My experience in studying medicine in Germany

I was very reluctant to choose the title of the article, because I really traveled six years with its details, corridors, alleys and noise, as I did not briefly distract all these details with the word "experience", which is likely to provoke deep thoughts every day significantly, and I may also be reluctant to modify the structure of the article since it should cover a polar zone between objectivity when talking about the university medical education system in Germany and the psychological and emotional reasons for me as a foreign student on a map. This strange, modern system is not only the beginning of the process of theoretical learning of the subjects of anatomy, biology, pathology and medicine, but it is as much as it is the description of a new life with another culture, a different people, a different way of life, and an attempt to identify spiritually, intellectually and socially with this new universe.

My experience in studying medicine in Germany
My experience in studying medicine in Germany

My experience in studying medicine in Germany 

Here are some brief readings from different angles of my experience of studying medicine in Germany, I am not talking about its comprehensiveness nor the difference of its vision with the whole However, it is necessary to be fair and objective at the beginning to evoke reality, we hear many voices praising and amplifying the field of the German University as a piece of paradise prepared with its institutional and systemic educational sweetness for students to study, and these parties are often for-profit organizations that seek to plunder the pockets of students and have no credibility in presenting reality and its adequacy For the student, take into account their desires on the one hand and his ignorance on the other.

Academic programs have also been proposed whatever they may be, even if they are incompatible with the possibilities of students and at prices that sometimes reach the level of imagination, and on the contrary, one hears other resounding echoes of frustration, and these often come from mouths in great distress due to the failure of learning, the failure to learn the language or integrate into society and the German system, and thus tries to project the failure of one's experiment on the system and generalize this failure to other students.

Like any difficult start, I was on the cusp of this long journey, taking the slow steps to learn German at the age of eighteen, and with the increase in experience and experience life in the past years was almost empty and some fragility and remnants of childhood that made the difficulty of the language double the stigma and hardship.

In an article by Martin Twain: The Terrible German Language, the proper description of the difficulty of the language and its complex structure for English speakers, but I consider it unfair to consider German as the coldest and least vibrant language in Europe.

Its speakers also pointed out that in addition to being a country of writers and poets, Germany is always proud to say, its German has developed in a scientific way and its people were more interested in exploiting it for scientific service than in linguistics, unlike English, which adapted its people to modernize the world of speed.

It was divided into English before and after Shakespeare to rely on its flexibility and linguistic assimilation of the whole world, and perhaps this German linguistic stagnation is the first thing to be observed and judged by the negative language of the first word taught in language schools, the fourteen letters "Entschuldigun", before discovering the different beauty and outstanding scientific role of the German language during its university career.

In an attempt to remove these obsessions with linguistic communication, before entering university life, and after passing language exams based on elementary rules, I had to live and immerse myself in their dimensions, it is not just about grammatical letters and matrix, but rather a joke, mood and art.

The beginning of my academic path was full of practical application in one of Europe's greatest monuments of science and architecture.

Heidelberg City Hospital and University

Thanks to my integration into the professional life there with patients and the medical team, I have truly realized the importance of language as a means of human communication, that is, who we lack in the middle of our daily lives between our citizens and our origin, especially as a doctor, and it is one of the most demanding professions on the surface of the globe, because three-quarters of the process of diagnosing the disease lies in the ability to absorb the feelings and complaints of the patient thanks to the efficiency of performance in taking the history of the disease.

My experience working as a doctor in Germany

During my work I found a well-developed health sector and high-level treatment systems.

Germany's health sector was ranked against its OECD counterparts in 2006, where spending 10.6% of GDP was the fourth highest, so it is one of the richest healthcare systems in the world, attracting patients from all over the world and from the wealthy "bourgeois class" in particular.

Since the German people are elderly, there is no doubt that the concentration of chronic diseases and gentle care plays an important role and occupies a large place.

Initially, as a future doctor I had to create a multifaceted and multidimensional psychological state capable of accommodating these patients with their different cultures, cognitive origins, spiritual mixtures and the language of all patients is the same and their knowledge is parallel.

When their confused eyes turn around, you look in your facial expressions for hope of curing a terminal illness, and ask for help with a look that fills the unanswered void.

My experience studying medicine in Munich

Heidelberg and her beauty to start the battle of paperwork and the forward-looking German bureaucracy in Abha left her pictures in the university registration system.

Despite dynamic, modern, and efficient management methods, the accuracy of German law limits these transactions to a cycle of exhaustion in collecting and stacking papers to complete your transactions and fill your home, corridors and walls with papers and copies.

But even after the painful suffering with her, I reached the seats of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bavaria in Munich, and it was my favorite choice from the beginning compared to the rest of the universities in different states for several reasons, starting with the heritage, the global ranking of the university, the beauty of the state and the level of awareness of its people, which is reflected in its balanced treatment of foreigners.

Medical education system in Germany

The German medical education system is based on the division of medical studies into two parts:

  • The first two years in the basic natural sciences, ending with the first state test – Vizicom.
  • The years of training in clinical medicine then begin, ending with the second case, followed by the last year of practical application Pj-Praktisches Jahr.
  • Teaching relies a lot on the system of stacking and compiling information in a short time, and I soon discovered the difficulty of getting along with its rapid pace from the first semester, so I did my best to realize it by constantly following myself to my energies and distracting my mind and thoughts from anything else.
  • It was not surprising, because the structure of German everyday life in general is built on "temporary foundations" that you feel that the minute is a corner of this structure once the building stones are lost and continue to collapse, as you can see.
  • I do not deny that anyone in the midst of this educational path and diligence with his pressure and monotony does not deprive him of the silk of his Eastern soul, turning to meet the demands of the regime in a soulless iron machine.

In conclusion, alienation has never been your numerical unity and physical alienation from your homeland, but rather the difficulty of trying to integrate with your moral and educational world in crowds of unknown worlds.

To live your East in their West, your Islam among their strange beliefs, and to have your tastes questioned, until you begin to build linguistic models and foreign dictionaries, and end years later with a duality at the beginning, duality in the program and a combination of knowledge.