German universities that give conditional admission

German universities that give conditional admission, studying in Germany is a very common opportunity in the Arab world, and a large number of students want to travel to Germany to study at its universities, and one of the basic documents for obtaining a study visa in Germany is that the student has a university conditional admission from a German university when applying to the embassy, so in today's article we will talk about everything related to this topic.

German universities that give conditional admission
German universities that give conditional admission

What is conditional university admission in Germany

Conditional university admission means admission from a German university to study provided that the student has reached the level of German language required to be able to start his studies at the university.

  • The main use of conditional admission to the university is to apply to the German embassy in the student's country on a study visa for Germany.
  • German universities grant conditional admission to the university on the condition of language only, and no other university excludes the application requirements at the time of application and does not grant conditional admission on the basis of them.
  • That is, a bachelor's student must have a high school diploma in order to obtain conditional university admission in a language from a German university.
  • While the master's student must have a university degree and transcript to qualify for conditional admission.
  • Conditional admission is what a student gets by applying to the university for a place to study but without meeting all the admission requirements, the most important of which is the language.
  • So that the candidate can obtain conditional university admission and commitment, but give a language certificate later before starting study.

Which German universities give conditional admission?

Conditional admission universities in Germany of various kinds, including the following universities:

  • Clausthal University.
  • University of Duisburg-Essen.
  • University of Dortmund.
  • University of Zwickau.
  • University of Aachen.

There are many other universities through which a student can get admission to the university, and only needs to search the university websites for application requirements and the method of conditional application.

Information contained in the conditional admission document of a German university

The conditional admission document sent by the university to the student contains many important information and details, namely:

  • The name of the university, the logo of the university and all contact details with the university.
  • There is often a stamp and a signature at the bottom of the admission document.
  • To accept the conditional received by the student from the university.
  • He is the holder of admission when applying for admission to the embassy university.

Admission requirements to German universities

There are some conditions for admission to German universities, including the following:

  • The main condition that universities may require in most cases is a certain level of German language so that the university grants the student conditional admission in his or her own language.
  • At the same time, there are universities that do not require any level of German to grant conditional admission.
  • These conditions will be found by the student on the university website or by sending them an email.
  • The link between a study visa and conditional admission to a university in Germany although many German universities offer a student conditional university admission without any level of the German language.
  • However, the German Embassy requires that the student must have a B1 level in German to be able to apply to the German Embassy.
  • In most cases, the German Embassy will not accept the acceptance of the student's file without this language level.
  • Therefore, before starting to search for universities and pay for sending documents to Germany, the student must first check and reach the required language level of the embassy, and then start writing to German universities for conditional admission.
  • Preparatory year and conditional admission to high school diplomas can be found on the websites of German universities and websites under the name University Entrance Qualification (HZB) and in the German language Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, and remember this name when searching university websites so you can understand the requirements of the university high school.
  • The German authorities do not recognize all Arab secondary school diplomas with the same recognition and treat each certificate from each country differently, each of which sets its own conditions for studying at universities, and universities must meet these conditions within the procedures for welcoming students.
  • In some Arab countries, German authorities do not recognize high school diplomas at all and a student must pursue a preparatory year in Germany called StudienKolleg.
  • While high school diplomas are recognized from other Arab countries, German authorities also give a student the opportunity to start studying at German universities after studying at a university in their country for a year and then travel to start studying at German universities.
  • If a university student applies for conditional university admission to a German university and his high school diploma is not recognized in Germany, he will be rejected by the German university and the university will ask him to apply for a preparatory year before sending it.
  • There are many German universities that currently offer their programmes in English, and among their requirements, a student must obtain an IELTS or TOEFL certificate, with certain qualifications determined by the university you are studying.

German language certificates accepted by universities in Germany

Each university in Germany has its own requirements for the required language level, and at the same university the language level varies according to each specialty, but in general German universities accept the following language certificates:

  • TestDaf.
  • DSH.
  • Telc Dietsch.
  • Goethe Certificate
  • In all the previous certificates there are levels according to the student's mark obtained after the test, and according to the level of language and the conditions of the university in the specialization that the student wishes to study.
  • Final admission or not is obtained and of course by meeting the rest of the requirements of certificates and other work experience if requested by the university and others.

Other options for a student who will study in Germany

A student who is going to study in Germany needs at least one year of continuous study in his or her home country or in Germany to reach the required level of German language for universities and to obtain the level of certificates of proficiency in the German language.

  • But there is another way, and this method is for people who are fluent in English, where any student who wants to study in Germany in English, and what they need is a TOEFL or IELTS certificate.
  • If they have a good level of English, they will receive this certificate in just a month or two.
  • Universities that offer master's majors are very numerous, and you'll often find the major you'd like to study at a university in English, while bachelor's majors in English are very few.
  • Among the few universities offering majors in English is the Rhinefall Polytechnic.

What are the benefits of conditional admission?

There are several benefits of conditional admission that we will talk about below:

  • The student can get admission directly without preconditions.
  • The student earns enough time to secure the requirements of studying at the college.
  • A student can apply for a study visa even if they do not have a German language certificate.
  • The student can apply for a German language visa.

To this point we have reached the end of today's article German universities that give conditional admission you can also see the free German universities.