University of Stuttgart majors and conditions University of Stuttgart

With a vision since 1829: The University of Stuttgart represents exceptional and world-renowned research and first-class teaching in one of the most vibrant industrial areas in Europe. The university is a reliable employer, a partner in technology transfer and focuses on multidisciplinarity.

The University of Stuttgart is one of the leading technologically oriented universities in Germany of global importance.

It considers itself a center for undergraduate, non-university and industrial research. Moreover, it takes on a role as a guarantor of research-based education, and focuses on quality and inclusiveness.

University of Stuttgart majors and conditions University of Stuttgart
University of Stuttgart majors and conditions University of Stuttgart

The University encourages the transfer of knowledge and technologies to the community in all areas of their profile and competencies as well as their emerging fields. The phrase "Stuttgarter Weg" (Stuttgarter Road) means an interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences based on the fundamentals of the latest interdisciplinary research. Our vision is "Smart Systems for a Sustainable Society".

Specialties of the University of Stuttgart

Specialties of the University of Stuttgart
  • phonetics
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Air Quality Monitoring, Solid Waste and Wastewater Treatment Engineering (WASTE)
  • Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Automotive and Engine Engineering
  • Art History
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Biology
  • Construction Physics
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration, Technically, Economics
  • Chemical and Bioengineering
  • Technical Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Teaching Qualification
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS)
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM)
  • Knowledge Cultures
  • Digital Humanities
  • Economics
  • Economics Teaching Qualification
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electric Motion
  • Power Engineering
  • Empirical Political and Social Research (German-French)
  • Engineering Automated Control
  • English
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Food Chemistry
  • French
  • Geodesy Engineering and Geographic Information
  • GEOENGINE Engineering
  • German Language
  • history
  • German Literature
  • Information Systems
  • Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD)
  • Information Technology (InVotek)
  • Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH)
  • International Construction: Practice and Law
  • Inter-Entrepreneurship (Technical)
  • Maschinenbau / Mechanical Engineering
  • Logistics Management
  • Mechanical Engineering / Materials and Production Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering / Precision Engineering and Hardware Technology and Technical Optics
  • Mechanical Engineering / Product Development and Design
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy/Ethics
  • Physical Education Teaching Qualification
  • Physics
  • Data Science
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Real Estate Engineering and Management
  • General planning and participation
  • Romantic Studies
  • Simulation Technology
  • German-French Social Sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Sociology
  • Sports Sciences: Sociology and Economics
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Qualification of teaching art education
  • Technology Management
  • Vocational Education / Technical Education

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University of Stuttgart conditions

University of Stuttgart conditions

Note: All documents must be translated into English or German.

At the University of Stuttgart, different levels of language proficiency are needed for different study programmes in Germany.

Accepted TestsRequired Grades
Proficiency in German 
TestDaF 4X4Minimum Level 4
German Language Diploma of "Kultusministerkonferenz / KmK"Level II (DSD II)
Proficiency in English 
IELTS6.0 for UG 7.0 for PG
TOEFL80 for UG 95 for PG
  • Students must apply for a German student visa at the German Embassy or at the German Consulate in their country of residence before leaving.
  • The process can take up to six months, so start the process as soon as possible.
  • The student visa is usually valid for a maximum of 3 months, so students must obtain a residence permit to extend the stay at the foreign registration authority upon arrival in Germany.
  • Fill out and sign the national visa application form.
  • Valid national passport.
  • Two copies of the passport.
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • German residence permit.
  • Applicants must prove that they can afford their living expenses with a minimum of €853 per month for the duration of their stay. The following proofs are accepted:
  • Bank statement
  • Confirm available balance
  • It is essential to have valid health insurance for all students in Germany.
  • International students under the age of 30 are required to purchase compulsory health insurance for students from the German state health insurance company. This insurance covers most medical and dental costs.
  • Students over the age of 30 need to have private health insurance.
  • Insurance cost: about 110 euros / month.

Faculties of the University of Stuttgart

The University is divided into 10 faculties:

  • Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Energy, Operations and Bioengineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering and Geodesy
  • Faculty of Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

University of Stuttgart Admission

The University of Stuttgart accepts international applicants, who can apply through their application portal, along with required official academic records and other supporting documents within the deadline. Applicants must meet the minimum university criteria.

University of Stuttgart World Rankings

The University of Stuttgart is ranked #564 in the best international universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Founder of the University of Stuttgart

Frederick Wilhelm Karl to be known as Wilhelm I of Württemberg II, and his reign lasted from 1816 to 1864.


University of Stuttgart

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