About the University of Potsdam in Arabic 2021

Founded in 1991, the University of Potsdam is a modern and dynamic institution that focuses entirely on innovative teaching and research. With more than 20,000 students, it is the largest university in the federal state of Brandenburg.

The University of Potsdam offers a wide range of highly competitive bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Programs in the fields of arts and humanities, economics and social sciences, law, natural sciences, and digital engineering. Our students and researchers have access to first-class laboratory facilities, a library and state-of-the-art equipment.

University of Potsdam
University of Potsdam

We currently offer 21 master's degree programs in English, many of which focus on innovative interdisciplinary disciplines. As a publicly funded institution, it does not charge any tuition fees.

The university is located in an area of more than 40 research institutions, and cooperates closely with many internationally renowned organizations, among which are many famous research institutions Max Planck- and Leibnitz- Helmholtz- and Fraunhofer-.

The University of Potsdam has a proven track record of supporting young entrepreneurs, and its students benefit from close networks with regional industry.

The University of Potsdam is one of the most beautiful universities in Germany. The city's palaces and charming parks are one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany. Thanks to Potsdam's unique location – beside the River Havel and surrounded by lakes and greenery – it is the perfect place for outdoor activities. The German capital Berlin can be reached in just 30 minutes by public transport.

University of Potsdam Specialties

University of Potsdam Specialties

The University of Potsdam prides itself on offering a wide range of bachelor's degree programmes and a multifaceted range of master's degree programmes that are practical and research-oriented. The main focus areas in our commitment to learning and teaching include teacher training as well as legal studies with the first law exam.

And if you're looking for a job in academia or in science, take a look at our outstanding graduate programs at all colleges as well as at research institutions outside their walls. All study programs at the University of Potsdam are free, with the exception of some continuing education courses.

This high quality of learning and teaching was confirmed in 2012, when the University of Potsdam received the System Accreditation Seal for maintaining an excellent quality assurance system, which is supported by a high-quality awareness in all sectors of the University.

  • Law
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • chemistry
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Geology, Environment, Land and Sea Sciences
  • Sports Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Econometrics
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Politics and International Studies (including Development Studies)
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Languages, literature and linguistics
  • History, Philosophy and Theology
  • teaching

Advantages of the University of Potsdam

Advantages of the University of Potsdam

Culture in Potsdam

Anyone approaching Potsdam from the water will see the red "shell" of the Hans Otto Theatre on the shores of Tiffin C. There, in Schiffbauergasse, a unique cultural area was created for modern drama, experimental dance and contemporary art. In the middle is the laundry house in the rock and pop arena and the smaller stages of jazz and world music.

A place for readings, movie evenings and parties. In the city center, students love to meet in "KuZe", the self-managed student cultural center, at the recreation center "Freiland" or at the student pub "Pub à la Pub", which has been run by students from Potsdam universities since 1994.

Those who like it more classically can go to Nikolaisaal, where the university choir and orchestra also perform concerts. Students from Germany and abroad feel at home in Potsdam: people from different cultures meet in dormitories near campus. Anyone who has to balance studying in Germany with work and children receives special support from the university's family service.

The University Sports Centre ensures physical balance through several fitness courses. It's easy to get around Potsdam by bike or by bus and train, and you can quickly reach the green surroundings of the city or to the vibrant Berlin.

You can also find out the dates of registration in German universities

Literature and Journalism


The independent student magazine "SpeakUP" of the University of Potsdam is published by students to students on a voluntary basis. It appears online on the site with constantly updated news of education and university policy, interesting facts about student life in Potsdam and the surrounding area, about student projects and events and about the culture of the University City of Potsdam.

Thanks to the financial and non-material support of the Potsdam Students' Union, AG Studiumplus of the University of Potsdam and many other supporters, SpeakUP is able to pursue its journalistic work as independently as possible. Well-established research and seriousness are of particular interest to the SpeakUP team.

As part of a group seminar by the Studiumplus Working Group, students have the opportunity each semester to gain insight into the diverse and demanding work of journalism and to actively help shape the online version of the journal.

In 2015, "SpeakUP" celebrated its fifth anniversary – and at the same time looking for new creative minds and hardworking hands that not only support the work of the student magazine, but also want to continue it responsibly. Only with the help of committed volunteers who want to report and tell something important, "SpeakUP" can continue to do its important work in the future.


Tudere is the legal journal for students at the University of Potsdam. It has been published once a semester by students since fall 2008. In the meantime, the offer has been expanded to include a special edition for first-year students.

On the other hand, studere should be a specialized magazine with interestingly prepared useful articles on all aspects of the law, which also invite you to think outside the box. On the other hand, students should be given the opportunity to be creative and scientifically active or to be able to disseminate the knowledge gained, for example seminar papers. Students from different disciplines have the opportunity to write essays themselves or participate in their editing.


Erasmus Potsdam Student Network (ESN) Erasmus Student Network Potsdam (ESN)

The Erasmus Potsdam Student Network has set itself the task of improving the integration of foreign students. The events offered are primarily aimed at exchanging students, but interested Germans are also welcome. Members of the Erasmus Potsdam Student Network are volunteer students from all disciplines united by a desire to promote tolerance and integration in the universities of Potsdam and in the region and to arouse interest in accommodation abroad.


English Drama Group (EDG)

The English Drama Group (EDG) is a theatrical group for amateur students at the University of Potsdam, aiming to present various works by English-speaking authors in a professional and effective manner to the audience.

The back building (support construction, costumes, theater design, makeup, lighting and sound technology) and the front building (actors) are equally occupied by students from different disciplines. Members standing on stage or behind them for the first time, and those who feel more comfortable at home on the blackboard that means the world, contribute every year to the success and pleasure of the piece.

Since the founding of EDG by Dr. Hiltrood Wade, in 1984 he has performed group plays by authors such as William Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Woody Allen and Agatha Christie. References ranged from genres such as horror, fantasy and crime to artistic fairy tales. In the past four years, students themselves have taken charge of managing the EDG.

Contact: You can find news and information about offers on the EDG homepage.

UNIDRAM International Theatre Festival

Unidram is a platform for independent theater from Central and Eastern Europe. It creates a space for encounters, for bold experiences, for people who experience different experiences and traditions and experience exciting moments in front of and behind the stage. Unidram sees itself as a forum for innovative modern theatre in terms of content or form that can make the clash of different cultures productive.

Every year since 1994, the Potsdam Theatre Association Degater '87 and the University of Potsdam have organized the UNIDRAM International Theatre Festival. In an effort to develop continuous cultural contacts with Eastern Europe, the organizers mainly invite theatrical groups from there.

From Germany but also from Western Europe to Potsdam. UNIDRAM, which considers itself a presentation, but especially as a business meeting and meeting, is unique in the new federal states with its focus on Eastern Europe and has evolved into a permanent address in international festival operations over the years.

Contact: More information is available on the home page of the International Theatre Festival.


Chor „Campus Cantabile“

The choir "Campus Cantabile" was founded in 1996 by Christian Komichau, professor of choir and the group that runs the choir at the University of Potsdam. Approximately 70 members belong to all faculties of the University. The repertoire ranges from the most common works of Karl Orf to Oratorius rarely performed by the Baroque era. The focus of the work is on examining the practices of playing Baroque music.

Synvonieta Potsdam Orchestra

The orchestra was founded in 1997 and is also run by Professor Christian Komechao. Its 55 members consist of multiple faculties and external parties. Rehearsals are carried out once a week, as in the work of the choir.

There is a weekend rehearsal each semester. Prefers the repertoire of the classical orchestra – symphonies of Hayden, Schubert and Mendelsson or concerts by Mozart, Beethoven and Schöban. We welcome interested amateur musicians inside and outside the university.


Haven-Volck eV

The aim of the Society is not only to disseminate historical knowledge by reconstructing and transmitting historical facts, but instead to promote historical thinking, that is, a reflexive and critical approach to the past, present and future, to identities, certainty and everyday life. Members of Haven-Volck eV try to transfer knowledge and skills in as different and new aesthetic ways as possible.

The early modern era (1450-1850) served as a model for them. Your depiction deals especially with the "Haven-Volck", that is, primarily with the classes and circles of port cities, especially from the seventies and eighties of the sixteenth century.

In the form of various projects in educational institutions, workshops or at other events, the association tries to transfer knowledge about the early modern era, as well as skills in dealing with history in different ways. Interested participants should always be given tools to learn how to deal critically with both historical and contemporary topics.

Your research forms the principle of presentation and communication. Its core areas include, in particular, questions of cultural studies and those based on the theory and methodology of alternative communication concepts.

University Sports

Activity and sports at the University of Potsdam

The University of Potsdam University Sports Centre is a service and educational offer for all students, staff, interns and alumni of the University. In addition, we also welcome schoolchildren and university guests. In addition to fitness clubs and courses, water sports and competitive sports, the program also includes the opportunity to acquire essential skills as part of a bachelor's degree.

From team sports to endurance or strength training to relaxation workshops, those interested have the opportunity to effectively balance more than 100 sports courses. In addition, the University Sports Center organizes many events such as the University Sports Festival, the Water Sports Festival, PausenExpress and many championships.

Here, students get the opportunity to develop their "interpersonal skills" in the areas of "Nonprofit Services Management", "Health Sports Management", "Event Management" and "Competition Management" as well as their technical training at the University. .

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