Study in Germany for Libyans

Many of the questions that Arab students in Libya think about regarding studying in Germany, Germany is known to be one of the developed countries in education and German universities have a ranking among the best universities in the world which makes it a place that many students would like to go, but there are some things that need to be clarified such as the required paperwork, the conditions for studying in Germany, the cost and other things that we will explain in this article.

Study in Germany for Libyans
Study in Germany for Libyans

Study in Germany in general

Germany is one of the countries that everyone rushes to because it has a distinguished education and provides free education to students and it also provides students with job opportunities after graduation, it is the choice of many students to travel and study, in this paragraph we will learn some information about education in Germany:

  • Studying in Germany is a great openness for a person in his life because he will study a new language and get to know new people from different countries.
  • Many universities in Germany require very low tuition fees compared to universities in other European countries, and most fees are for services for foreign students such as giving them a transport card or providing them with places in colleges.
  • Germany is one of the distinguished countries in the study of engineering and medical disciplines.
  • One of the things that attracts students most to travel and study in Germany is the experience of advanced education and the culture gained as a result of residence in it and contact with the German people.

Advantages of studying in Germany

In this paragraph we will mention some of the reasons why Germany is a choice for many students from around the world:

  • The education is upscale and distinguished and the professors who teach in universities are great.
  • The availability of many disciplines in all fields, and this diversity meets the desires of students to study what they want.
  • Germany is a very beautiful country with an ancient culture just to explore it is amazing.
  • Germany provides students with jobs after graduation, Germany is one of the low-unemployment countries because they are interested in education and work and sometimes universities provide jobs for students.
  • The possibility of studying in Germany in English as there are a lot of European countries that do not offer study in English.
  • Germany has a privileged location as it is located in the middle of the continent of Europe which makes you able to explore its neighboring countries.

Study in Germany for free

We mentioned earlier that Germany does not impose university tuition fees on students in exchange for education in its universities, as education is free in all public universities, and this feature is available to all students, whether German, Arab or from any country, and in this paragraph we will learn some information about free education in Germany more clearly:

  • Students believe that free education in Germany means getting a substandard education, but this is completely wrong because education in Germany is very wonderful and rivals education in Canada and the United States of America, and most of the large and prestigious universities in Germany have a global ranking among the best and most prestigious universities in the world.
  • Free education in Germany is a decision of the state itself because they believe that this decision would improve the economic conditions in the country and make everyone ready to learn and work.

Studying in Germany is a dream for many, especially Algerians.

Conditions of study in Germany for Libyans

In this paragraph we will explain the necessary steps in order to reach Germany, and it should be noted that these steps are obligatory and should not be dispensed with any of them:

  1. First of all, determine the study program you wish to apply for in Germany:
  • Choosing the right university and field of study may not require a major obstacle for students due to the diversity of universities in Germany and the excellence of education in them, and the presence of hundreds of disciplines and fields available in universities, perhaps that diversity that makes it difficult to make a decision.
  • Therefore, the student must identify the universities he would like to apply to and the majors in each university and learn about the cities where the universities are located and how to live in them, and he must do so at least three months before going to Germany so that he can gather all the information and make the decision after thinking.
  • After settling on a number of universities, he can choose the best one from them and apply to more than one university until his chance of admission increases.
  1. Fulfillment of study conditions
  • After you choose the right university, it is your turn to submit the required papers to apply to the university, and you will find all the required papers and documents on the official website of the university itself.
  • You must prepare the papers and send them in a timely manner, so prepare some time before applying until all the papers are ready.
  • If you want to study in German, you must submit a certificate of German proficiency, and even if you want to study in English, most universities require to know how proficient you are in German, through tests such as DSH.
  1. The presence of financial sources for the study
  • In Germany, the law requires that an international student applying to study in Germany have a closed bank account with €10,234 before traveling to study in Germany, in order to ensure that the student is able to afford to live in Germany for a full year from the beginning of his arrival in Germany.
  • You must save money well in advance of applying to study in Germany so that you can travel and study.
  • In order to obtain a visa, this amount must be deposited two weeks before obtaining the visa.
  1. Send the data and complete the application application.
  • After the above conditions and the necessary paperwork are now available, you can apply through the official website of the university or through the university's e-mail.
  1. Obtaining a student visa to travel to Germany
  • Contact the German Embassy and schedule an interview in order to obtain a student visa.
  • You must have with you the amount of money required to travel to Germany which is the source of money by depositing the amount in a German bank, and this is the easiest way to convince the embassy to get a visa.
  1. Finding suitable housing to live in Germany
  • Housing in Germany is considered low cost compared to housing in universities in other European countries, and being a foreign student will make you look for the best suitable housing at an appropriate value.
  • If you would like to live in a dormitory, you must apply for accommodation well in advance of travel.
  • If you are going to live outside of university housing, live with a group of international students in a shared apartment in order to reduce the cost of housing.
  • Before you go to Germany you have to secure housing.

Study in Germany for Syrians

The cost of living in Germany for Libyans

The cost of living in Germany varies from region to region, the farther away we are from the cities located in the center and from the capital, the lower the cost of living but remains fairly close, here are some figures that concern the manifestations of life in Germany:

  • The cost of accommodation in Germany is the most as the cost ranges from 1000 to 2200 euros for renting accommodation in Munich depending on the number of rooms per house.
  • Prices are lower in Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and other cities but are close.
  • Food in Germany is low cost compared to other European countries, one person may need 192 euros per month for food.
  • Buying clothes is also not expensive one person may need 95 euros to buy clothes per month.
  • The level of income of individuals in Germany varies by occupation, but the highest paid occupations are medical professions where they reach 8500 euros while a mechanic earns 1350 euros per month.