Saarland University

Saarland University, is the first university in the German state of Saarland and one of the most important universities of advanced research, located in southwestern Germany, under an agreement between France and Germany in 1948, covering all fields of science, in 2007, the university entered the category of "University of Excellence", and the Graduate School of Computer Science and the Center of Excellence and Interactive Multimedia Computing began to receive funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, Saarland University is famous for its research in the field of information technology and information security. From CISPA, nanotechnology, medicine, European relations, politics and law.

Saarland University

Information about Saarland University

The Saarland University, the first university created after World War II was founded in November 1948 with the support of the French government and under the auspices of the University of Nancy.

At the time, Saar was in a special position of being partially independent and linked to France by the EMU by combining German and French educational traditions with a dual language of instruction, the university had a European perspective from the very beginning.

Prior to the founding of the University, clinical training courses were offered to medical students at the General Hospital, Saarland University Hospital, in Homburg, Saarland, in January 1946 and the "University Centre for Graduate Studies in Homburg" was established in May 1947 under the auspices of the University of Nancy.  

The first president of the Autonomous University in 1948 was Jean Barriol In the same year, the university offered the first courses in law, philosophy and languages.

In the fifties of the last century, the University of Saarland joined the Federation of West German Universities and accepted a new, more centralized organizational structure, and the Institute of Europe was established as a center for European research in politics and law.

The Presidency of the University is carried out by a Council comprising a President and five Vice-Presidents, who are respectively responsible for planning, strategy, research, technology transfer, education, administration and finance, the President is elected by the Senate and the House of Representatives in two separate votes.

The Senate, made up of nine professors, three students, three scientists and two faculty members, serves as the legislative branch.

In addition, the university has a council that makes strategic decisions, allocates funds and oversees the council.

The members of the Board of Directors are representatives of private companies and academic institutions, including other universities, as well as representatives of German university professors, faculty members and students.

Specialties of Saarland University

The faculties of the German Saarland University in Saarland are divided into six faculties:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Business Sciences.
  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology.
  • Faculty of Humanities.
  • Faculty of Law.

Why Choose to Study at Saarland University

Saarland University is one of the few universities in Germany where the entire Master's programme in Computer Science is taught in English.

The University is also responsible for conducting computer- relevant courses for students enrolled in graduate programs for MPI for Computer Science and MPI for Software Systems.  

Saarland University partners with the following international colleges and institutes:

  • Max Planck Institute for Computer Science.
  • Max Planck.
  • Institute of Software Systems.
  • Institute of Information Systems Information Systems.
  • Fraunhofer IZFP.
  • Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Society for environmentally friendly process technology.

Figures and facts about the university

The number of students at the university is about 17,000, of whom 21% come from outside Germany.

The university employs about 290 professors, the number of academic staff of the university is about 1600 academics.

The administrative staff of the university is about 1400 employees, with an area of about 357 million euros.

Saarland University offers a wide range of courses and a variety of final certificates offered (diploma, master's, doctorate, international examinations, bachelor's and master's degrees).

Saarland University Rankings

Located in a wonderful landscaped area and within a city of the university a lot of distinctive relationships, universities are one of the largest and most technologically advanced in the field of computer science disciplines in many scientific fields.

  • Saarland University is ranked by Shanghai Rankings ranked 501 – 600 globally for 2020.
  • The university ranked 31 – 35 at the level of Germany.
  • According to the QS World Rankings 2021, it ranked 451st globally.

Scientific Research at the University

The University of Saarland is known for its research in the field of computer science, nanotechnology, medicine, European and cyan medicine.

  • Max Planck Institute for Computer Science.
  • Max Planck Institute for Software Systems.
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Fraunhofer Institute of Biomedical Engineering.
  • Helmholtz Information Security Center.
  • Bioinformatics Center Saar.

 Faculties of Saarland University

The campus is located on the outer border of Saarbrücken, with beautiful plateaus on either side of it, and cycling and going to the city or nearby is one of the main activities of the university's students. The university is divided into 6 faculties, namely:

  • Faculty of Humanities and Economics.
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Faculty of Science and Technology.
  • Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Faculty of Law.

The most important information about education at Saarland University

There is information that proves the long history of this German university, which is as follows:

  • The number of students at the University of Saarland was about 17,500 students.
  • The number of international students at the University of Saarland is about 3500 students.
  • Saarland University has more than 300 professors.
  • The number of teachers varied from academics to more than 1,500.
  • As for the administrative staff, it numbered more than 1200 administrators.
  • The annual budget of the University of Saarland is more than 350 million euros.

 Advantages of studying at Saarland University

Why should a student know the advantages of studying at Saarland University? The answer is because it is normal for the student to know the advantages of the college and it is one of the reasons that may make the student confused, so we offer you the most important advantages of studying within Germany at the University of Saarland:

  • The university is located in the most beautiful cities in terms of picturesque nature and full of gardens and green spaces.
  • The university maintains extensive relations and partnerships with the labor market, which reassures the student of the possibility of working after graduation.
  • The university offers many scientific disciplines.
  • Saarland University is one of the most important universities in Germany because it is the best in technological sciences.

Saarland University Admission Requirements

It is very important for a student to pay attention to the admission requirements if he is thinking about the subject of education at the University of Saarland and on the contrary will be rejected by the university and the most important of these requirements can be found in the paragraph below:

  • The student must have an average of at least 65%.
  • The student must submit a certificate of German language proficiency.
  • The student must translate all his papers and high school diploma into English or German.
  • The student should follow the official website of the university and submit his papers as soon as possible so that their applications are more accurately evaluated by the university.
  • After submitting the necessary documents and obtaining admission to the University of Saarland, the visa procedure must begin, to obtain them the student must submit a copy of his passport and two personal photos in addition to the acceptance letter.

Tuition fees in Saarland University

There are no tuition fees at Saarland University at all, but the student pays €300 per semester which includes tuition fees and a free transfer card for the student in the city only.

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Saarland University