Study in Germany without a bank account

Before studying in Germany, a student must submit a visa for the purpose of study, which he obtains from one of the German embassies and consulates, which is granted after providing financial proof of his financial ability to cover the costs of studying for at least one year, which is what worries most foreign students coming from countries outside the European Union.  

Study in Germany without a bank account
Study in Germany without a bank account

Study in Germany without a bank account

Studying in Germany without a bank account is an opportunity available to foreign students who are already in Germany, they do not need to provide proof of financial funding for their studies because they are already located on German territory, public universities do not need tuition fees in Germany, in addition to the right of refugees recognized for their stay to receive a loan for students, called BAFö but you can also get this opportunity under different circumstances.

Alternative to a bank account closed in Germany

Studying in Germany without a bank account currently has a guarantor-funded solution as an alternative to a closed bank account, where it commits to Germany by signing a full sponsorship document with the ministry and this is called in Germany Verpflichtungserklärung.

 What conditions does the sponsor have to meet?

There are several conditions that the sponsor must meet and they are as follows:

  • The sponsor must be a German national or have permanent or temporary residence, the latter allowing residents of the state to benefit from all the benefits of a German citizen in terms of work, study or investment, except for the right to vote in elections.
  • The net monthly salary of the sponsor after tax must not be less than 2500 euros, that is, he must be financially able to cover the expenses of the foreign student, i.e. his monthly salary, the financial return on his investment or job reforms covering all his personal expenses and taxes in addition to a financial surplus of 800 euros which is the amount determined by the state for the monthly expenses of the foreign student.
  • If you are wondering if someone is willing to take financial care in this way, the answer is yes because they are not obliged to give you money, they are only in front of the German government to take care of you, as they are required to be a good citizen and have not registered any cases or complaints against them in Germany.

What is a closed bank account?

If a closed word catches your attention and you wonder what the bank account ended up with?

Because a closed account cannot be withdrawn from after a deposit only when its owner arrives in Germany, it is proof that international students have enough money to help them study and provide daily necessities for a whole year, which is one of the most important conditions of residence.  

The minimum amount to open a closed bank account in accordance with the decision of the DAAD of the German Cultural Exchange Authority is 10,236 euros per month to 853 euros per month.

German banks that offer CSS to German banks offer this service in some of them and not for everyone, so you can check it out and choose the best, including four banks:

  • Deutsche Bank.
  • Viteba Bank.
  • Expatriate Bank Extra.
  • Radio Coraacle.

Over the past few years, the bank has been responsible for providing this service but is currently increasing the number of banks authorized for these services as the student can complete the process at his embassy to be aware of the status of the embassy and for these procedures he must expect high fees to complete them.

Banks not only open a closed account, but also provide health insurance and all other procedures, but it is important to use these banks because German laws prohibit unlicensed banks to ensure access to visas without any obstacles.  

Study in Germany without the baccalaureate

Is it possible to study in Germany without a bank account?

Studying in Germany without a closed bank account is a possible option, but this option is rarely done because most international students prefer a bank account, as well as the lack of a financial sponsor for most students.

What is the value of a closed bank account?

The value of the bank account to be deposited varies depending on the type of visa to be requested, for example in the case of applying for a study visa in Germany A16, the value of the bank account to be deposited is 10,332 euros.

In case of applying for a 17 work qualification visa, the value of the bank account to be deposited is 15,350 euros

In case of applying for a vocational training visa, a closed bank statement is required, worth between €5,118 and €10,236, depending on the duration of the internship.

It is transferred to an account in Germany and restored by the student in the form of a monthly stipend in a fixed amount to cover his expenses.

How do I open a restricted (closed) bank account in Germany?

You must first choose the appropriate bank and then submit an online application to open the account, uploading the required documents.

Your request is processed and then the account opening confirmation is sent via email, after which you can transfer the required value via a suitable bank in your country.

What documents are required to open a bank account?

With Fintiba for example, you'll only need an ID or passport to register and create your account, and it usually takes less than 10 minutes for your closed account to be ready to move.

With Deutsche Bank you will need these documents to open a closed account in Germany:

  • Application form.
  • Your passport is valid.
  • A letter of acceptance from your university.
  • Bank statement of your income.
  • Prepaid fees.

Questions about studying in Germany

What option do international students prefer to open a closed bank account??

Most international students prefer Fintiba over other options mainly because applying through Fintiba is much easier, takes less time and can be done online.

Can I do without a closed bank account?

A closed bank account can be deleted if there is a sponsor in Germany.

What are the conditions required from the sponsor's embassy?

The sponsor is not required to hold German citizenship or permanent residence, but must prove that he is able to cover the expenses of the sponsor and that he has a suitable place and sufficient living space to receive the sponsor.

But if you want to get a study visa in a European country, you must prove that you can finance your living expenses.

How many people can the referrer return at a time?

The number of sponsors is related to the sponsor's income and the status of families, and this figure is determined by the Aliens Service after examining all the above elements.

Can someone I don't know guarantee me?

Yes sure.

How long does it take for the sponsor to complete the warranty?

Usually the sponsor goes to the service of foreigners and signs the paper immediately, of course, after reviewing the sponsor's papers by the employee concerned.

Is it necessary to renew the warranty after a certain period of time?

Under normal circumstances no, because the warranty is valid for the duration of your stay in Germany and of course the issue will be confirmed when the residence is renewed every two years.

Can you get a refund if your visa is declined?

To receive a refund, you must submit a document from your local German immigration office that includes the cancellation of your account or the original visa application rejection notification stamped by the embassy, you need to send the documents via email.