University of Hildesheim

The University of Hildesheim is one of the most important universities within Germany that specializes in the qualification and training of teachers and the number of students who enrolled in this university reached 7500 students in the winter academic season in 2000, which reaches the percentage of female students to 73% and the rate of female students reaches 43% of teachers, which is a high rate that exceeds the national average, so we review the origins of this university and the fields of study that this university offers, so follow us.

University of Hildesheim
University of Hildesheim

It is one of the important universities that pays great attention to the equality of men and women and the equality of nationalities and different colors of human beings that vary their origins, history and religion, in addition to achieving the principle of academic and cultural communication in general, and it is worth mentioning that achieving the principle of good communication between the applied and theoretical side within the university is one of its most important educational objectives, which is the curriculum it follows in the education of students and teachers and cultural and applied education systems and different languages are considered one of the most important fields of study within the university, in addition to There are other fields of study such as psychology, cultural and environmental studies, and computer science.

Hildesheim University in Germany

Since the beginning of 2003, the University of Hildesheim has become one of the most important legally documented universities in Germany, which has a great deal of independence from government bodies and obtains many powers, the most important of which are the following:

  • It is worth mentioning that the amount of funding for this university increased sevenfold from the start of the university and therefore three new buildings were constructed, namely the campus, the Marienburg Cultural Campus and the Buehler Campus.
  • Carrying out a lot of other modernization projects such as the joining of professors in the field of research and study, it should be known that the University of Seldesheim maintains a close link between civil society institutions and the formation of a network of close relations between educational bodies in addition to the association also with economic and commercial bodies.
  • It is worth mentioning that this university applies the principle of participation to students as part of the development process of the university with the granting of many free scholarships such as the Minerva College Scholarship and the Lore Scholarship, in addition to providing social support to students and also this university achieves the principle of communication between students and faculty members to advance the educational process.

Specializations of the University of Hildesheim

The University of Hildesheim is a public university within Germany and was established in 1978 and has many fields of study in various disciplines, which are as follows:

  • Specialization of agriculture and environmental fields.
  • The field of study of social and psychological sciences.
  • Study of applied sciences.
  • Studies of artistic fields such as music and designs.
  • The field of study of cultural and linguistic aspects.
  • The field of study of economics and business administration.
  • The field of psychological studies and the study of computer science.  

Living and studying in Hildesheim

Hildesheim is one of the largest university cities with 100,000 inhabitants and is one of the universities where there are many cultural activities from curling to the cultural project dedicated to students to the Great Theater Festival It is worth mentioning that this university is located in the city of Hildesheim, which dates back to the episcopal name that is located at the intersection of trade routes in the middle period of time and then became a monastery of worship called Sat Mary Cathedral and St. Michael's Cathedral which was able to be part of From UNESCO's cultural heritage.

It should be noted that this city is dedicated to serving students and providing educational services to them and one of the most important disciplines that exist in this university is the three faculties of the specialization of engineering because the city of Hildesheim is one of the most cities that it has established on the highest architectural style of art because of the presence of a large elite of architectural technicians in it and the social and psychological fields, which has more than 3200 students.

 Hildesheim University Website

It is one of the largest public universities within Germany and is located in 31141 Hildesheim and comes ranked in No. 70 among other public universities within Germany and can communicate with this university on the telephone number 4951218830 It is worth mentioning that this university has received great admiration and the number of its rating score reached 4 out of 5 stars and this university is surrounded by a group of prominent landmarks in Germany and government bodies, which are represented in the following:

  • A team dived inside the Hildesheim Dive School, 317 metres from the university, as well as a Taj supermarket 100 metres from the university.
  • Next to it there is a library to meet the students' study needs 226 meters away in addition to the university's own cinema theater and a center for technological and artistic designs 315 meters away.
  • Inside its campus there is a café 189 meters away with an ancient bookstore 295 meters from the university.
  • It is worth mentioning that less than half a kilometer from the university is access to the Chebio supermarket in addition to the presence of a great factory dedicated to the work of concrete, iron and many materials for construction.

Curriculum at the University of Hildesheim

In recent times, much has been searched for the possibility of joining the University of Hildesheim because it is one of the oldest universities within Germany and the most quality in the provision of curricula and contains a lot of study disciplines such as the fields of medicine in its entirety, which includes dentistry, pharmacy and engineering fields in addition to many other fields of study that open the way for students to determine their abilities and choose the most appropriate specialization for them, and it is worth noting that the fields of study within this university reach more than 13 thousand fields All these universities are based on the scientific method of study.

But the most prominent question that comes to the minds of students is whether the field of engineering and medicine is the best field of study in this university like in other countries, but according to the impressions of graduates from the University of Hildesheim that the medical and engineering fields are not the most important field of work inside Germany because most graduates from colleges worked in pharmacies with the difficulty of finding work for such fields because a country depends on industry and art greatly.

It is worth mentioning that the most important disciplines that achieve great successes at the University of Hildesheim are BIO INEORMATICS, which is one of the new disciplines that are characteristic of this university, and from this point of view it must be known that the principle that is applied in the study within this university is interdisciplinary and it indicates the impossibility of combining the medical and engineering fields, but this does not mean that the student is excluded from joining engineering and medical specialties, but his abilities must be tested and choose the most suitable for his skills.

It is worth mentioning that if you want to complete your scientific studies, you must specialize in the field of data analysis because it is one of the most widespread and most demanding fields to work within Germany because it is one of the developed countries that rely on accurate data, analysis and detection of the correlation between them because it is the basis of work in bodies or institutions within Germany with knowledge or the University of Hildesheim offers many educational courses on data analysis.

In addition to the field of study of information security and protection, which is the only protective factor that preserves important data and needs to learn higher techniques in the study of computers with a scientific background in the field of engineering, the graduate of this specialization is fully familiar with the methods of electronic protection of important information and data.

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University of Hildesheim