Study Medicine in Germany for Egyptians 2022

The study of medicine in Germany for Egyptians is one of the best fateful decisions that will really change the life and future of every Egyptian student who wants to study medicine in a professional and internationally accredited way, we have many Egyptian students with us in naming the best internationally recognized countries to study medicine, we have already called them a large number of countries that offer the study of medicine at the highest level of professionalism, in today's article we will provide you with all the details about studying medicine in Germany for Egyptians from the beginning such as requirements, cost Study medicine in Germany, free scholarships and many more, so we strongly advise you to pursue this special educational topic with us from start to finish.

Study Medicine in Germany for Egyptians
Study Medicine in Germany for Egyptians

Benefits of studying in Germany

The benefits of studying in Germany Of course every country that offers scholarships to expatriates or foreigners is different from the country from which these students come from, but for Germany, you can say that it differs from all countries of the world in its studies, especially the study of medicine and aeronautical engineering, these are the advantages:

  • Germany ranks fourth in the world in terms of educational excellence.
  • Studies have proven that there were 13% of international students in Germany in 2018, and this percentage indicates the superiority of studying there.
  • All educational institutions respect any newly graduated student with a degree in Germany, whether they are studying medicine or otherwise.
  • Most German universities are internationally and internationally recognized.
  • German universities have a huge selection of professors, doctors and researchers from all over the world.
  • Ensure entry into the labor market after graduation.
  • All German universities offer programs that correspond to the interests of the student, for example, if a student wants to work in Germany after graduation, he will have a different program from the student who wants to work in a city after graduation, etc.
  • Some German universities are the only ones that offer an entertainment program for international students during public holidays.
  • A large number of German universities share with the largest educational institutions in the same field of study.
  • All students in Germany first learn to achieve their goals through incentive programs.
  • Germany is distinguished from other countries of the world by its security, where you can move freely day and night, and enjoy economic and political stability.

What is the duration of medical study in Germany for Egyptians?

You must first know the nature of studying in Germany in terms of time before looking for the conditions for studying medicine in Germany, where the duration of study in Germany to obtain a graduation certificate from the school is 6 years, but during this period the student will go through four educational stages, which are as follows:

  • Preclinical.
  • Clinical Sciences.
  • The final clinical stage.
  • Finally, the final exam stage.

So let's get acquainted with the details of each stage individually.

1. Phase I

It is a preclinical stage, which takes place in the first two years of medical study in Germany and is also known as Vorklink, through which the student learns:

  • Teaching the basics.
  • Teaching important terms in the medical field.
  • Study academic development until the student is ready to enter the second stage.
  • Biochemistry, physiology and filtration science are also studied.
  • Finally, the student will be tested for what has been studied at this stage by means of an oral and written exam.

2. Study medicine in Germany for Egyptians in the stage of clinical sciences,

The second stage of studying medicine in Germany is for any expatriate, not just Egyptians, and this is the stage of clinical sciences where you will learn the following:

  • Apply everything you learned in the first (preclinical) in a practical way.
  • Acquire as many practical skills as possible.
  • Apply certain experiments theoretically to the greatest researchers and doctors in the world, not just Germany.
  • Attend a very large number of lectures and training seminars under the supervision of the German university where you study.
  • Finally, you'll take a written exam to see how much experience you've gained at this point.

 3. Final Clinical Stage

This stage is a review of all the medical information and terminology that the student has learned in the first and second stages, and this stage is often not until the fifth year.

4. The final exam stage and finally this stage is the last year of medical studies in Germany for Egyptians, during which the student undergoes the following:

  • The international examination in the field of field doctor, and the certificate of this examination proves Germany's recognition of you as an international professional doctor.
  • There are many other tests that universities order in some other medical departments.
  • After that, you can apply for a license to practice medicine in Germany.

Requirements for studying medicine in Germany for Egyptians

First of all, let's show you an important piece of information, which is that these requirements that you will see now are not only for Egyptians but also the requirements for studying medicine for all students:

  • That the student has a good knowledge of the German language, proof that the candidate speaks enough German.
  • A residence permit and student visa are essential, but this requirement is not important for EU students.
  • We also advise you to apply for a student visa in Germany three months before the date of study.
  • The passport must be valid.
  • Two personal photos.
  • Submit proof of admission to a German university, then you have to contact the university you wish to study at first.
  • German Language Certificate DSH Certificate and DAF Test are recommended.
  • A copy of your high school diploma showing the grades you have obtained.
  • Provide proof that you can afford your stay, then we advise you to put at least $10,000 into a closed account, which means that you will only be able to withdraw money after traveling to Germany.
  • Health insurance certificate.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • Copy of national identity card.
  • Contact the German consulate in Egypt so as not to be surprised by other circumstances because they sometimes ask for their own papers.

How to Apply to Study Medicine in Germany for Egyptians

Initially, you should know that the application is made by contacting the university administration itself or through their website, and therefore we advise you not to pay any expenses to any other party claiming to specialize in the study of Egyptians abroad as the basis is to be a fraudulent company and here are the steps to apply:

  • First all the papers and conditions that we have mentioned with you in the previous paragraph must be met.
  • We advise you to apply at least one year before the date of study, because there is a ruling from a German court that the government interferes in the admission process for students who wish to study medicine in Germany due to application pressures.
  • It should be noted that the deadline for accepting applications to study medicine in Germany is July 15.
  • If you want to study pharmacy, veterinary medicine or dentistry, you must apply via Hochschul Start.

Completion of medical studies in Germany

For Egyptian or Arab medical students in general, you can already complete medical studies in Germany, but you should read these points:

  • If you apply to complete medical studies in Germany, an academic year will be counted as a preparatory year.
  • The German university will work on an equivalency for only two years of study, in preclinical or theoretical subjects.
  • Note that the theoretical topics are as follows (physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, histology).
  • You should also know that medical studies in Germany are divided into two periods, theoretical and practical.
  • We advise you to obtain a krankenpflegedienst, so as not to take the Physico-Cook test when applying for further studies.