University of Aachen

University of Aachen, also known as the University of Aachen Westphalia, is one of the largest universities in Germany, located in the German city of Aachen and its location in western Germany, the university is expanding its research fields to also include the humanities and social sciences, bringing it closer to the applied sciences in the fields of engineering and natural sciences, and promoting joint research work between all these fields, in order to enshrine the principle of interdisciplinary overlap to achieve better results.

University of Aachen
University of Aachen

University of Aachen Scholarship

Admission criteria for granting the University of Aachen in Germany Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Engineering, Computer Science and Physics Accepted Criteria:

  • The program is aimed at RWTH students in engineering, computer science and physics, who can demonstrate outstanding academic skills and important interpersonal skills and who are at the master's level or at the end of the bachelor's degree, admission requirements:
  • To obtain confirmation, applicants must meet the University's admission requirements.
  • Language requirements: You may be asked to provide evidence of your ability to speak and write in English.
  • Any major determined by the scholarship can be applied for in advance at the university.
  • The applicant must not be older than what the donor has previously determined (see the Scholarship Applications section).
  • You must have a previous degree that complies with the requirements of the scholarship program, submit your application, fully supported by the required documents and facts.
  • In any case, international students have a hard time getting a scholarship from the University of Aachen in Germany, compared to German students, but the German Academic Exchange Service is still the refuge of some of them and bears the cost of studying inside Germany at the University of Aachen.

Admission requirements at the University of Aachen

International students must meet certain requirements to study at the University of Aachen, depending on the program of study they wish to study at this university.

  • Requirement that you have a recognized university degree.
  • Admission to the Faculty of Engineering requires a GPA of over 75%.
  • Admission to the Faculty of Science requires a cumulative GPA above 70% Enrollment in the Faculties of Medicine and Medical Sciences requires a GPA above 94%.

Where is the University of Aachen located

The University of Aachen, abbreviated RWTH, is located in the western German city of Aachen and includes all major disciplines except the field of law.

  • Although there are 120 majors at the university, half of the students decided to study engineering there.
  • In Aachen, many architects, civil engineers, electricians and specialists are trained in material properties and machine design.
  • Engineering disciplines at the University of Aachen have a global reputation and attract students from all over the world.It has 5,000 foreign students, mostly from Asia.
  • The University of Aachen is one of the elite universities in Germany and provides the job market with the necessary engineers.
  • The number of female students is actually roughly equal to the number of female students at this university, and their total number is 35,000.

Information about the University of Aachen

The University of Aachen opened in 1870 and was named Andak: "The Royal Polytechnic Aachen".

  • After World War II, the rest of the faculties that had nothing to do with technology were created.
  • In 2007, the University of Aachen was able to prove its value and received the award "Excellence Initiative in German Universities", which is awarded to the most important universities in Germany.
  • With this in mind, the university received funding of €180 million for scientific research.
  • In 2007, the university's natural sciences field was expanded so that naturalists and engineers collaborate more intensively and productively.
  • Interoperability is clearly demonstrated by the creation of university researchers for engine biofuels, for example.

University of Aachen Specialties

The university has nine faculties and is as follows:

  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences.
  • Architecture.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Geological Resources and Materials Science.
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
  • Philosophy (actually comprising humanities disciplines).
  • Economic Sciences.
  • Medicine.

University of Aachen Costs

Since the winter semester 2006/2007, all new students since the summer semester 2007 must pay tuition fees up to the maximum allowable limit of 500 euros.

  • Tuition fees were to be used exclusively to improve teaching and study conditions, 50% of the tuition fees collected went directly to colleges, which could be used in independent initiatives.
  • An additional 25% was distributed to colleges on demand, and 25% went centrally to the university to take high-level action.
  • The appropriate and transparent use of tuition fees was monitored by a review committee in which students also participated and were able to contribute as part of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Tuition fees have been waived for the winter semester.

How to Enroll at University of Aachen

Regardless of the country, the University of Aachen allows international students to study there, if they have the skills, talent, determination and promising academic results, admission and application to the University of Aachen can be summarized as follows:

  • You must submit a completed application file, including your high school diploma.
  • Demonstrate German language skills by passing one of the tests specified for studying in Germany such as DSH, DaF, certificates issued by the Goethe-Institut or German DSD Diploma.
  • In fact, most of the study programs at the German University of Aachen are offered in German, so it is necessary to show language skills proven by certificates, there are many courses offered by the university, and you can attend and improve your language for a small fee.
  • Germans are very strict when it comes to dating; therefore, if your desire is real at the entrance to the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, you must leave your application form and send it to the admissions office before the deadline.
  • You must pass the FestStellungsprüfung assessment test, present a valid passport.
  • Certificate your level of English especially if it is the language you want to study at the university.
  • View a complete CV, of all your academic and professional background, if possible for volunteers and your courses, as well as your motivation to study in Germany and your chosen university disciplines, taking into account their German translations before sending them by mail.
  • The bank statement secures the required funding for the bank account, proof of identity, a copy of the student's valid entry visa and entry permit to Germany.

University of Aachen World Rankings

There are many rankings in which the University of Aachen has been ranked all over the world, where one of the polls, which were used for universities, according to reputation, came to the University of Aachen, ranked No. 107 and the world, the eleventh level of Germany.

  • The University of Aachen scored 98 points out of 100, in other university statistics in terms of funding scientific research, becoming one of the top 50 universities in the world of this ranking.
  • There is an annual survey of about 500 human development managers in Germany and participants indicating which universities export the best graduates in the labor market every year and I want companies to get them without others.
  • In this statistic, the fields of electrical mechanics and engineering, in the second place of Germany, graduated from the best elements of the labor market 2021, the university reached the third place in the field of computer science.

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