University of Cologne (Majors Departments)

The University of Cologne is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. Due to its outstanding scientific achievements, high quality and diversity in its degree programs, it enjoys an excellent international reputation.

UOC's mission is to create, maintain and transfer knowledge, provide outstanding academic education to its students and academics at the beginning of their careers, qualify them for both academic and professional careers, promote cutting-edge research and drive innovation while constantly focusing on the changing needs and challenges of today's society.

Founded in 1388, the University of Cologne is one of the oldest universities in Germany. With more than 50.000 students enrolled, it is also one of the largest German universities.

University of Cologne (Majors Departments)
University of Cologne (Majors Departments)

To ensure that you get the most out of your studies here, we suggest that you prepare well in advance for the academic and cultural changes you will experience during your stay in Germany. Our homepage for international students provides useful information about the most important aspects of studying at a German university.

University of Cologne Specialties

University of Cologne Specialties
  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Social sciences
  • Bachelor of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Information Systems
  • Health Economics
  • Training of vocational school teachers
  • Study Integrations
  • More Undergraduate Programs

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University of Cologne Departments

  • Faculty of Applied Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Cultural Sciences
  • Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
  • Faculty of Information Sciences and Communication Studies
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology
  • Studying architecture in Cologne: an investment for the future
  • Faculty of Automotive Systems and Production
  • Faculty of Information, Media and Electrical Engineering
  • College of Computer Science and Engineering Sciences
  • Faculty of Process, Energy and Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Faculty of Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems
  • Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences

Enroll at University of Cologne

Enroll at University of Cologne

The first registration period currently starts from 03. to 16. February 2021.

In the first period, selected courses with limited ability are enrolled, especially in business administration and economics.

The results will be published on February 26, 2021!

After the results are published, your priority will be deleted.

For information on courses tailored to your programme of study, please refer to your module guide.

The second registration period is currently taking place from 05.03 to 24. March 2021.

In the second registration period, the majority of events will take place. Please note that limited training courses, usually seminars, often have to be attended at the first stage.

The results will be published on April 07, 2021!

After the results are published, your priority will be deleted.

The remaining places will be allocated from 09. April 2021.

During the registration period in the remaining places, only the remaining places will be allocated from individual events or individual groups of events (such as tutorials)! IF THERE ARE STILL EMPTY VENUES AT SOME EVENTS, THEY WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR REGISTRATION IN KLIPS 2.0.

You will be accepted directly into events while allocating the remaining places (the principle of "first come, first serve" is applied). You can view your admission to your KLIPS area under "Studies – LV Registration/De-Registration". With admission, you will usually become a member of a course in the corresponding ILIAS course within one to two working days, which you will then find in your "personal office".


Remaining places at the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS):

For ISS (Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology) courses, you will not be accepted immediately, but a new place will be allocated by KLIPS 2.0 after the expiry of the remaining place period.

You can also get one place for the seminar per module in the allocation of the remaining places as well. If you have already been accepted into a seminar and wish to move to another seminar with free places within that module while allocating the remaining places, you must cancel your registration. Only then can your new application be considered in the new customization period.

Please note: The allocation of places between the remaining places follows the same rules as in force in the first allocation period. If more registrations are received for the seminar than there are free places available, not all applications for admission will result in a place being retained.

Please note: Registration for the course is not the same as registration for the exam! This is done separately and the dates vary depending on the type of course. Please refer to the respective course to find out when you have to register for the test.

Designed by the University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is designed at a level to suit all students and help them focus on studying in Germany and increase productivity.

University of Cologne Website

University of Cologne

Albertus Magnus Platz

50923 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 470-0

GPS: North 50*55.692', E 006*55.741


University of Cologne

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