Preparatory Year in Germany 2022

If you want to study in Germany as an Arab student, you must first check whether your previous qualifications are recognised at German universities.

Every school certificate you have obtained in your home country must be reviewed and translated into German or it will not be recognized.There is a limited list of Arab qualifications that have been assessed to be equivalent to German qualifications.

Many students who do not have prior information about the German education system, lose their passion for fear that this marks the end of their dream of studying in Germany. However, German universities have a solution called (Studienkolleg) preparatory year in Germany.

Preparatory Year in Germany 2021
Preparatory Year in Germany

Although many students believe that the Studienkolleg preparatory year is a waste of time, studies show that international students who have entered such a preparatory year before their regular studies are more successful than those who have not.

Studienkolleg is a preparatory year in Germany designed to qualify international international students who wish to study in Germany but whose qualifications do not meet the standards of the German education system.

The Studienkolleg year usually lasts for 4 semesters or an entire academic year.The purpose is to prepare you with the required skills and knowledge in certain subjects related to your preferred university specialty.

Depending on the field of study you wish to study in Germany , you will be required to attend one of the following Studienkolleg courses:

  • T-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics
  • M-Kurs: German language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology
  • W-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Sociology
  • G-Kurs: German, German History and Literature, Sociology and Statistics

As you can see, German language classes are a top priority at Studienkolleg because regardless of the type of course, you will learnGerman .

If your regular course is taught in English which is likely to be at postgraduate level, you will be taught English.

In fact, providing you with a strong level of knowledge in the language is one of the primary goals of Studienkolleg. Moreover, language courses will be counted for the largest number of classes during the Studienkolleg course.

By the time you enter this preparatory year, you must have a minimum knowledge of German or English,depending on the language in which you are studying the undergraduate course. The language of level B1 or B2 is usually required from German universities to attend Studienkolleg.

During the one-year Foundation Year, you will use English or German in different contexts related to your fields of study, such as science, business or economics, this will significantly improve your level of language and is a vital factor for success in your studies in Germany.

In order to apply for the Studienkolleg preparatory year in Germany, follow these steps

Check if your previous qualifications are recognised in Germany

Above all else, you should check whether a high school diploma in your country is recognized in German universities. Go to the university website and see the Admission Requirements section.

There you can get information regarding whether you need a preparatory year or not. Usually, the university will determine exactly what kind of qualifications it accepts. If your qualifications are not there, you should attend a preparatory course.

Where can you take Studienkolleg

Now that you know that you have to enroll in a year of study to get a foundation degree before you are accepted you must find the right Studienkolleg and a suitable course.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: Is the university you have chosen the same as the one I will attend in Studienkolleg?

Well, although the majority of universities offer a preparatory year, many do not. Some universities such as the University of Stuttgart require international students to attend a preparatory course at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) or at the Ruprecht Karls Heidelberg University.

Moreover, there are private universities that organize Studienkolleg courses separate from any university.

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Conditions of the preparatory year

Conditions of the preparatory year

Admission requirements vary greatly between colleges for the preparatory year for international students in Germany. You should therefore see the admission requirements for Studienkolleg within the website of the university where you wish to study.

The following documents are mainly required to apply for Studienkolleg

  • High School Certificate
  • Your previous grades
  • Language Certificate B1
  • Biography
  • Translated copies of previous documents by a certified translator

Apply for Studienkolleg

After you have collected all the documents as required, it is time to submit your application. You can apply online or by mail.

Note that you can only apply directly to Studienkolleg if it is a private university. If your university offers Studienkolleg you must apply through it.

The application can be submitted online through the online application platform of German universities

There are a few universities that do not participate in this platform but have online in-person application systems.

Pay close attention to application deadlines as late applications are not accepted. In general, the deadlines for submitting applications for Studienkolleg are:

  • Before January 15 for the summer semester
  • Before July 15 for the winter

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Get a Germany Visa

Get a Germany Visa

In order to be allowed to attend and study in Germany as a non-EU student, you have to take a student visa (visa) Once you apply for Studienkolleg in Germany and receive a letter of acceptance, you are eligible for a student visa which will enable you to travel to Germany and obtain your university degree.

Entrance Exam

To enter the Studienkolleg course in Germany, you must meet a certain level of knowledge in the core subjects related to the intended specialization.

You are expected to demonstrate this through an entrance exam that tests your overall knowledge and skills in those subjects. The entrance exam is not supposed to be this difficult.It is mainly aimed at identifying your main problems with language and other important topics.

At the end of the preparatory course, you will undergo an assessment test that will show the improvement you have made during the Studienkolleg course. If you don't show excellent improvement you won't get a place at the university.

Costs of the preparatory year in Germany

Studienkolleg is a free foundation course in Germany, but it depends on where you will take the preparatory year If the university you wish to study at is public and offers preparatory courses independently, no fees will apply. However, you still have to pay the student's semester contribution. It amounts to between 300 and 500 euros

Is the preparatory year in Germany difficult?

The preparatory year in Germany is not difficult, but its only task is to prepare the student for German education. If you commit, it'll be easier than it should be.

Types of preparatory year in Germany

It varies depending on the college you are going to study at.

  • T-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics
  • M-Kurs: German language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology
  • W-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Sociology
  • G-Kurs: German, German History and Literature, Sociology and Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions About the Preparatory Year

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