Study photography in Germany

Do you have a good eye for new decorations, are you used to using the camera and are you open to people?  Studying photography may be the right thing for you.

Photography is the science, art and application to create permanent images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically through an image sensor or chemically through a light-sensitive material such as a photographic film.

Study photography in Germany
Study photography in Germany

What is photography?

Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, usually through a digital sensor or film using appropriate camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including ultraviolet, infrared and radio.

Joseph Nisivor took the first permanent photograph in 1826 (some sources say 1827) in Nice, France.

Color photography began to spread and became available with the release of "Kodachrome" by Eastman Kodak in the thirties of the last century, before which almost all images were monochrome, although many photographers used specialized techniques to take color images for decades.

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What are the types of photography?

There are many types of photography, such as:

  • Landscaping.
  • Wildlife.
  • Personal photos.
  • Documentaries.
  • Fashion, travel photography and events.

What equipment do I need as a novice photographer?

If you're new to photography, all you need is a camera that you feel comfortable with, the rest of the photography equipment will depend on your needs, for example if you want landscape photography, you'll need a number of different lenses, a tripod, and filters.

For portrait photography, you'll need to invest in a good lens and maybe some lighting equipment.

 What is the most common type of photography?

There are a number of types of photography that are very popular today, and these include photographs, landscapes and architecture, fashion, food, sporting and wildlife events, and documentary photography.

 What is the purpose of photography?

The purpose of a shot can vary depending on what the photographer is trying to achieve, for example documentaries and news photographers shoot with the aim of providing a detailed account of real events, while amateur photographers aim to capture moments of life with family and friends.

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Photographer Salary in Germany

The profession of a photographer in Germany is also a classic professional training in the company, and the salary statistics of the photographer do not distinguish between a photographer with a university degree and a photographer with a professional degree.

The monthly salary of a photographer is between 1600 euros and about 4000 euros, if you want to become a freelance photographer, it makes sense to make a name for yourself in time and create a website with your own photos while studying photography, because based on your knowledge and the status of your application, your salary can vary greatly.

The salary also depends on the industry you want to enter after studying photography, for example you generally earn more as a commercial photographer than as a photojournalist.

What conditions do I need to study photography?

In order to be able to realize your dream of studying photography, you need either a general qualification for admission to higher education or a technical diploma in design and art, in addition, public universities require a special application package. To earn a degree in photography from Folkwang University Essen, you need at least 25 photos that represent your photography skills.

The Dortmund University of Applied Sciences requires a small series of images on a topic of your choice with up to eight images.

Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences also offers a special test of technical abilities that you must pass to study photography, and your admission to a photography course at private universities is often easier than your admission to public universities.

Scholarships for the Study of Photography

Fellowship: It is an accredited short-term scientific and practical training program that lasts from a few weeks to several years, often offered abroad.  

The scholarships focus on the practical and professional development of individual researchers and provide them with an excellent career start with all the resources, support, and professional networks that allow them to achieve goals that you may not be able to achieve in a typical job.

Adding value to their CV, allowing them to work with professionals and receive advice, enhance educational opportunities and establish many connections in their chosen field, scholarships often lead to better career opportunities.  

The fellowship aims to provide practical experiences to fellows, as they are expected to assume many responsibilities during this time, receiving unique experiences and intensive training that may not be prepared for them in other circumstances.

The fellowship is available to graduate students and researchers and includes seminars, in-depth research on specific issues, and general approaches to skills development.  

Scholarships are funded by a wide range of organizations, including foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities, the media, and corporations.

Most scholarship programs offer a living allowance or monthly stipend, as well as other expenses such as accommodation, housing, and health insurance.

Studying in Germany is one of the best destinations for international and Arab students, this page reviews the most important opportunities available for Arab students to travel to Germany by applying for free scholarships or scholarships funded entirely by Germany.

Including bachelor's scholarships, master's scholarships and doctoral scholarships offered by the most prestigious universities and institutes, such as the Universität Hamburg, the Heinz Kühn Foundation, or the Hamburg Institute for Social Research and others.

As well as famous international scholarships in Germany such as DAAD scholarships which are fully funded scholarships covering all tuition and travel expenses in addition to the monthly stipend.

Scholarships are available for Arab nationalities, i.e. studying in Germany helps Egyptians, Jordanians, Algerians, Yemenis and all other Arab nationalities, not only that, because this page offers you opportunities to travel to Germany while working in Germany, in addition to doctoral and master's scholarships or technical residencies and training.

Postgraduate Studies in Photography

Postgraduate studies It is an advanced stage of study both in scientific disciplines and humanities, postgraduate studies include advanced, master's and doctoral degrees, and graduate studies require the student to obtain a bachelor's degree.

Requirements for studying photography

  • In order to start studying photography, it is important that you already have experience in this field, so you do not have to be a beginner and it is better to already know how to use the camera.  
  • It is also important to have a talent in photography and to be very creative.
  • You'll learn the most important things during your studies, but all this for free if you don't bring your creativity with you.  
  • You should also have a good eye for new and exquisite decorations.  
  • In the profession of photography, you always have to deal with people and deal with them, so you don't mind approaching people in public.

Job Opportunities After Studying Photography

It is known that many photographers are self-employed however, it is not impossible to get a permanent job instead of working as a freelance photographer, with a degree in photography, you can work in many fields.  

For example, you can work in exhibitions, advertising agencies, or photo editors, but the competition is fierce and growing, and the focus has long stopped focusing only on image technology.  

Much more about the message that needs to be conveyed with photos, with a degree in photography, photo design or photojournalism, you have many options, possible areas of work include:

  • Documentary photography.
  • Advertising photography.
  • Artistic photography.
  • Editorial photography.