Medical Specialization Study in Germany 2022

Study of medical specialization in Germany 2022 where Germany is one of the first countries in the medical field but there are some challenges facing students in trying to enter university education in general so we will show you the most important information about the university study of the medical field in Germany.

Medical Specialization Study in Germany 2022
Medical Specialization Study in Germany 2022

Study Medical Specialization in Germany2022

One of the most important doctors in the medical field in Germany 2022 is the student Markus, one of the doctors skilled in the medical specialty, who holds an apropathy certificate, is proficient in the German language and wants to study medical specialization in the Division of Pediatrics.

It is worth mentioning that this doctor declared that the medical field is not a field of study as much as it is an applied field so it requires the student in the medical specialty to practice the medical profession through an official contract in one of the German hospitals and thus the medical specialty in Germany is based on the work of doctors within hospitals and health centers and the doctor has to carry out specific responsibilities according to the field in which he wishes to study.

  • It is worth knowing that the hospital where the medical specialty student works is responsible for the intensive training of him in the field he studies without paying any fees or large amounts, but what are the necessary requirements to complete the employment contract within any hospital for the student of medical specialization, the student must have a license to work inside Germany, which is called the certificate of apropatsion, which is obtained this certificate, it is necessary to go through three steps, which are as follows:
  • Check the student's language level by means of the German language test B2
  • Check the student's level of medical German by performing the Fachsprachprufung test
  • Verify the student's scientific knowledge and familiarity in the natural specialty by proving obtaining a medical degree or passing from a medical knowledge test.

After the German doctor has passed through these steps, he is granted a continuous work license and is able to start his work as a doctor.

Costs of medical specialization in Germany

If you are one of the individuals who have managed to obtain a degree in human medicine and a master's degree specialized in a particular field, there is some information that you must know before working as a doctor in Germany, which are represented in the requirements for working as a doctor in Germany, which are as follows:

  • Accommodation within Germany
  • Obtaining a license to work as a doctor within Germany
  • Medical work must be practiced.

It is worth mentioning the need to obtain a medical work license inside Germany before practicing the medical profession inside Germany, but it is necessary to pass some important tests that we explained earlier, but what are the specialties of the medical field in Germany are the following:

  • There is a so-called assistant doctor where after completing your studies in medicine in Germany General for a period of 6 years you become a resident doctor and he is called the assistant doctor, but when practicing the profession of assistant doctor you must obtain a license to practice this profession after passing the Arabic language test.
  • It is worth knowing that the profession of assistant doctor is carried out under the leadership of the specialist and after the passage of the period of specialization and become a doctor specializing in a certain medical field such as orthopedics or joint surgery and the period of specialization varies according to the department you want to study but with an average limit of up to 5 years.
  • A specialist doctor is able to practice medicine alone in his own clinic but in public hospitals he is under the leadership of the supervising doctor.
  • The supervising doctor needs many years of work and effort to be able to get more experience that enables him to lead doctors and is one of the most important medical degrees within the medical sector in Germany.
  • For a residence permit, you must have a residence permit within Germany in order to obtain a permit to work as a doctor in Germany.
  • Every doctor within Germany must have a medical work license with approval from the Ministry of Labor which ranges from 50-250 euros depending on where you work.

It is worth mentioning that the medical work license is for certain medical departments such as specialties in the field of pharmacy and physical therapy and there are two forms of medical licenses within Germany and they are as follows:

  • A work permit obtained by the practicing physician after passing the medical language exam.
  • A work permit obtained by the practicing physician after passing the general modification test.

As for the medical language, every doctor who has obtained his medical degree from outside Germany must pass the German medical language test, which has a difficulty rate of only 7/10.

It must be prepared in an integrated manner and can attend training courses in a period ranging from 2 to 6 months and it is worth noting that there are certain educational institutions that offer training courses to enter the German medical language exams, which are subscribed to because it is a prerequisite for obtaining an embassy visa.

Surgeon's Salary in Germany

The medical profession is one of the most important jobs within Germany, which is in high demand, and perhaps the specialty of surgeon in Germany is one of the most important specialties required for work, which falls under many specialties, including the specialty of cardiac and neurosurgeon, and the salaries of surgeons in Germany are as follows:

  • The doctor receives a minimum salary of €5,400 to €5,800 per month.
  • The minimum salary of the surgeon is 6200 to 6900 euros.

After a lot of work and mastery of these specialties and obtaining extensive experience in these fields the German doctor is allowed to be an anesthesiologist, a gynecologist or a doctor in the specialty of orthopedics.

Therefore, the salaries of surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, dentists or family doctors come between 10,000 and 15,000 euros per month and this is a high living life for doctors.

Doctors in Germany and the healthcare system

In order to benefit from a job in medical clinics in Germany, you must obtain a general license from the German government, and this can only be achieved by obtaining a master's degree or doctorate, so that the doctor can work within the medical clinics.

Registration for this job is done by sending the required documents and proof of language to the desired place of work.

Documents required to amend medical certificates in Germany

In order to apply for the practice of the medical profession or obtain permanent recognition, the following papers must be submitted:

  • Submit the birth certificate in addition to taking out the registration and a copy of the approved passport.
  • In addition to the certificate of secondary education that has been approved and a statement of university marks certified on it.
  • Proof of study plan in the mother tongue of Germany with a detailed statement of all subjects and the number of theoretical and scientific hours for each subject.
  • All certificates showing the doctor's experience in the mother tongue of Germany, in addition to the certificate of learning German and the certificate of passing the B2 exam, in addition to the presentation of a certificate of recovery from diseases from a doctor registered at the German Embassy, in addition to the presentation of proof of good conduct and behavior, must be from 3 months in addition to the certificate of practice of the profession from the Medical Association of the mother country.