Study of Physiotherapy in Germany

Physiotherapy is taught for 3 years (4500 hours) in physiotherapy schools located at the polytechnic level.

Theoretical and practical/technical education is provided at the school, and clinical education is offered in affiliated hospitals or in other clinical places. All PT students must pass the state exam (Staatliche Prüfung) once the electronic
program becomes completed. Students then receive the following certificates:

  • Certificate of Completion of the School of Physical Therapy (Zeugnis or
  • Abschlusszeugnis)
  • The granting of a license from the state allows to hold the professional title "physiotherapist" and practice the profession, for example.
  • To work in hospitals, in private clinics, as a private practitioner, in health promotion and prevention in the workplace, in sports centers and rehabilitation centers or as teachers in physiotherapy schools, but most of the time
  • Further education at the academic or non-academic level and expanded
  • Practical experience of teachers is required.
Study of Physiotherapy in Germany
Study of Physiotherapy in Germany

Conditions for studying physiotherapy in Germany

Conditions for studying physiotherapy in Germany
  • The minimum admission requirements for physiotherapy programs is
  • Completion of ten years of secondary education ("Realschule").
  • In addition, applicants for physical therapy programs must be physically healthy and mentally healthy and have no record of behavior that would deprive them of practicing physical therapy.
  • Successful completion of basic education
  • Program and legal qualification to study at the university (at least 12 years of high school – "Apetor").
  • Besides, there are also two parallel programs that combine basic and university

Status of the educational institution

Germany has about 250 physiotherapy colleges. Some of them are affiliated with university hospitals.


From the Physical Therapy course is to qualify students upon completion of their studies to work independently as physiotherapists.

Areas of physiotherapy. Legal protection The title "physiotherapist" was established in Germany, and professional activity is widely protected by contracts with health insurance companies

  • The goal of the program is to provide the student with depth
  • Knowledge of the structure and function of the body, as well as with
  • Awareness of the psychological and social aspects of health and their interaction of humans with their surroundings

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Physiotherapy mission

  • Physiotherapy is a scientific health specialty that deals with promotion
  • From sanitary and preventive measures, treatment and rehabilitation to customers.
  • Physiotherapy covers knowledge related to movement and functional skills of humans in combination with a duo

Basic Content


The main focus is on natural topics: movement physiotherapy.
The design of the curriculum in Germany is adopted (under federal law)
in the areas of:

  • Knowledge of professional and legal issues
  • Anatomy and ampere. Physiology
  • Pathology, hygiene, first aid and dressings
  • Applied Physics and Biomechanics
  • Psychology, Pediatrics, Sociology
  • Prevention and rehabilitation
  • Theory of Training and Retraining
  • Mobility Theory
  • Physical education
  • Physiotherapy Screening Techniques
  • Physiotherapy techniques
  • Massage therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy, mineral water, heat, inhalation
  • Systematic application of physiotherapy in clinical fields
  • Practical application of physiotherapy to patients

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Available degrees

Available degrees

Bachelor's degree

The B achelor
program Since 2001, there are an increasing number of PT schools to which universities of applied sciences are associated in order to upgrade the basics of physiotherapy
educational program for a bachelor's degree.


Some universities have established (or will establish in the near future) master's programs in physiotherapy.

Entry requirements: Physiotherapist who has been promoted to bachelor's level

Undergraduate programs in physical therapy focus on the acquisition of science (evidence-based practice, research), methodology and other
core competencies, for example biopsychological, social and client-centric thinking.

The aim is to promote the student to an extended reflective practitioner (bachelor) or specialist in a particular area of activity, for example
research (master's)

Physiotherapist Salary in Germany

A person who works as a physiotherapist in Germany usually earns about 6,950 euros per month. Salaries range from €3,200 (lowest) to €11,100 (highest).

This is the average monthly salary including housing, transportation and other benefits. Salaries for a physiotherapist vary greatly based on experience, skills, gender, or location.

عدد سنوات دراسة العلاج الطبيعي في المانيا

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Study of Physiotherapy in Germany

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