University of Münster

The University of Münster (Westfälische Lim Germany, University of Münster, WWU) is a public university located in the city of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, which is part of the German Research Society, a community of leading research universities in Germany. The World Globe Federation has also achieved successes under the German "Excellence Initiative".

University of Münster
University of Münster

Where is the University of Münster located

The University of Münster is a German university located in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, and is part of the German Research Foundation.

  • It is the first German university in terms of CEOs graduates in the top 500 companies.
  • The Münster Institute of Geographic Information offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in geoinformatics.
  • The areas of research at this university are spatial and temporal dynamic processes, semantic harmonics, spatial assistance systems, cognitive engineering and sensor networks.

 Study at the University of Münster

The Institute of Geographic Information (IFGI) will strengthen its position as one of the leading research and educational institutions in the field of geoinformatics.

An ever-increasing number of graduates and high-quality publications contribute to the field, along with a better understanding of and better decisions about the human environment.

We leverage our proven strengths in research quality and productivity, student motivation, forward-looking education and international networks to train leaders and generate knowledge in the use of geographic information.

By integrating computer, physical, life, engineering, humanities and social science curricula, we expand the role of geographic information in science and society.

At the University of Münster and elsewhere we go beyond Earth Sciences, offering our expertise in spatiotemporal analysis and geographic information technology in sociology, history, biology, epidemiology, economics and experimental sciences.

To communicate in these areas, offer broad applied courses in geoinformatics, apply for interdisciplinary research funding, and establish additional working groups at IFGI.

Number of students of the University of Münster

Münster University of Applied Sciences was founded on August 1, 1971 after the merger of public and private schools into construction, engineering and vocational training institutions.

  • At that time, the number of students was about 2,300, today almost 14,000 young people pursuing one of our 87 programs, including 38 master's programs – a high percentage compared to other universities of applied sciences.
  • In addition, about 110 cooperative doctoral students have been preparing their doctorates, supported by the doctoral study program at this university, over the years.
  • Münster University of Applied Sciences has evolved into a practical, international and interdisciplinary University of Applied Sciences.
  • Faculty and students contribute equally to the successful transfer of scientific findings into practice, this pays off at this institution and is now one of the largest and most successful universities of applied sciences in Germany.
  • It has more than 40.000 students and teaches more than 130 scientific fields, and therefore it is the third largest university in Germany and one of the most important centers of cultural and scientific life in Germany, at the university, some sciences are taught in English.

Enroll at University of Münster

If you want to study at the University of Münster you must follow these steps:

  • First enroll in the study program you want at the Office of Student Admissions.
  • Visit the Office of Restricted Admissions Programs Have you applied to the Restricted Admissions Program and received your acceptance letter.
  • Once your place of study has been accepted within the time period, you can register online through the information portal.

Unrestricted Degree Programs

If you wish to enroll in a program for an unrestricted degree, you must: First complete an online application form and submit it through their registration portal.

Returning and Transferring Students

Are you thinking about changing universities or study programs, would you like to continue your studies after a long break?

If so, you can either register online or apply to register through the information portal.

Required Documents: Acceptance letters, copies of certificates and proof of health insurance.

The list of documents required for registration is long, only if you provide all the necessary documents, we can officially enroll you in the university.

Semester fees at the University of Münster

All students are required to pay the semester fee at the university, which includes the fee for the NRW class ticket, a contribution to student support services (Studierendenwerk), university sports and additional student insurance coverage.

Student ID card

A multifunctional smart card will be issued to each student, which will be used as a student card, library card, Mensa food card and copy card.

President of the University of Münster

Dr. Stefan Schwartz

 Admission Requirements at the University of Münster

Before applying for admission to the university, the student must verify that his qualifications and the percentage of his secondary education comply with the requirements of the university, the same applies to higher education, that the student's certificate qualifies him to enter higher education, these conditions are:

  • Most specialist courses are taught in German, requiring international applicants to provide proof of German language proficiency.
  • Two major tests are available for this purpose (the "German Language Exam for University Admission") Similarly, if your major is taught in English, the student must demonstrate knowledge of the language on the test using a test such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Universities typically determine the degree/points they request on their websites, in order to meet the student's visa requirements, they will need proof of access to approximately $10,000 per year to cover living expenses, depending on their lifestyle and expenses (the average student spends €850 per year), $975 per month).
  • Students who move to an apartment in Münster must register with the local authorities.
  • The cost of living also varies by location, Munich is currently the most expensive city in the country, scholarships are available to support students studying in Germany at different levels of study, for most subjects.
  • The student can apply directly to the International Office of the University, alternatively, the location of the educational center in your state can be used.
  • Many German universities it is possible to apply for admission twice a year – to start studying either in the winter semester or in the summer semester, as a general rule of thumb winter registration applications must be submitted by July 15 and summer registration applications by January 15.
  • Application deadlines vary from institution to institution, and the same institution may set different deadlines for each program.
  • The student should ensure that the exact dates of the chosen course are carefully checked.
  • It is recommended to submit applications at least six weeks before the deadline, to allow time for corrections or additions In the absence of any information, the student should expect to receive official admission or rejection approximately one to two months after the deadline expires.
  • Each institution will specify the specific documents required and the application process, but registration is required before you can start classes and use university facilities such as the library.
  • A student is also required to re-register before the beginning of each semester, usually costing between $170 and $290.

 University of Münster Specialties

  • Sports.
  • Public Health Human Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Applied sciences Art, music and design.
  • Law and Political Science Linguistics.
  • Cultural studies.
  • Economics and Business Administration.
  • Psychology and psychiatry.
  • Computer Engineering.

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University of Münster