University of Jena

Pina University, Pena Drama University is one of the advanced universities in the field of university curricula that meet the standards of systematic education in line with the digital technological development brought about by the Industrial Revolution and has made Pena University one of the main universities in the application of the education system through digital transformation that works to convert texts into a digital language.

University of Jena or Friedrich Schiller University
University of Jena or Friedrich Schiller University

Where is the University of Pena located?

The University of Pena is one of the largest advanced universities in Germany and is located in the state of Thuringia, which comes after the region of Erfurt and reaches an area of 114.30 square kilometers and the University of Pena is located in a distinct area in the middle of Germany on the river Zala and this university is located in the region of Pena, which is the largest area within Germany and which was established in 1558 AD It is worth mentioning that this university includes in the winter academic season the number of students 272 students and is currently joined by a number of students Students up to 4600 students in the summer academic season of 2012 and the University of Pena was called the University of Applied Sciences according to the modifications and innovations that occurred to the educational systems.

Specializations of Pena University

The University of Pena includes many fields of scientific study, which are represented in the following:

  • Areas of study of engineering, medicine and medical sciences.
  • Areas of study of natural sciences and fields of study of computer and information technology.
  • Study of the humanities.
  • In addition to studying various fields of medicine such as human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.
  • Also study of artistic fields and study of applied sciences, fields of cultural study and different languages.
  • In addition to studying economics and psychological and social sciences.

It is worth mentioning that this university graduated from it a group of outstanding students, the most important of which are the following:

  • The student Rudolf Carnap and Richad Sigmundi who excelled in his working life to receive the Nobel Prize in 1925
  • In addition to the student Gottfried Leibniz, Gottloop Freigh and Fretz Haber who managed to win the Noel Prize in the field of chemistry in 1918

Ranking of the University of Pena

The University of Pena is one of the best universities in Germany, as it is considered the second advanced university in the city of Thuringia, and the University of Pena is characterized by many features that create a distinguished graduate, and these privileges are represented in the following:

  • The University of Pena is one of the most important universities within Germany and many students want to enroll in it due to the educational possibilities that are available at this university because it gives students abilities and knowledge different from any other university that allows to enter the labor market deservedly.
  • The graduate of Pena University is distinguished by extensive knowledge at the level of many prominent disciplines related to the developmental and economic aspect of the state in addition to his strong knowledge of legal texts at the level of the laws of world countries.
  • The University of Pena allows its students to get a job opportunity inside Germany after completing their studies in Germany because it obtains countless information and knowledge and makes them ready to join the German labor market.
  • In addition, the student of the University of Pena is proficient in the German language deservedly, which helps him to communicate well within the State of Germany.
  • The curriculum at the University of Pena is one of the most advanced in the field of education and has been approved by the Government of Germany.
  • An important thing that distinguishes this university is that it is strategically located within Germany and that helps students to acquire more information and different knowledge.
  • It is worth mentioning that this university graduates a group of individuals qualified to enter the world market at the level of global countries.

Study System at Pena University

The education and study systems at Pina University depend on developing students' skills and upgrading their educational level in addition to providing distinctive educational content at a small material cost so that all students can benefit from university education.

It is worth mentioning that the University of Pena is one of the oldest universities in Germany and since the country of Germany is an industrialized country does not need qualified coders that maintain its industrial and economic progress, so it pays great attention to education, especially university education at the University of Pena through the following steps:

  • Adopting high-quality training programs to train students on the content of the study that makes them ready to enter the labor market, it is worth noting that German individuals with German citizenship can get a university education free of charge.
  • In addition to the education systems at the University of Pena are completely free except for the fees paid during the year, which amount to 848 US dollars.
  • In addition to granting many free training courses affiliated to the university for students who have reached higher degrees in their field of study, the most important of which is DAAD, at the graduate stages.

History of Pena University

The University of Pena Nusantara originated from the Computer Training Institute, Modern Computing Course, founded on October 21, 1974.

  • Besides development, the modern computer course later became the Academy of Computer Engineering (ATK) in July 1981, offering training in computer science and computer management.  
  • Three years later, on July 13, 1984, ATK obtained registered status and changed the name to AMIK Jakarta.On July 1, 1985, AMIK opened a course in computer accounting, AMIK began using the name Bina Nusantara on September 21, 1985.
  • AMIK received the Best Computer Academy Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture on March 17, 1986.
  • AMIK Bina Nusantara STMIK (Faculty of Computer Science and Computer Management) then established Bina Nusantara on July 1, 1986.
  • The Institute then offered programs for a bachelor's degree, (S1) in Business Computing and Computer Engineering.
  • On November 9, 1987, AMIK Bina Nusantara joined STMIK Bina Nusantara to form an educational institution offering diploma (D3) and class 1 (S1) curricula.
  • STMIK Bina Nusantara was granted equal status for all courses on March 18, 1992.
  • STMIK Bina Nusantara then opened the Graduate Program in Information Systems Management, first in Indonesia on May 10, 1993.

Information about Pina University

Bina Nusantara University was founded on August 8, 1996, and STMIK Bina Nusantara joined Bina Nusantara University on December 20, 1998.

Currently, Bina Nusantara University has educational programs: Faculty of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, School of Business and Management, Faculty of Economics and Communication, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Humanities, Master of Computer Engineering, Master of Management of Information Systems, Master of Business Administration and Doctorate in Management Research.

On October 23, 2014, the University of Pena launched its new campus with the major launch of the University of Pena in Alam Sutera Serpong, south of Tangerang.

The new campus is a 22-storey building that applies the concept of a green campus, an eco-friendly building using energy-efficient facilities.

The 25,000 square meter campus area is designed by Indonesian architects, especially Bodiman.
An agreement was signed for the construction of the new campus in Somarikon Picasi.

The 36,400 m² campus is expected to be built at Summarecon Bekasi City Circle Road Bulevar.

For the initial phase, in March 2016, Pena will open an online learning center: BINUS UNIVERSITY LEARNING COMMUNITY (BULC) at Summarecon City Bekasi and the next phase of the Pina campus will be fully operational by 2018.

Now, Pena has 9 universities in Indonesia, all located in Java, 4 located in Jakarta, while the rest are located in Malang, Semarang, Bandung, Pikasi.

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University of Pena