University of Lübeck

The University of Lübeck is a research university in the German city of Lübeck, a university with a strong focus on the study of applied sciences and medicine, and in 2006, 2009 and 2016 the University of Lübeck ranked first in medicine among all universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland according to the Hochschulranking, and in computer science and molecular biology, the university ranked second in the 2009 evaluation.

University of Lübeck
University of Lübeck

About Lubeck University in Germany

Founded in 1964, the German University of Lübeck is a not-for-profit public higher education institution located in a large city called Lübeck, a university officially recognized by the German Ministry of Social Affairs and offering the University of Lübeck to students.

It offers courses and programs leading to the acquisition of officially recognized degrees such as bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in many fields of study, the university follows a selective policy for the admission of new students, this policy is based on the student's record and previous academic degrees, and the university also accepts foreign students according to a certain system.

The University of Lübeck offers many universities and non-university facilities and services to students from a library, sports facilities, financial aid, scholarships and many administrative services.

Faculties of the German University of Lübeck

Within the university there are different faculties, for example:

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Technology
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences

It should be noted that in the winter semester 2007-2008, the doctoral program was offered "Informatics in Medicine and Life Sciences" with the establishment of the Graduate School of Informatics in Medicine and Life Sciences at the University of Lübeck, Germany.

Teaching Programs at the University of Lübeck

Most of the scientific programs at the University of Lübeck are taught in German, however the university teaches students a wide range of study programs in different faculties in English, such as the faculties of computer science, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Medical Engineering and the Faculty of Molecular Life Sciences.

History of the German University of Lübeck

Initially, the university was a treatment center called the Strychnitz Center for Treatment and Care, which was established in 1912, and became the City Hospital East from 1945 and November 1964.

The establishment of the Medical Academy in Lübeck to teach the sciences of clinical medicine, initially this academy was affiliated with the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel.

In May 1973, the Academy became independent as the Faculty of Medicine of Lübeck, then in 1979 the Faculty of Natural Sciences was established, and later became the Faculty of Medicine, the University on May 10, 1985.

In the semester 1993-1994, a study program in computer science was created, then in 2001, a study program in molecular biotechnology, now called the Faculty of Molecular Life Sciences, was opened, and on May 29, 2002 the creation of a German university was announced for Lübeck.

Where is the University of Lübeck located?

The University of Lübeck is located in a German city located in northern Germany, located near the Baltic Sea, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, is a prominent member of the Hansa Society, and has a long and long history of international trade. An ancient historic city inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Specializations of study at the University of Lübeck

  • Public Health
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Veterinary
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Psychology and Psychiatry
  • Computer Engineering

University of Lübeck Rankings

The University of Lübeck is a public university founded in 1964 in the city of Lübeck and has a ranking of 77 in Germany and 1585 among the universities of the world, the university includes 2000 to 2999 students and teachers, the University of Lübeck is accredited by the Ministry of Jüssondheit, and the Wissenschaft und Gleichstellung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein

The University of Lübeck is a public institution founded in 1964 and located in Lübeck, northern Germany.

Number of students of the University of Lübeck

The university specializes in medical and science courses and currently has 5,000 students and employs more than 2,000 employees.

Known for its medical and scientific specialties and offering professional degrees, medical degrees, postgraduate degrees, postgraduate studies and doctorates in science and engineering, the university also offers a unique doctoral degree, computer science programs in medicine and life sciences.

The University of Lübeck also offers programmes in subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, psychology and engineering.  

The university has 3 research centers and research areas including infection and inflammation, brain, behavior and metabolism, biomedical engineering, medical genetics, infectious oncology, population medicine, and health research.

University of Lübeck Campus

The University of Lübeck is located in a dynamic city and offers many non-academic activities for students and many recreational programs for itself.The campus has its own cinema, theatres and museums, and there is a music and lecture hall as well as a cafeteria and restaurants for staff and students.

The University of Lübeck also consists of a separate corner called the Student Hall where indoor activities and competitions are held, apart from this, the campus offers a number of services such as libraries, laboratories, sports facilities and career guidance service.

Achievements of the University of Lübeck

The University of Lübeck was ranked 46th nationally and 606th globally by CWUR in 2019. The university ranked first in medicine among German universities by the CHE Hochschul ranking.

The university ranked second in the 2009 evaluation in molecular life sciences and computer science.

The University of Lübeck is working on a project to predict Parkinson's disease using artificial intelligence and is also collaborating with prestigious agencies and academia on various projects of national and international importance.

University of Lubeck USP

The University of Lübeck has a high acceptance rate While tuition fees are affordable enough to improve living standards and quality education, the university also provides health insurance for student safety.

The University of Lübeck offers scholarships and scholarships to students based on their qualifications and performance in the previous year, selective and competitive scholarships, so students are encouraged to apply early.

Notable graduates of the University of Lübeck

  • Torlev Ole Rognum (Norwegian physician).
  • Thomas Martins (German physicist).
  • Gerd Gerling (ophthalmologist).
  • Rudolf Leopocher (German doctor).

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University of Lübeck