University of Dortmund TU Dortmund University Majors and Conditions

TU Dortmund, which is only 52 years old, is a young university whose profile is characterized by the unique interaction between the natural/engineering sciences and the social sciences/cultural studies.

For scientists, TU Dortmund University is an attractive location where first-class research is conducted. Also in teaching, TU Dortmund has a lot to offer: the approximately 80 undergraduate and master's degree programs form compelling innovative and interdisciplinary subjects. In addition, students at TU Dortmund are trained on 30 subjects for teaching in all types of schools.

University of Dortmund TU Dortmund University Majors and Conditions
University of Dortmund TU Dortmund University Majors and Conditions

University of Dortmund Specialties

University of Dortmund Specialties

Natural Sciences and Computer Science

Single Degree ProgramsLanguage of instruction
Engineering MathematicsGerman
Business MathematicsGerman
Medical PhysicsGerman
Chemical BiologyGerman
Computer ScienceGerman
Applied Computer ScienceGerman
Data ScienceGerman
Data Scienceenglish
Natural Sciences and Computer Science

Engineering Sciences

Single Degree ProgramsLanguage of instruction
Chemical EngineeringGerman
Biochemical EngineeringGerman
Mechanical EngineeringGerman
Industrial EngineeringGerman
Manufacturing Technologyenglish
Automation and Roboticsenglish
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyGerman
Information and Communication EngineeringGerman
Spatial PlanningGerman/English
Spatial planning of regions in developing economies (spring)english
Architecture and Urban DesignGerman
Civil EngineeringGerman
Real Estate and Construction ManagementGerman
Engineering Sciences

Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

Business Administration and EconomicsGerman
Economic Policy JournalismGerman
Economics and JournalismGerman/English
Educational SciencesGerman
Aging SocietiesGerman
Rehabilitation SciencesGerman
Philosophy and Political ScienceGerman
Religion and PoliticsGerman
Applied LinguisticsGerman/English
Applied Literary and Cultural StudiesGerman/English
The pressGerman
Scientific JournalismGerman
Empirical MultilingualismGerman/English
Cultural analysis and mediationGerman
Music JournalismGerman
Bilingual instruction and studyGerman
Social Sciences and Cultural Studies

Teacher Training

Primary SchoolsGerman
Public Schools, Intermediates and Compulsory SchoolsGerman
Grammar schools (gymnasium) and comprehensive schoolsGerman
School VacationsGerman
Special EducationGerman

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Admission requirements for the University of Dortmund

Admission requirements for the University of Dortmund

Important: Certified translation is only required if your documents are not in German or English and therefore must be translated and approved. Translation must not be certified by the embassy because other official institutions also have the right to certify the translation.

If you already have German or English documents, you just need a certificate that does not need to be made by a notary.

Additional documents are not required and will not be considered!

  1. Bachelor's degree (and master's degree if any) or temporary degree certificate
  2. Copy of records
  3. School Report / School Leaving Certificate (Secondary Education)
  4. Biography
  5. Motivation Letter
  6. Three letters of recommendation
  7. English test score also
  8. Official document showing your ranking in the class
  9. An official document explaining the grading system at your university/college
  10. General GRE test score (not required but highly recommended)
  11. Letter of motivation for the scholarship application (optional)

Enroll at University of Dortmund


CAUTION: Due to the cancellation of the TOEFL/IELTS and GRE test in some countries due to the coronavirus, it has been decided that applicants can send us the results via email until April 16, 2020, at 11:59 pm CET. Please note that the application must be submitted before the official deadline.

The application period for the coming winter starts from February 1, 2021, 09:00 AM CET until March 15, 2021, at 11:59 PM CET.

"In case of questions, please contact

Please note that emails will be replied from Monday through Friday.

Before applying, please check if you have prepared everything correctly!

Where is the University of Dortmund located?

Poststelle: August-Schmidt-Straße 1 Rektorat:, August-Schmidt-Straße 4, 44227 Dortmund, Germany

About the University of Dortmund

Since its founding 52 years ago, TU Dortmund has developed a special profile covering 16 faculties ranging from science and engineering to social sciences and cultural studies. The university has about 33,440 students and 6,500 employees, of whom 300 are professors.

TU Dortmund University places a strong emphasis on research. The University's majors, for example Mechanical Engineering is known for its focus on production, logistics, physics, biochemical and chemical engineering, statistics and computer science, as well as educational research, for their outstanding research achievements at the national and international levels.

Students at TU Dortmund can choose from classic subjects and coursework to study within innovative Germany such as medical physics or degree programs in spatial planning, statistics and journalism. Particular emphasis is placed on teacher training. As one of the few universities in Germany, TU Dortmund offers professional teaching qualifications for all types of schools.

TU Dortmund attaches great importance to social and sustainable development – values to which it is strongly committed. As one of Dortmund's largest employers, the University promotes the development and health of its members and supports good working conditions and equal opportunities.

TU Dortmund University is working to drive the transformation of the city and the Ruhr region into a high-tech location, service and cultural city. In the immediate vicinity of the campus, TechnologieZentrumDortmund promotes the economic application of ideas derived from science. Active exchange with neighbors in the region, as well as with partners in Europe and around the world, is a special enrichment for students, scientists and all staff.

The Ruhr University Alliance (UA Ruhr) is of particular importance for the development of the region, with TU Dortmund, Duisburg-Essen University and Ruhr University of Bochum joining ten years ago. 120,000 students and 1,200 professors – even these few statistics indicate the new size created by the coalition. Since the founding of UA Ruhr, the Ruhr region has evolved into one of the most powerful science regions in Germany.

Whether in the context of research projects, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and many other events – culture is an integral part of life at TU Dortmund. Science is a key part of culture, just as culture leaves its mark on science.

The TU Culture team is your contact for all ideas, initiatives and projects that relate to the cultural field. It makes recommendations to the university administration on how to promote such projects and support them financially.

TU Dortmund University has a campus in the city center on the university floor of the "Dortmunder U" Center for Arts and Creativity. Interested members of the public have the opportunity to get acquainted with TU Dortmund, for example by visiting exhibitions or attending lectures, workshops and other events.


University of Dortmund


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