Siegen University

The University of Senggen, is a German public research university, the name of the university in German Universität Siegen, located in the city of Senggen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, founded in 1964 and was not called the University of Senggen at the time, in 1972, the University of Zingen merged with neighboring German technical universities to form one integrated university under the current university name.

Zingen University

Overview of the city of Siegen with the university

The city is located in an environment of mountains, forests and rivers. The city has a lot of activities and entertainment for its inhabitants such as the old German cities, the castle and the market during the holidays, the city has the smallest museum in the world of Beatles memorabilia.

The University has more than 170 international cooperation agreements and plays an important role in Erasmus Scholarships for the exchange of students, scientists and administrators.

The university has 19,500 students, and 12% of these students are international students from more than 100 countries around the world.

The university has about 1,200 teachers and researchers, including 260 professors.

The number of administrative staff is about 750, the budget of the university is about 134 million euros per year.

 University fees at the University of Senggen

There is no university fee at the University of Zingen, but there is a quarterly contribution amount paid by the student and in return he receives many services, including a transport ticket for the use of public transport throughout the state of North Rhine The value of this contribution is about 272.55 euros per month.

  • To obtain university admission from the University of Zingen candidates for university admission to the university's bachelor's degree must have a high school diploma recognized in Germany.
  • For master's students, a student earning a university degree in the field of study in which he or she is pursuing his studies is essential to apply to university.

How to Apply at Zingen University

The method of applying to the university for admission to the university varies depending on the nationality of the student and the specialization chosen to study, applying to the University of Zingen is available in three ways, which are as follows:

  • The first method is through the university's application portal.
  • The second method is through the website.
  • The third method is to complete, print and send the university application form to the university.

Application Deadlines for Zingen University

Application dates for Zingen University follow the same dates for bachelor's and master's degrees.

  • This is for the winter season which starts from February and ends on July 15.
  • The summer semester starts on September 15 and ends on January 15.
  • It should be noted that some disciplines, especially those taught in English, have their own schedules.

What documents are required for admission to Zingen University

The application to the university is done by mail by sending the required documents to the university to obtain admission to the university, and the university's response will also be by mail, the documents to be sent to the university to obtain admission to the university:

  • The online university application form must be completed and then printed and signed (as well as the college application form in which they will study for master's students).
  • Baccalaureate degree for master's students, university degree and transcript.
  • A certificate of proficiency in German or English, depending on the language of study in the specialization chosen by the student. A copy of the passport.
  • Biography.
  • All previous documents, if their original language is not German or English, must be translated into one of these languages.

 Reasons to choose Zingen University

Reasons why you want to study at Senggen University and these reasons are:

  • The nature of the city is beautiful and psychologically comfortable, and will greatly help you relax and focus on your studies.
  • The overlap between scientific research at the university and its teaching and the resulting distinctive and strong educational content.
  • The university has many renowned research centers in the fields of atomic physics, teacher education, ethnoscience and many others.
  • Famous alumni of the university include CEO Siemens Wolfgang Dehen and world boxing champion Peter Hussing.
  • The university has a student-run radio station at the university, in addition to its own television program, the university's motto is "Creating a Human Future."

Zingen University Ranking

Zingen University is ranked globally according to the Times Higher Education Rankings 2020.

Zingen University has been ranked 501-600 globally in the World University Rankings, 101-150 in the University Youth Rankings and 201+ in the European Rankings.

According to the 2021 QS World Rankings, the university is ranked 801-1000 in the world.

Scientific Research at the University

The University conducts intensive theoretical and applied scientific research in all faculties of the University, from accounting to visual computing.

  • The University always seeks to develop its own interdisciplinary scientific research, as the University integrates the scientific research conducted at the University into the curriculum to encourage students to do their own scientific research and always pays great attention to its students.
  • The university is also a member of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft which supports scientific research in Germany and funds scientific research in the country.
  • The University of Zingen established a bachelor's/master's system very early, with the aim of completing the preparation of this model in all faculties during the winter semester 2006-2007.  
  • The last remaining degree programs have already been converted to bachelor's/master's programs during the winter semester 2008-2009.
  • This step allows for comparability of student achievements and guides the international orientation of programs.
  • In addition, training in modern languages is offered and enhanced by emphasizing partnerships abroad.

Specializations of Zingen University

Zingen University has 5 faculties:

  • Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Faculty of Education, Architecture and Arts.
  • Faculty of Economics, Information Systems and Business.
  • Faculty of Science and Technology.
  • Faculty of Humanities.

 Zingen University Scholarship

You can now apply for the Zingen University Scholarship, which is offered free of charge to international students seeking admission to the world's most important universities.

  • The Senggen University Scholarship offers you a real opportunity to travel to Germany and pursue your university studies there.
  • Studying in Germany is very important because it gives you access to another new world rich in modern and advanced cultures and teaching methods.
  • As we have said, it is now very important to apply for the Zingen University Scholarship.

Zingen University Scholarship Conditions

The requirement for a scholarship from the University of Zingen is that the candidate must have a Master's degree with honors if he wishes to study a PhD.

If they wish to study a master's degree, provided that they are studying or intend to study, a master's degree or a doctorate from the University of Zingen.

PhD studies at the University of Zingen

Senggen University offers many doctoral programs in many fields, in the fields of educational sciences that offer educational sciences, psychology, architecture, arts education, music education, music sciences and art history.

  • The university offers a doctoral program in the form of an academic discipline and not in the form of independent scientific research for the student, offering several research areas such as: graphene-based nanotechnology, exploration of the second and third dimension, terahertz, and many others.
  • The university offers prospective undergraduates the opportunity to attend lectures on specific topics during the winter or summer.
  • Thanks to this presence, the student gets an idea of the study program at the university and the university staff helps him make the right decision for the specialization he wants to study.

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  Zingen University