and saturated disciplines means that they are disciplines and fields whose owners hold many jobs.

This is because of the large number of female graduates in many Arab and foreign countries.

What do the specialties of the future mean?

Future specialties are technology-related disciplines that need technical skills from learners for diverse fields, and the required disciplines include the following:

  • Robotics.
  • E-marketing.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Programming.
  • 3D-printing.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-VR&ar.
  • Alternative energy and renewable energy.

We will talk again about the specialization of filmmaking and its study, so this field is one of the most prominent, most important and famous fields in the world, and the most developed, so we find the competition very intense in this field.

Pros in studying film studies

  • Development of artistic sense.
  • Development of creativity.
  • Absence of actions that lead to boredom.
  • Job satisfaction.
  • Get high and rewarding salaries.

Cons of studying film studies

  • Working long hours leading to burnout.
  • Keen to present new and diverse works to meet the wishes of the public.
  • Prepare to face and face a lot of vetoes.

Study Film Directing in Russia

The study of cinema allows you many different jobs that also relate to the field of filmmaking and cinema, including film, cinema and the field of writing, so the study of cinema in Russia allows many diverse jobs, including the following:

  • Film producer: is the person who develops the script for the films, and can also do the work of the director and the producer receives a salary exceeding $ 70,000 per year.
  • Cinematographer or Director of Photography: It is the primary assistant to the director who prepares the tools before shooting.
  • He prepares photography and lighting and the director of photography receives an annual salary from $60,000 a year to $70,000 a year.
  • Director: He is primarily responsible for all the events of making and directing the film, and the director receives a salary of up to $ 65,000 annually.
  • Composer: He is one of the most important filmmakers for the placement of music and sound effects of the film which makes the events more suspenseful.
  • A fixed wage is not fixed for the composer because this profession falls under the item of self-employment.
  • Film Editor: The film editor works on all the footage within the film after the filming is finished, and then the editor works with the director and producer.
  • The editor's annual salary ranges from $40,000 to $50,000 a year.
  • Fashion designer: The fashion designer has a big role in the look of the stars of the film so he gets a salary of up to $ 40,000 per year.

The most famous figures in the world of Arab and foreign cinema

  • Charles Chaplin: A composer, actor, director and screenwriter for several films, he has earned a great deal of prominence among filmmakers.
  • Youssef Shaheen: An Egyptian director who has directed many international films where he gained wide fame in the world and the Arab world.
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