University of Frankfurt am Main (Goethe-Universität comprehensive guide) Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University (University of Frankfurt) is a large university in the heart of Europe offering university and advanced degrees in all traditional faculties. Students at Goethe University can choose from more than 200 degree programmes at 16 faculties in three major campuses on campus in Frankfurt am Main. You can get detailed information about the academic spectrum and study programmes at the University of Goethe.

Whether you want to come to Goethe University for a degree, as an exchange student, or for a summer school program, your first point of contact is the International Office. The International Bureau contains all the information you need regarding the requirements and the application process for bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. They provide consultancy services, as well as support in the admissions, registration, visa and settlement processes in Frankfurt and student orientation.

University of Frankfurt am Main (Goethe-Universität comprehensive guide) Goethe University Frankfurt
University of Frankfurt am Main (Goethe-Universität comprehensive guide) Goethe University Frankfurt

Specializations of the University of Frankfurt am Main

Specializations of the University of Frankfurt am Main
Study ProgramDegreeLanguage of instruction
AestheticsMaster of ArtsGerman Language
African StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
AMERICAN STUDIESMaster of ArtsEnglish
Cultures and MediaMaster of ArtsEnglish
Anthropology and its Franco-German PerspectivesMaster of ArtsGerman,French
Archaeology and Cultural History of the Near EastMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Archaeology and History of Roman ProvincesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
The Archaeology of Currencies, Finance and Economics in the Ancient WorldMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Art HistoryMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Artistic, Media and Cultural EducationMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Audiovisual and Film StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman
BiochemistryMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
BioinformaticsMaster of Science degreeGerman
(and English)
BiophysicsMaster of Science degreeGerman
Business AdministrationMaster of Science degreeGerman
Business InformaticsMaster of Science degreeGerman
Business Education and EconomicsMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
chemistryMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Classical archaeologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance ResearchMaster of ArtsGerman
Comparative LiteratureMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Computer ScienceMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Theoretical Organizational Studies – History – CriticismMaster of ArtsGerman(English)
DramaMaster of ArtsGerman

Pharmaceutical Research – Two Semesters for Students with a Second Case Test Pharmacy
Master of Science degreeGerman Language

Drug Research – 4 semesters for students with a bachelor's degree
Master of Science degreeGerman Language
Ecology and EvolutionMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Economic SociologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Educational SciencesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Experimental LinguisticsMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Environmental SciencesMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Film Culture: Archiving, Programming, PresentationMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Geography of globalizationMaster of ArtsGerman
Earth SciencesMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
German LiteratureMaster of ArtsGerman Language
German-Portuguese Studies / Estudos Luso-AlemãesMaster of ArtsGerman,English
, Portuguese
Greek PhilologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
historyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Interdisciplinary NeuroscienceMaster of Science degreeEnglish
International Economics and Economic PolicyMaster of Science degreeEnglish
Global ManagementMaster of Science degreeEnglish
International Studies /
Peace and Conflict Research
Master of ArtsGerman Language
Islamic StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Italian StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Japan in the World:
Global Challenges and Cultural Perspectives
Master of ArtsGerman Language
Jewish StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Latin PhilologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
LinguisticsMaster of ArtsEnglish
MathMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
MeteorologyMaster of Science degreeEnglish
Modern East Asian StudiesMaster of ArtsEnglish
Molecular Biological SciencesMaster of Science degreeGerman
Molecular MedicineMaster of Science degreeGerman
Money & FinanceMaster of Science degreeEnglish
Moving Cultures – Cross-Cultural
Master of ArtsEnglish
MusicologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
philosophyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Philosophy of ReligionMaster of ArtsGerman
Physical biology of cells and cellular reactionsMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
PhysicsMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Physical GeographyMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Political ScienceMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Political TheoryMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Pre-Archaeology and ProtohistoricMaster of ArtsGerman Language
PsychologyMaster of Science degreeGerman Language
Quantitative Economics, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative MarketingMaster of Science degreeEnglish
Religious StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Romantic literature and cultural sciencesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Scandinavian StudiesMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Science and Technology Studies: Economics, Governance, and LifeMaster of ArtsEnglish
China ScienceMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Social and Cultural AnthropologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Social Sciences in SportMaster of ArtsGerman Language
SociologyMaster of ArtsGerman Language
Southeast Asian StudiesMaster of ArtsEnglish
Sports science with a medical focus on exerciseMaster of Science degreeGerman
Theatre, Film and
Media Studies
Master of ArtsGerman Language
Specializations of the University of Frankfurt am Main

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Costs of studying at the University of Frankfurt am Main

Costs of studying at the University of Frankfurt am Main

Although there are no tuition fees you have to pay, universities in Germany charge a small amount of money allocated for administrative costs, the student union and public transport. This payment is known as the "semester contribution" and is paid at the beginning of each semester.

Faculties of the University of Frankfurt am Main

  • law
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Social sciences
  • Educational Sciences (German)
  • Psychology and Sports Sciences
  • Protestant theology
  • Roman Catholic Theology
  • Philosophy and History
  • Faculty of Linguistics, Cultures and Arts (German)
  • Modern languages
  • Earth Sciences and Geography
  • Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy (German)
  • Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine

Enroll at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

In your acceptance letter ("Zulassungsbescheid"), which you will receive by mail, you will find important information about the semester fees and the documents you have to hand over for registration. You can register, personally or in writing, within the time frame indicated in your acceptance notice.

How much am I expected to pay once the semester starts?

You will pay approximately a semester fee. €370 per semester includes a semester ticket for public transport throughout the state of Hesse. There are currently no tuition fees at regular German universities, except for selected postgraduate programs or if you exceed the period of time you spend studying within Germany with a certain number of semesters (although the latter does not apply in Hesse).

What should I bring or send when registering?

Please bring or send all the documents mentioned in your acceptance letter. Once these documents are submitted, you will receive registration notices and a Goethe card.

If you have any other questions, check out the Studien Service Center of Goethe University.

In addition, if you enroll in American Studies, English Language Studies, or an English Language Teaching Degree, please bring:

Proof of English language skills or proof that you have successfully passed the IEAS
admission test In addition, if you enroll in Sports Science (Bachelor) or Certificate of Teaching in Sport (L1 L2 L3 L5), please bring:

German "Sportabzeichen" test or, alternatively, proficiency test for a mathematical science course from another German university (may not be more than one year old)

Notice from a sports doctor certifying that you are able to actively participate in sports. This notice may not be older than 6 months from the date of registration and must be submitted in a specific form, which you can download from the website of the Institute of Sports Science.
Please also take note of the additional special rules for courses in sports, visual arts and music.

Do I have to provide proof of health insurance coverage upon registration?

In order to register, you must prove that you have health insurance. You can do this by providing a confirmation by the German state health insurance (if you are insured in Germany) or a confirmation from your health insurance in your home country. EU citizens show either a European insurance card or a European insurance confirmation E 111 (confirmation that you are entitled to treatment during your stay in another EU member state).

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University of Frankfurt World Rankings

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main is ranked No. 222 in the best international universities.

Frankfurt University Website

Westend Campus: Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, 60323, Germany 50°7′40" N 8°40′00 East


Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main

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