Study in Germany for Tunisians

Studying in Germany is the dream of Tunisian students because of the facilities offered by Germany in studying at internationally accredited universities and institutes and this is what all international students, especially Tunisian students aspire to in light of the political conditions in Tunisia, so studying in Germany is one of the best options available to them and we accompany you in our article today to know all the details of the study of Tunisians in Germany, the conditions of study, the scholarships offered to them.

Study in Germany for Tunisians
Study in Germany for Tunisians

How to study in Germany for Tunisians

The great diversity of study possibilities in Germany is one of the most important reasons for the demand of Tunisians to study in Germany, where the German certificate is a golden opportunity as it is recognized internationally as Tunisians see that studying in Germany is an opportunity for cultural enrichment and more experiences through communication with German students, and other internationals, and you as a Tunisian student if you want to enroll in German universities you must submit a form for university admission online and then apply for a study visa in Germany and then complete All the official documents required of you and you have to translate them into German in order to make it easier for you to apply.

Conditions of study in Germany for Tunisians

Germany has set some conditions for the study of international students and therefore applies to Tunisian students, including:

  • Provide a certified copy of the high school diploma.
  • Submit a level certificate in German at least reaching level B1
  • Provide proof of the student's ability to pay for studying and living in Germany by depositing €10,332 into a closed bank account.
  • Obtain health insurance for the student.

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Documents required to obtain university admission in Germany for Tunisians

After applying to study in Germany, these documents must be present to obtain university admission in Germany, including:

  • Certified high school diploma translated in English or German.
  • A transcript of the applicant's high school grades.
  • The presence of a valid passport.
  • The student writes a letter of motivation about why he chose to study in Germany.
  • A closed bank statement to secure tuition costs in Germany.
  • German Language Placement Certificate.

Applying for a study visa in Germany for Tunisians

Before Tunisian students make the decision to study in Germany, they must apply for a study visa in Germany and can apply for it through the German embassy or consulates located in all the country, and you must make sure to obtain a study visa, not a tourist to give you the opportunity to stay in Germany for 3 months until the change of residence and Germany sets some conditions for obtaining a student visa including:

  1. A valid passport plus two copies of it.
  2. Original of the required academic certificates.
  3. 4 recent personal photos with a white background.
  4. A letter of motivation on why he studied in Germany.
  5. The presence of health insurance for the applicant.
  6. You can apply for a visa in Tunisia through the vfsglobal website.

It takes a long time to examine your application for a study visa in Germany ranging from 15 days to 3 months until all applications are examined and then the result is announced so you have to apply early.

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How to book an appointment at the German Embassy in Tunis?

The steps to book an appointment at the German Embassy to make an interview to obtain a study visa are easy, simple and without complication, you can book the appointment online through the following steps:

  1. Go to the website of the German Embassy in Tunis via the following website vfsglobal
  2. After logging in, click on COMMENCER
  3. Register a new student account on the website.
  4. After registering your account, make the right appointment for you.
  5. Print out the interview appointment and be sure to be present at least a quarter of an hour before the appointment.
  6. The service activation fee is 92 TND
  7. The fee for booking a study visa in Tunisia is €75 in case the application is rejected and the fee is not refunded.  
  8. After arriving at the office, pay the visa booking fee and the service activation fee.

Phone number of the German Embassy in Tunisia

Tunisian students can contact the German Embassy by phone and here is the number:

21671143200 Students should be contacted only during official working hours.   

Study in Germany for free for Tunisians

For all Tunisian students wishing to study in Germany for free, you can get a scholarship in Germany including the costs of study and living by contacting the organization of the Cultural Exchange Authority (DAAD) You can access the website and find out the latest scholarship offers offered and ways to obtain them.

The most important scholarships offered to Tunisian students to study in Germany for free

Germany is interested in providing many scholarships to international students, especially Tunisians, and students can follow these scholarships and choose what suits them and meets their conditions and from the types of scholarships offered to students:

Government scholarships that are government-funded and are offered to all international students alike and are not targeted at a specific program but students can choose majors according to their educational desires such as grants offered by the Organization of the Cultural Exchange Commission (DAAD).

These scholarships are provided by different institutions and companies whose main objective is to promote cultural and scientific exchange between countries, as they attract competent students to Germany, and leave the freedom for students to choose from these scholarships commensurate with their level of study and these organizations set conditions for scholarships such as: Scholarships provided by the Heinrich Böll Foundation of the German Green Party where a number of scholarships for master's and doctoral degrees are offered, and the application begins on March 1 of each year and the application is electronic.

German University Scholarships: In addition to the previous scholarships, some German universities offer their own scholarships and set the condition that the student must be enrolled in the university that offers the scholarship, and these scholarships vary according to the universities that offer them in terms of conditions, target study program, and criteria and students can visit the website of German universities and know the scholarships offered to students in general.    

Costs of studying in Germany for Tunisians 

If Tunisian students want to study in Germany at their own expense we offer you the costs that students must pay, but it is noticeable that the costs are low compared to other countries and Germany operates on a semester system The costs of studying in public universities for a bachelor's degree are 300 euros per semester, and the costs of studying in private universities range from 2000 euros to 2800 euros per year.

The costs of postgraduate and master's studies in Germany range from 100 to 200 euros per semester, usually there are no fees in doctoral study but the university must be sure.

Advantages of studying in Germany for Tunisians 

Studying in Germany is a great gain for Tunisian students, which made students love to study in Germany, and one of the advantages of studying in Germany is:

  • The costs of studying in Germany are lower than in other countries with a high quality of education.
  • Obtain an internationally accredited certificate.
  • Germany offers study programs based on providing students with theoretical and scientific knowledge.
  • Germany offers many disciplines of study more than 17,500 majors that students can choose according to their abilities.
  • Students can choose the language of study and can study in German, or English depending on their language proficiency.
  • The cost of living in Germany is low compared to other surrounding European countries.