Distance education in universities in Germany

Distance education in German universities, you may want to study in Germany, which ranked fourth in the world in terms of quality of education for 2019 and get a degree from one of the German institutes or universities recognized globally but you do not have time to travel either because you are related to work in your country, or for personal reasons, or you do not have the ability to afford to stay, live and study in Germany, or because of the current Corona pandemic, the solution then is distance education In Germany.

Distance education in universities in Germany

There are many private educational institutions in Germany that specialize in distance education, which are subject to strict laws so that they can issue internationally recognized certificates, so today in this article we will talk about distance education universities in Germany.

German Online Universities

Germany is always at the forefront of options for students looking for suitable countries to complete their studies abroad, with low tuition fees and ample facilities for students, in addition to the prestigious German certificate, which is preferred by different industries around the world, which makes many students from different countries around the world full of enthusiasm to complete their studies in Germany, the levels of study that can be studied remotely in Germany focus on bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, since German universities Depend on the language of the home country to teach most university courses and only a few German universities offer programs in English, learning and acquiring German is very important, there are many institutes and websites that offer German language programs remotely, which can be used via mobile phones and computers, which are as follows:

University of Die FernUni Hagen

  • It is the first and only university in Germany for distance education and was founded in 1974.
  • Thanks to the university's offering of high grades to its students online such as bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees, from which more than 79,000 students have graduated.

You can learn more about FernUni Hagen on its official website: www.fernuni-hagen.de 

AKAD University

  • AKAD offers more than 67 part-time distance learning courses with bachelor's, master's degrees, MBA, management, technology, computer science, communications and history.
  • AKAD University and all study programs have the highest possible degree of government recognition with accreditation from Wissenschaftsrat, ACQUIN and ZeVA, as well as approval from ZFU (Central State Office for Distance Education).

You can learn more about AKAD on its official website: www.akad.de .

University of Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule

  • With more than 6,000 students, Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule University is the state-recognized largest private technological university in Germany.
  • The Fernhochschule study program at Pfungstadt focuses on workers and employees and includes bachelor's and master's degree programs in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, mica ronic, engineering mechanics, process engineering, industrial engineering, and technology management.
  • The study program also includes academic training and short courses.

You can find out more about Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule University on its official website: www.wb-fernstudium.de


  • DIPLOMA University is a state-recognized private German university based in Bad Sooden-Allendorf in northern Hesse and about 30 study centres throughout Germany.
  • More than 7,000 students are currently studying at DIPLOMA by distance learning.
  • DIPLOMA offers undergraduate and master's distance learning courses in business, law, health, social work, design and technology.

You can learn more about DIPLOMA University on its official website: www.diploma.de

HFH University

  • HFH University of Online Teaching in Hamburg is a private university founded in 1997 in Hamburg, ranked 318th in Germany and 7640th among universities worldwide.
  • With 6,000 to 6,999 students, HFH Distance Learning University Hamburg is accredited by the German Ministry of Higher Education and Behörde für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gleichstellung, Hamburg.
  • Thanks to the flexible concept of study, you can perfectly connect family, work and other commitments with your studies.
  • Online teaching at HFH is distinctive and easy, webinars offer you a wide range of support for self-study at home.
  • HFH University Degree is recognized by the German state and is also known in the labor market, and the holder of this certificate is qualified for the best jobs in various business sectors.

You can learn more about this university through its official website: https://www.hfh-fernstudium.de

Majors that can be studied remotely in Germany

There are many bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs at almost every university that you can't imagine, and students around the world find programs and disciplines that interest them, as well as German universities offer a unique education The following are some of these disciplines:

  • Legal studies.
  • Business Administration.
  • Accounting.
  • It.
  • Communication Sciences.
  • Economy.
  • Law.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Date.

Costs of distance learning at German universities

After we introduced the distance education system in Germany, some may wonder about the costs of distance learning in German universities and this is what we will talk about in this paragraph.

  • As for the costs of distance study at German universities they range from 6,000 to 30,000 euros, depending on the university majors and the university degree that the student wishes to obtain.
  • Many German universities also offer students the option to pay the amount in monthly installments that do not exceed 500 euros in most cases.

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Admission requirements for German universities and distance learning institutes in Germany

There are a set of conditions for admission to German universities remotely and they are as follows:

  • To be admitted to distance learning at a German institute or university, a German high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • However, in the absence of this requirement, the majority of distance learning institutions are given the possibility of taking a test that allows students, if they succeed in attending university, and these tests are conducted either in cooperation with foreign partners such as the Goethe-Institut branches located around the world.
  • Or German embassies and schools, or online (virtual exam rooms, video calls).
  • German language level is also required, in order to be accepted to study at German universities, it is necessary to prove proficiency in the German language.

Here we have come to the end of today's article Distance education in German universities.