Which is better to study in Germany or France

Which is better to study in Germany or France Studying in European countries is one of the dreams that occupy the minds of many students, the most important of these countries is Germany and France due to the development of education systems in addition to the fact that there are a large number of universities that have entered the global halving, and we will review them for you in detail in our article today.

Which is better to study in Germany or France
Which is better to study in Germany or France

Study in France

France is one of the most important European countries that many students around the world turn to to receive education because there are many advantages in education within France, which are as follows:

  • French is one of the most important international languages and is one of the easy languages to learn, but some students may experience some learning difficulties for French.
  • France is one of the leading countries in education systems, it ranked 20th in the world in terms of the development of its education systems in addition to being one of the countries rich in multiple cultures and different art forms and the French capital Paris is called the City of Light, which specializes in literary and artistic disciplines.
  • France is characterized by excellent weather despite the snowfall.

Study in Germany or Canada

Tuition and accommodation costs in France 

At the end of 2018 France increased tuition fees for expatriate individuals to €2,270 for undergraduate students but students in master's and doctoral education have tuition fees of €3,370 per year.

In addition to the fees for living in France are quite high because one of the most important tourist cities, life in France requires expenses of up to a thousand euros in order to get one-room housing in addition to the presence of university students but difficult to obtain.

The most important universities in France

There is a large group of universities within France and they are represented in the following:

  • Ecole Polytechnique University, which is one of the most important universities located within France, which specializes in the fields of sports and science.
  • The University of the Syrians is one of the oldest universities within France and specializes in the fields of historical, cultural study and linguistic sciences.
  • The University of Lyon, located in the French city of Lyon, has a distinctive cultural history and is one of the largest universities specialized in the fields of the study of the seas and land.
  • The University of Paris is one of the universities that specialize in medical sciences and pharmacy.

Study in Germany

Germany is one of the third European countries to attract many students to receive a university education and is distinguished from studying in Germany by the low expenses of study in addition to the availability of many educational programs within Germany.

Advantages of education in Germany

Studying in Germany has a set of distinctive characteristics, which are as follows:

  • Obtain an advanced and advanced level of education with a nominal cost for these programs as postgraduate studies in Germany are characterized by moderate prices for most students around the world.
  • In addition to having a lot of educational programs that support the English language, Germany is one of the most developed countries in university education systems.

Costs of studying in Germany

When comparing tuition fees in Germany with tuition fees in France, we find that they are very low, with tuition fees in Germany reaching 3,000 euros per year for students living within the European Union, but international students, so the tuition fee for international students reaches 15,000 euros.

Life expenses in the capital Munich are high to reach 850 euros per month and it is worth noting that the expenses of renting one room up to 280 euros.

Study in Germany without a language

The most important universities in Germany

There are a group of famous universities within Germany that are as follows:

  • The Technical University of Munich, which is ranked first for universities within Germany and ranked 64th at the level of international universities.
  • The University of Ayerhard Karl in Tübingen is one of the best universities in Germany, specializing in the legal and medical fields, which was launched in 1477.
  • In addition to the existence of many scholarships within this university which are obtained free of charge.

Study in Germany or France

University study in Germany is one of the most important universities around the world that gets a wide spread over time because it allows a range of educational programs for students in the educational stage for bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees, and the most important reasons that push students to go to Germany to receive education are the following:

  • The education systems are offered in German universities because they are one of the countries that give priority to university education and attention to the academic team of teaching.
  • In addition to receiving education in English, it is worth noting that German universities do not require a professional German language because most education programs within Germany take place in English.
  • In addition to providing many services and assistance to students, which consists in providing life, transportation and housing services free of charge, one of the most important institutions that provide financial support to students is the German Academic Exchange Service.
  • In addition to many scholarships for students in a subsidized way, in addition to allowing students to go to Aruba by obtaining a visa to study, which allows the possibility of traveling to the Schengen country, which contains more than 26 countries in Europe, and which allows students to see the most important tourist cities within Europe and go to the sweetest countries of Europe.
  • In addition, Germany is characterized by its rich cultural and civilizational heritage that makes it one of the best European countries to receive a university education.

Studying in France is the most prominent choice for many students around the world because it is one of the countries characterized by the picturesque geographical nature and it includes many tourist areas such as the Riviera and ski slopes in addition to the presence of a large number of advanced universities within France and receives the number of students from the countries of the world by 10% of all French students in addition to the presence of 250.000 students coming from other countries to receive study in France.

In addition to French universities enable students to obtain bachelor's and master's degrees together for a period of 3 years for a bachelor's degree and two years for a master's degree in addition to obtaining a doctorate in three years, French universities are characterized by the presence of a special office to provide many services and assistance to students and the reasons that push students to study in France include:

  • German universities are characterized by a well-developed system of education and have obtained the highest scores in international rankings and are keen to specialize in the fields of humanitarian, social and technical study as well as legal and medical study.
  • There are many universities within France that provide support to students to bring the number of universities to 71 universities and the percentage of support to less than 200 euros per year.
  • University degrees from the universities of France receive great scientific recognition and distinction at the level of many practical and professional disciplines.
  • In addition, universities offer the opportunity to travel abroad while receiving study for one or two semesters through an exchange system.