Conversion of a study visa to a job in Germany

Can a study visa be converted to work in Germany?  Whoever asks this question often seeks to immigrate to Germany through study.

Immigration to Germany in this way has its own conditions, which are easy compared to other immigration and entry conditions.

In answering this question, we will try to explain things in a simplified way, specifying the conditions for obtaining a work permit in Germany after studying.

Conversion of a study visa to a job in Germany
Conversion of a study visa to a job in Germany

Can a study visa be converted to work in Germany?

Yes, a student visa can be converted to a work visa in Germany after the end of the period of study in Germany.

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The possibility of converting a student's residence to a work residence in Germany

Flexibility in terms of professional residence in Germany has made studying in Germany a good gateway for easy immigration to Germany.

Thanks to the study visa in Germany, the student can transfer the student's residence to permanent work residence in Germany.

German Labor and Immigration Law provides students with the option to stay in Germany for a year and a half after completing their studies.

How to convert a study visa to a work visa in Germany

Getting a job in Germany after studying is the only condition for staying in Germany after studying.

Yes, the only condition for converting a student visa to a work visa is that the student gets a job in Germany, and of course it is easy, the ease of this is related to several points, the most important of which are the following:

The student's work in Germany during his studies

Most students in Germany work in Germany in addition to studying to support or provide part of their educational and living needs.

As long as the student is working, they can stay in the same job, or change jobs and transfer their study visa to work in Germany.

The student knows German language and society

If a student does not work while studying in Germany, he can easily find a job in Germany because he knows the society well.

In addition to knowing German society, the student knows German well, making things easier for him.

After that, the student can look for a job opportunity in Germany that suits his abilities and in the city that suits him for residence.

Reasons for refusing a visa to study in Germany

Adequate accommodation in Germany

A student can look for a suitable job if he takes a job that does not suit his field of study in Germany during his studies.

If a student has not worked before, he has a year and a half to find work in Germany after his studies.

Accommodation in Germany

A student's stay in Germany gives him the opportunity to look for work easily, because he is already on German soil.

This opens the way for the student to look for a job in the right field, with a good salary and in the right German city, unlike people outside Germany.

Lots of options

The options for transferring a study visa to work in Germany are very numerous and are not limited to what has been mentioned, and this is very good.

Immigrating to Germany on a study visa is absolutely fantastic, and studying is the easiest way to immigrate to Germany.

If you are now considering studying in Germany and converting your study visa into a job in Germany, we encourage you to do so, as well as in Germany, welcome to the vast German job market that needs your skills and talent.

How to get a German work visa

The application process can be long and complicated:

First, you must submit the relevant documents to the local aliens authority, you must be instructed on what exactly is required, but you can contact an immigration lawyer to guide you through the process.

After submitting the necessary documents, you will need to book and attend the visa interview, this interview should not be particularly difficult because its purpose is to confirm that you have a sound mind and is suitable for your application.

You can expect that your application will take between one and three months and the duration of this is determined by uncontrollable factors, such as the activity of the local authority for foreigners.

However, you'll likely have to wait a little longer if you make sure all your documents are tidy.

Once your application is accepted, you will be granted your work visa.In this document you will show your photo and information about the duration of your stay in Germany and the type of work you can do, all this information will be in your passport.

Language Study Visa in Germany

Documents required for my work visa application?

A large amount of documentation is required for your application, you must submit this to the nearest foreign authority to submit your application.

  • First, you'll need two copies of the completed application forms.Both must be signed by you.
  • You must provide two copies of the passport, this photo will be used to obtain your visa.
  • Of course a valid passport will be required.
  • You will also need to prove that you reside in Germany, a utility bill showing your German name and address will be required for this purpose.
  • Your employer will provide you with the following documents, however, you must, not the state, obtain them from your employer.
  • Germany requires its migrant workers to have valid health insurance that must be proven with a health insurance certificate.
  • Your employee should offer you this as well as their commitment to your coverage.
  • After that, you must prove that a suitable job has been offered to you.You can make a binding contract or offer to that effect.
  • But you must mention your salary and job offer Under certain circumstances, your employer may ask for proof that they cannot hire a German citizen in your position.
  • The following required documents are used to prove that you have relevant skills and qualifications, as well as to ensure good manners.
  • A CV showing your skills and qualifications, along with certificates proving that you are entitled to claim them, is the first condition.
  • Your good character is proven by a clean criminal record.
  • Your application is accompanied by a single motivation letter describing the purpose of your stay.
  • You must also provide an acknowledgement of the accuracy of the information, this announcement is an agreement that you can be expelled from Germany if you provide false information in your application.

Work Visa Application Fees

To get a work visa, you must pay the application fee of 75 euros, these costs are halved if you have a spouse, child or father who holds German citizenship.

Working in Germany after your studies

If you want to stay in Germany to find work after graduation, you should start planning while you are still a student, it is very useful to master the German language to find work in Germany, because without it the number of jobs available will be very limited.

EU Students

EU citizens have the right to seek employment in Germany without the need for a work permit, as an EU citizen, you will be treated like German residents in terms of access to the labour market, working conditions, social and tax benefits.

Non-EU students

Students from non-EU countries who wish to work in Germany after graduation can extend their residence permit for up to 18 months to find work related to their studies, to apply for an extended residence permit, you will need:

  • Passport.
  • A university degree or official document from your university confirming that you have successfully completed your studies.
  • A document proving that you have health insurance.
  • Prove that you have the means to support yourself financially.