The best cities of Russia to study

The best cities of Russia to study, as Russia is one of the most famous and largest cities in the world that most students from all over the world want to go to to seek knowledge, knowing that the most willing students to study in Russia are students of Arab countries, because most of them want to aspire to study different and advanced sciences, and this is found in the universities of Russia, whether public or private universities.

Knowing that Russian schools receive more than 200 countries around the world, due to the fact that they are the most suitable cities that provide them with a suitable medium that helps them to concentrate and study, where there are more than dozens of famous study cities in Russia, and this is what we will present to you in the next paragraphs, in order to make it easier for students to choose the city in which they want to study.

The best cities of Russia to study
The best cities of Russia to study

The best cities of Russia to study

There are more than one study city in Russia and we will present the most important of these cities, and then we will explain each city separately:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Kazan or Kazan
  • Novosibirsk
  • Samara
  • Yekaterinburg


We all dream of studying in Moscow, knowing that it is the capital of Russia, and is accepted by many students around the world, and where it is characterized by a lot of advanced scientific centers.

In addition, these universities provide all students with the means to progress and aspire to development and innovation, moreover, they are characterized by easy transportation, and provide a lot of restaurants and different entertainment places; all these services entail a significant increase in the cost of housing in them, compared to any other city.

St. Petersburg

Students who love charming nature, historical museums, and everything that is archaeological, prefer to go to St. Petersburg, where it is called the cultural capital.

With a lot of museums and various galleries, this city is famous for its wonderful buildings design, it is one of the greatest places to enjoy tourist and historical tours.

Nizhny Novgorod

One of the largest industrial and cultural cities in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod is located in the Volga River, and this city also includes more than 50 universities, state institutes and private universities of other branches.

This city is characterized by the presence of a lot of recreational and sports activities, such as holding a lot of parties and festivals.

In addition to providing all kinds of sports fields for training and player, so that students can practice all kinds of sports according to the desire of each student.

Kazan or Kazan

This city is one of the most generous to all foreign students, because it receives students and improves their hospitality, in addition to being called the third capital of Russia.

Knowing that this city was established in 1804, it is one of the oldest Russian universities, and is characterized by providing education in all fields of sports, culture and music.

The city also features plenty of markets and exhibits as well as warm weather most of the time.


Located in the Russian Ural region, Yekaterinburg is the most suitable city for all students in terms of housing and study.

In addition to having a lot of laboratories and research centers, this is a good fit for all students who want to study theoretical sciences.

It is the largest city where there are all the comforts and entertainment, knowing that UNESCO has called it one of the most ideal cities.


Called the Green City, Samara is characterized by a comfortable life with a calm character, and includes more than 35 large-scale universities, and this city is considered a neutral destination for students who love tranquility and naturalness.


Novosibirsk is the capital of Siberia and this city is characterized by a lot of industrial facilities, advanced industrial growth.

In addition to scientific and research institutions, companies that offer all the diverse and different programs and research, it is one of the top ten universities in Russia.

There are five steps to enrolling in a Russian university, so what are they?

There are five steps that must be adhered to by any student who wants to apply to any university in Russia, and we will explain each step individually:

First: Choose the university, profession or program

  • In Russia there is more than one field of study on a large scale of mathematical and natural sciences, art and theater, choose the field you want to apply to.
  • There are about 741 different universities, in more than one different region of Russia, and these universities are fully prepared to receive foreign students.
  • There are a lot of study programs that you can choose any program you want, examples of which are, bachelor's, graduate, master's, Russian language learning, vocational training and rehabilitation.

Second: Learn about funding options

There are a lot of study funding programs offered to all students that you should familiarize themselves with before starting to apply to the best study cities in Russia, which are as follows:

Contractual study

All students from around the world can benefit from contractual study funding, for public and private universities, where the funding belongs to the funds of legal entities such as, funds, donors, companies, sponsoring organizations.

Share scholarship from the Government of the Russian Federation

The funding of this grant is considered at the expense of the Government of the Russian Federation.

All students who have been allocated classes this year, as well as all Russian students who reside abroad, can do so.

This funding is for public universities only.

Documents that help you in these universities can be obtained through the Russian embassies located in each country.

Study on a general basis and equal with all students

The funding of this study is based on the Russian Federal Account.

Russian students residing abroad, immigrant students, and some foreign students apply to this study.

Students can enroll in Russian public universities.

Study funded by the Russian government

There are more than three conditions for you to be able to enroll in any Russian-funded public university, and these conditions are:

  • The student must pass the test you offer. The Russian government is theirs.
  • Must succeed in the optional competition offered by the government grant.
  • The student must win the study competition held outside Russia or in Russia itself.

Study on a commercial basis

In the event that the student can pay all the tuition fees, and pay all the money for the study, he can choose the educational body where he wishes to study, and can apply through e-mail and send the application for the first time, in addition to the fact that the documents and papers of the student must be sent to start studying in Russia.

Now you can join the best cities of Russia to study, you can take a focused tour of the details mentioned above and determine your interface.

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