Bayreuth University

The University of Bayreuth, it is not enough to be one of the most attractive universities in Bavaria to think and act internationally and occupy the first places in the national ranking of education and research, the University of Bayreuth is well connected internationally and constantly sets new standards through its innovative responses to developments and social processes For this reason, we will talk in today's article about the University of Bayruth.

Bayreuth University
Bayreuth University

A vision about Bayreuth University

The Green Campus of Bayreuth University is a meeting place for ideas and individuals where university life is more diverse and personal, as it is considered one of the best universities in Germany.

  • The latest research, modern teaching methods, international influences, diversity, and a springboard for a successful career are all reasons why Bayreuth University of University Education is currently among the top universities emerging by Times Higher Education Worldwide.
  • One thing is certain about this unique campus, beyond interdisciplinary thinking and the usual forms of interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Evidence can be found in many of its interdisciplinary study programs.
  • This university also offers students unique master's and bachelor's programs in Germany.
  • Scientific research awaits an excellent study environment and outstanding research thrives when scientists have plenty of room to think and a lot of inspiration.
  • Academic exchange benefits from a wide range of disciplines united by the University's communicative campus culture dedicated to interdisciplinary research.
  • Research facilities and infrastructure provide an ideal environment for scientific work.
  • Foreign scientists rank Bayreuth University among the most attractive universities in Germany and consistently place it among the best institutions in the Humboldt rankings, and so the university's scientific creators meet.
  • They combine the strengths of their individual fields to address strategically selected interdisciplinary research priorities.

Bayreuth University Address

The University of Bayreuth is a public university located in Bayruth-Bavaria, founded in 1975 and focused on international cooperation and multidisciplinarity.

  • Bayreuth University has established an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.
  • In 1975 it was one of the first German universities to be established with an interdisciplinary foundational mission and since then it has become a leader in innovative research and education.
  • Bayreuth University attributes its success in various rankings to the international outlook of its scientists, whose research is widely cited, influencing future scientific and technological developments in Times Higher Education's global rankings compared to the world's top universities.
  • Bayreuth University is a leading institution of higher education that appears internationally in both research and teaching.
  • More than 1,250 universities from around the world are included in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019, and Bayreuth University has been listed again in the ranking range 301-350.

Ranking of Bayreuth University

Among the best institutions in Germany, the University of Bayreuth ranked 36th.

  • In addition, Bayreuth University has once again achieved a high position in the international comparison of emerging universities.
  • This is shown by the British Science Journal's "Young University Rankings", which lists the top 375 universities in the world under the age of 50, among which Bayreuth University was awarded the 40th Premier Ranking for 2019.
  • The ranking of emerging universities gives equal importance to the categories of "teaching" and "research", these categories include indicators such as staff-to-student ratio, research productivity and academic reputation.
  • The university's position at the forefront of the world is largely due to the fact that research conducted at Bayreuth is often cited by scientists around the world.
  • In addition, the ranking recognized Bayreuth University's strength in knowledge and technology transfer with industry, allowing shared innovations to flourish.
  • Bayreuth University is one of the best emerging universities in the world, as evidenced by its position in the Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings "Under 50".
  • Bayreuth University has an impressive international network, responding to social changes and processes with innovations that continue to set new standards.
  • For this reason, interdisciplinary thinking is not limited to the collaborative work done on our unique green campus, it is also an essential component of Germany's interdisciplinary study programmes.
  • There are currently about 13,500 students enrolled in about 150 different study programs offered by the seven faculties of the university.

Features of Bayreuth University

Bayreuth University has many advantages that distinguish it from other universities and are as follows:

  • Bayreuth University focuses on interdisciplinary research and offers excellent opportunities thanks to its cutting-edge research institutions and first-class research infrastructure.
  • Bayreuth University is one of the most famous universities in Germany for foreign researchers and regularly stands out among the leaders of the Humboldt ranking.
  • She has been an international leader in African studies for many years; the Bayreuth International School of African Studies (BIGSAS) is part of the multi-group of African excellence, funded by the German federal and state governments.
  • High-pressure and high-temperature research conducted at the Bavarian Research Institute for Geochemistry and Experimental Geophysics has gained a good reputation all over the world.
  • Polymer research at the university tops the funding ranking published by the German Research Foundation (DFG).
  • Bayreuth University is a tight international network of strategically selected university partnerships.
  • The University provides students and researchers with an educational and research environment conducive to creativity, thus placing itself in the zone of tension between academic freedom, scientific progress, practical orientation and social and cultural responsibility.

Specializations of Bayreuth University

The University of Bayreuth is a public university located in Bayruth, Bavaria, founded in 1975 and focused on international cooperation and multiple disciplines, the university is widely organized into 10 academic faculties and each college determines the admission criteria and its own academic programs semi-independently, the university grants admission in some disciplines with the German language certificate B1, and for others it only grants admission to the German language certificate C2, we will now offer these disciplines.

  • Press and media.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Public health.
  • Applied Sciences.
  • Law and Political Science.
  • Art, music and design.
  • Linguistics and Cultural Studies.
  • Psychology and psychiatry.
  • Economics and Business Administration.
  • Computer Engineering.

Departments of Bayreuth University

Oasis & Seminars Center

Fields of study: Physical Chemistry.

Molecular Life Sciences Center

Areas of study: Cell Biology, Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry.

Center for Environmental Ecology and Research

Fields of study: Ecology.

 Language Center

Areas of study: Modern languages.

Center for Materials Science and Engineering

Fields of study: Materials Engineering.

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Areas of study: Water Sciences, Land Use Planning, Soil Sciences, Urban Planning, Biochemistry, Geography, Biology, Chemistry.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Fields of study: Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Bioengineering, Applied Mathematics, Materials Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering.

Faculty of Languages and Arts

Areas of study: English Language Studies, Slavic Languages, Islamic Studies, Arabic, German, Drama, Modern Languages, Literature.

Faculty of Cultural Studies

Fields of study: Religious Studies, Theology, Cultural Studies, Sports, Music, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Education, Economics.

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University of Bayruth.