Study in Germany for Moroccans

Many students want to study in Germany, because German universities are a destination for students from all over the world, and admission to the university requires many conditions, and it should be noted that studying in Germany for Moroccans is the first choice for all students who are not fluent in English to learn, Germany is the third most popular country after the United States and the United Kingdom that welcomes many international students.

Studying in Germany for Moroccans differs from other European countries in that it attracts thousands of students from all over the world, especially Moroccan students, and about 12% of the student population there are foreigners.

Study in Germany for Moroccans
Study in Germany for Moroccans

Advantages of studying in Germany for Moroccans

There are a lot of advantages to studying in Germany for Moroccans and they are as follows:

  • The advantages of studying in Germany for Moroccans studying in Germany are characterized by a prominent position among the youth of the Arab world.
  • German universities are trusted by different countries around the world, education is provided in Germany.
  • It is also a fully subsidized education for students.
  • German degree holders have wide prospects in the labor market.

 Costs of studying in Germany for Moroccans

There are administrative costs paid by the student for certain services, estimated at between 100 and 200 euros per semester, and we know that Germany is one of the countries that grant university education.

Get a bachelor's or master's degree for free, and study at public universities remains free.

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Conditions of study in Germany for Moroccans

To get university studies in Germany, there are many things to accomplish and these are as follows:

  • One of the most important of these things is to obtain a high school diploma with an average of more than 70% in the case of a bachelor's degree; in the case of a master's degree.
  • The student must have completed his/her undergraduate studies in his or her home country and obtained a graduation certificate from the university.
  • Open a bank account in Germany and deduct from it an amount of approximately €10,236 per personal sponsorship or proof that the student has a scholarship to obtain at least an A2 level German language certificate.
  • If he does not get it he studies before the start of university study. In the case of studying in English.
  • A certificate notarized and recognized by the German Embassy and the university to which he wishes to apply must be submitted.
  • Part of the conditions for studying in Germany for Moroccans The Moroccan student must have obtained a preparatory year before starting the specialized program of study in Germany.

Top Universities in Germany

Ebrahard Karl University of Tübingen

Ebrahard Karl University in Tübingen, this university has a reputation for the study of medicine and law, as well as theology and religious studies, as well as its fame in the availability of an outstanding faculty elite of Nobel Prize-winning scientists such as the scientist: William Ramsay in chemistry and Güntz Propel in the field of medical sciences.

Free University of Berlin

Ranked 130th in the world rankings, the Free University of Berlin is located in one of the parts of Germany that was not under the control of the Soviet Union when it was created.

Technical University of Munich

It is considered one of the best universities in Germany, ranking 61st among the world's universities in 2019, and there are many other German universities in Germany attended by thousands of students from Europe and Arab countries.

Completion of studies in Germany for Moroccans

If you are planning to complete your academic career in Germany, just follow the information that we will provide you in this paragraph where we will tell you all the necessary steps to be one hundred percent qualified to achieve your dream of studying abroad, I have a bachelor's degree, how can I achieve my dream of studying in Germany?

Must obtain a certificate of proficiency in German language

  • Initially after obtaining the baccalaureate, it is about learning German so that you can pass the language exam for the "B1" level.
  • Schools specializing in language teaching, after which you have the right to take the Goethe exam at the German Institute or the ÖSD exam, which is a German language certificate also recognized by Germany.

Well, I got a certificate of German language proficiency

If you have obtained a language proficiency certificate + a baccalaureate certificate, you must choose the institute or university where you wish to complete your studies in German.

Sending by e-mail or email, we will talk about the most important universities in Germany and we will list their website addresses on the Internet as well as their email in general.

Most German universities require a student to send the following documents to their regular mail or email (depending on each university):

  • A certified copy of the baccalaureate certificate.
  • A copy of the B1 language proficiency certificate and a copy of the passport.
  • Personal photo.
  • Fill out the Antrag form on the official website of the university you want to study at.
  • These documents are sent by e-mail (or by regular mail and sent to the university address).

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I sent all these documents to the university what do I do now?

  • When you send the above documents by mail to the university where you want to study.
  • You will have to wait a month or more until you receive an invitation letter from the university you contacted, which is called Zulassung in German.
  • With this letter you will enter the most important step to study in Germany and this is the guarantee.

What is a warranty?

Those wishing to study in Germany must receive a guarantee, which is:

  • The student must have a guarantor in Germany (a family member, for example).
  • This sponsor must be legally resident in Germany and work.
  • This person guarantees you between 670 to 720 euros per month.
  • If the student does not have a guarantor in Germany, he has to open an account in Deutsche Bank and deposit almost 9,000 euros there.

 Okay, and what's next?

  • Don't worry if you pass these steps safely, because you'll still need to make an appointment with the German consulate for your visa.

Study in Germany for Moroccans after the baccalaureate

Because you will still need to make an appointment with the German consulate for your visa, and when you call them to arrange an appointment, they will ask you for the point you got your baccalaureate certificate because it divides the nominations into two parts:

  • Department for students with a score greater than or equal to 14 in the baccalaureate certificate, as well as baccalaureate holders.
  • Special section for students with less than 14 points in the baccalaureate.

How will my dream of traveling to study in Germany become a reality after making an appointment at the consulate?

Slowly your dream will come true soon but after submitting all the paperwork and documents required for a visa, you may need to have an interview in German to find out the reasons why you studied in German, and you will also be paid a €70 visa fee.

Once everything is going well, the German consulate or embassy will contact you for a German visa, after that, all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to start a new page in your life?.