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The University of Kiel, the University of Kiel in Germany or also called the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel is a German university located in the city of Kiel.Founded by Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gotorp in 1665 by the Latin name Academia Holsathurm-Keloinensis, today, with nearly 23,000 students, it is the largest, oldest and most famous university in the land of Schleswig-Holstein.

Keele University
Keele University

Admission Requirements at Keel University

There are several conditions for admission to the German University of Kiel, namely:

  • All foreign applicants with foreign degrees must apply via Uni-ASSIST in Berlin.  
  • You must complete the Uni-ASSIST online application form but please note that you still have to submit your application documents to Uni-ASSIST by mail or mail, applying online is not enough!.
  • The German language program at Keel University is not a beginner-level course.  
  • You must demonstrate a certain level of language proficiency, as described in the admission information.  
  • Basic German courses (e.g. at Volkshochschule) are offered in Kiel.

Preparatory Year at Keel University

If your academic qualifications or degrees do not allow you to study directly at a higher education institution, you can take an assessment test at Studienkolleg (preparatory year in Germany).

You will find information regarding enrolment at Studienkolleg in Hamburg and subsequent enrolment for a course at Kiel University.

Applicants who do not have a high school diploma equivalent to the German Abitur Certificate can obtain a university entrance qualification by passing the assessment test at a preparatory college in Germany.

This test can be taken either immediately or after a one-year preparatory period in a subject taught at the preparatory college.

The entrance exam is organized before admission to Studienkolleg.Students wishing to participate in the preparatory course must pass this test.

Specialties of Kiel University

Kiel University has many disciplines, including the following:

  • Sports Department.
  • Specialization of agriculture, forestry and environment.
  • Department of Press and Media.
  • Department of Public Health.
  • Specialization of human medicine and dentistry.
  • Specialty of veterinary medicine.
  • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Department of Applied Sciences.
  • Department of Art, Music and Design.
  • Department of Law and Political Science.
  • Department of Linguistics and Cultural Studies.
  • Department of Economics and Business Administration.
  • Department of Psychology and Psychiatry.
  • Computer Science Engineering major.
  • Specialization in Marine Engineering.

Information about Kiel University

The University of Kiel was initially founded under the name Christiana Albertina on 5 October 1665 by Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottürp.

The citizens of the city of Kiel were initially quite skeptical about the coming influx of students, believing that these could be "a scourge with gluttony, drinking and their dubious personality" (German: mit Fressen, Sauffen und allerley leichtfertigem Wesen sehr ärgerlich seyn).

But those in the city who envisioned the economic advantages of a university in the city won, and so Kiel became the northernmost university in the German Holy Roman Empire.

After 1773, when Kiel came under Danish rule, the university began to flourish, and when Kiel became part of Prussia in 1867, the university grew rapidly in size.

The university opened one of the first botanical gardens in Germany (now Alter Botanischer Garten Kiel), and Martin Gropius designed many new buildings needed to teach the growing number of students.

Christiana Albertina was one of the first German universities to obey Gleichschaltung in 1933 and agreed to remove many professors and students from the school, for example Ferdinand Tunis or Jacobi.

During World War II, Kiel University was severely damaged, so it was later rebuilt in a different location with only a few old buildings housing the Faculty of Medicine.

In 2019, a complete face covering ban was announced in the classroom, citing the need for open communication that includes facial expressions and gestures.

Faculties of the German University of Kiel

There are many faculties within Kiel University, including the following:

  • Faculty of Theology.
  • Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.
  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Nutrition.
  • Faculty of Engineering.

Holstein Study Award

The most famous CAU award is the Holstein Study Award (Holsteiner Studienpreis), which has been awarded to the top three students at the university each year since 2001.

The criteria for the award include extraordinary academic achievements, broad intellectual horizon and political or social participation.

She was awarded a prize money of €500 for the second and third prize and €1,000 for the first prize.

The Holstein Study Award is funded by the association "Iuventus Academiae Holsatorum".

The award's specialized jury includes professors from various faculties, and the awards are awarded by the rector or vice president at an official ceremony on the top floor of the campus skyscraper.

The University of Kiel or Christian Albrecht University in Kiel is a German university based in the city of Kiel.

It was founded in 1665 by Duke Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottürp, with the Latin name Academia Holsattorm-Keloinensis.

Study Dates at Keel University

First: Study dates in the summer

Start of the semester1-April
End of semester30-Sep
Beginning of lectures6 Apr / 19 Apr
End of lectures9-Jul

Second: Study dates in winter

Start of the semester01-Oct
End of semester31-Mar
Beginning of lectures18-Oct
End of lectures22-Feb
Holiday23 Dec – 7 Jan

Number of students of Keel University

With a student population of about 23,000 today, it is the largest, oldest and most reputable Schleswig-Holstein state university.

  • The university offers a large number of services to students, with the aim of enhancing the educational process, and these services are developed every year.
  • The university offers a number of training courses in many departments for university regulars and those who come from abroad.
  • The University also provides a distinguished level of scientific laboratories in order to advance the process of scientific research.
  • Thanks to the university, it has become possible to study online, without having to move to live, in the USA.
  • This is in addition to the fact that the university constantly offers outstanding job opportunities, and the priority in these career opportunities for university graduates.
  • The university also offers a number of other services related to health and psychological care, among others.

Where is Kiel University located?

Located in Kiel, the University of Kiel was founded in 1665, also called the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, CAU and is the oldest, oldest and largest university in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Kiel It is a German city and the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, it is one of the maritime cities 17 kilometers from the Keel Strait.

It is a huge natural port, connecting the Kiel Canal to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, and the city of Kiel is also famous for its special boat racing festival, where Kiel Week begins in June the largest boat race in the world, and the competition between thousands of competitors.

The city has many monuments such as many museums and sights that tend to be a maritime city, and it has a lighthouse, a huge naval monument and a maritime museum.

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Keele University