University of Passau

The University of Passau, for excellence in research and teaching since its opening to the public in 1978, the University of Passau has quickly become the first address of German academia, the university regularly occupies the top positions of German universities in academic rankings, for example in law, business, economics, computer science, communications, political science and cultural studies, about 13,000 doctoral students and researchers from more than 100 countries enrolled in the University of Passau, in addition to studying in small educational groups, students benefit from the size Manageable for campus, resulting in short distances and an excellent student experience.

University of Passau
University of Passau

Advantages of the University of Passau

The University of Passau has a range of features including the following:

  • The Careers and Skills Center gives employees and students the opportunity to develop those very important and transferable skills, such as leadership and communication, that employers desperately demand.
  • Representative surveys regularly attest to the high level of student satisfaction at the university.
  • A global perspective International has always been one of our hallmarks: its faculties maintain a cohesive network of collaborations with academic and research partners around the world and we have many active alumni departments around the world.
  • Part of the reason why our graduates perform so well globally is that we provide them with the best prerequisites for an international career.
  • Many courses give students the opportunity to earn a double degree in conjunction with international partners from universities.
  • All of our students have access to a wide range of language courses and student exchange programs.
  • Its subject-specific language programs in Law and Business/Economics and Cultural Studies/International Relations and Computer Science/Mathematics perfectly complement our students' undergraduate studies.
  • Excellent student experience Employers seek graduates of this university because they are not only equipped with the technical knowledge necessary to start their careers; they are also highly motivated individuals who show great initiative in the search for additional qualifications or practical skills.
  • Many are active in theatre, music, photography, film, radio, and other cultural activities in their spare time, for example by participating in one of the many cultural student communities they have.

Address of Passau University

Many individuals wonder what the Passau University is entitled to and that's what we're showing you right now.

  • The University of Passau is located in Bavaria and in the heart of Europe is located in the southeastern part of Bavaria – the high-tech state of Germany – in green surroundings, a few minutes' walk from the historic Old City of Passau.
  • One of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Passau has a very low crime rate and offers an excellent standard of living in a politically stable and economically strong environment, while being close to urban centers.

Affiliated Institutes at the University of Passau

 Centre for European Law (CEP)

  • Institute of International and Comparative Law for Market and Economic Research, which includes: Center for Market-Oriented Research in Tourism (CenTouris), Center for Market Research.
  • Institute of Private Financial Planning (IFP).
  • Institute of Applied Business Ethics, Vocational Education and Further Education (ethik WAW).
  • Institute of East Bavarian Studies (IKON).
  • Institute for Intercultural Communication (ink.up).
  • Institute of Interdisciplinary Media Sciences (IFIM).
  • Institute of Information Systems and Software Engineering (IFIS).
  • Institute of Information Technology Safety and Security Law (ISL).
  • Institute of Software Systems in Technical Applications of Computing (FORWISS Passau).
  • Passau Institute for Digital Security (PIDS).

Research Centers

  • Human rights in criminal proceedings.
  • Information Technology Research Center for Internet Law and Policy for basic research study in Germany .
  • Cultural Research Center for Modern German Literature.
  • German Literature Research Center, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science Education Unit.

 Market Research Center

  • Institute of Private Financial Planning (IFP).
  • Institute of Applied Ethics in Business, Vocational Training and Continuing Education (ethik WAW).
  • Institute for East Bavarian Region Studies (IKON).
  • Institute for Intercultural Communication (ink.up).
  • Interdisciplinary Institute of Media Sciences (IFIM).
  • Institute of Information Systems and Software Engineering (IFIS).
  • Institute of Information Technology Security and Security Law (ISL).
  • Institute of Software Systems in Technical Applications of Computer Science (FORWISS Passau).
  • Passau Institute for Digital Security (PIDS).

Specializations of the University of Passau

The University of Passau includes many disciplines and departments in all fields and are as follows:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Fields of study: Government, Linguistics, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Arts and Humanities, History.

School of Business and Economics

Areas of study: Taxation, Business Computing, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Accounting, Economics and Management.

 Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Areas of study: Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Faculty of Law

Fields of study: Law

History of the University of Passau

The University of Passau (UNIVERSITAT Passau in Germany) is a public research institution located in Passau, Lower Bavaria, Germany.

  • Founded in 1973, it is the smallest university in Bavaria and as such has the state's newest campus.
  • However, its roots as an institute of Catholic studies go back hundreds of years, the university was founded on January 1, 1973 by decision of Bayerischer Landtag (Bavarian State Parliament).
  • However, its history dates back to 1622 when the Institute of Catholic Studies was merged with a gymnasium founded by Forrest Leopold in 1612.
  • In 1773 the school was renamed the Vorstypichwiech Academy, confirming its association with the bishop.
  • However, in 1803 it was downgraded to kurfürstliches Lyzeum, which meant a loss of prestige.
  • After a period of neglect it was re-established as Passauer Lyzeum.
  • This high school grew over the years until it became a philosophical theological university in 1923.
  • Under the Nazi regime, the university had to change its emblem, but in 1950 a new seal was presented depicting Mary and the Child Jesus triumphing over evil.
  • The strong religious symbolism of this emblem was considered inappropriate for the new university and replaced by a neutral emblem.
  • In 1969, the City Council began negotiations to establish a university outside the old college.

University of Passau Ranking

The University of Passau has been ranked 68th globally, and the following is a list of the advantages of the campus at the University of Passau.

  • The campus of the University of Passau is unique in Germany with the exception of the Department of Catholic Theology, located in the Old City, and a number of downtown offices, all faculties on campus are located along the street.
  • This is useful for internal communication for students and staff, especially since the university offers many interdisciplinary courses.
  • Thus, it is not uncommon for law courses to be held in Philosophicum (the building of arts and humanities) and vice versa.
  • The campus runs along the left bank of the River Inn, making it an ideal place to study.
  • Gardens and lawns are very popular among students in the summer.
  • The most important feature of this university is the Nikolai Kloster Building, which is considered the oldest building on campus, as it existed long before the establishment of the university.
  • It is also the only building that contrasts with the architecture of the modern university.
  • At the opposite end of the campus is the Information Technology Center (ITZ) building and sports fields.
  • The most recent addition to the campus, which opened in 2014, is the Media and Communications Center which houses a state-of-the-art newsroom.
  • The university's sports facilities include four gymnasiums, a football pitch and an athletics court.

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University of Passau