Study Business Administration in Russia

Studying business administration in Russia, business administration is one of the disciplines on which many tasks depend such as human resource management, trade and economics development and how to invest money successfully, in addition to being one of the first disciplines that contributed to the recovery of the economy in a number of major countries, the most famous of which are America and Russia, which have been very interested in teaching this specialization in a large number of their universities.

Study Business Administration in Russia
Study Business Administration in Russia

Why Business Administration is one of the required disciplines in most countries of the world

Because it has simply helped many countries to flourish the process of trade and industry and develop the movement of buying and selling by providing support in everything related to the management of those resources.

In addition to the development of the investment movement in many countries and the submission of various nominations for successful investment according to several factors that the specialist in management is aware of


Costs of studying Business Administration in Russia

UniversityDuration Costs
St. Petersburg State UniversityTwo yearsINR 5.9 lakhs
The Stockholm School of Economicsa year and a halfINR 37.5 lakhs per year
Moscow State UniversityTwo yearsINR 4.6 Lakhs
Moscow International Higher Business School – MIRBISFive yearsINR.2.88 Lakhs
Vlerick Business SchoolFive yearsINR 5.68 Lakhs
Moscow School of Managementa year and a halfINR 4.80 Lakhs

Learn about the most important universities for studying the specialization of business administration in Russia:

Petersburg University of Business Administration

These universities are one of the universities that have taken the lead in the study of business administration in Russia, where approximately 200 students from all different countries come to study this specialization.

Since the university has a large number of professors specialized in this field, this has helped students to professionalize the field significantly and progress in knowing everything related to the labor market.

According to the provisions of the Constitution of the State of Russia to study a number of disciplines in private universities of Russia, the most famous of which is the science of business study is considered accredited in many countries and the certificate obtained by the student can be worked on in various other countries.

International Institute of Management specializing in Business Administration located at Petersburg University

This institute is an old institute that was established by the university to accommodate a large number of students wishing to receive a specialization in business administration.

In addition, the educational programs offered by the Institute to students are endless programs in the field of business administration where the Institute has received a number of awards by international bodies for its excellence in this specialization.

The Institute is not limited to the study of the bachelor's student in business administration but can also study a master's degree and obtain a certificate accredited by Russia.

Moscow University in Russia

One of the prestigious universities that was created in the nineties to accommodate a large number of students in all disciplines including the specialization of business administration.

The university offers students the property of scientific research and also to carry out many tasks related to this specialization in practice.

It trains students in many major companies and institutions so that the student knows what is going on in the labor market.

Higher School of Business Administration of Russia

The school has been specialized in this field since the date of its establishment and a large number of students up to 700 students come to it.

The university has obtained certificates accredited by the Higher Education Authority in Britain and the student gets intensive courses in this specialty.

MBA study in Russia

Many students have traveled to study in Russia specifically to prepare a master's thesis due to the excellence of Russian universities in various disciplines but this requires several conditions including:

Obtain the student's bachelor's degree

The student applied for the embassy examinations for the language and because a number of subjects are taught in Russian the student must master both Russian and English.

The student's passport must be translated into Russian and the visa is issued and the rest of the papers are completed for the student to study abroad.

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