Study in Germany for Iraqis

Studying in Germany is the dream of every student, especially Iraqi students, always aspire to finish their university studies in Germany, where they get an internationally accredited certificate that fulfills their desires for scientific excellence and competition in the labor market, and today we offer study in Germany to Iraqis in terms of the conditions of study and its costs, so let us tell you more.

Study in Germany for Iraqis
Study in Germany for Iraqis

Study in Germany for Iraqis

After Iraqi students finish high school, they plan to study abroad, so Germany is at the forefront of their choices, but it is the best because Germany offers a lot of academic advantages to international students, and also offers a lot of scholarships to international students, especially Iraqis, and the costs of studying in Germany are low compared to other countries, which encourages Iraqi students to enroll in German universities and institutes.

Conditions of study in Germany for Iraqis

Germany has set several conditions that must be met for Iraqi students to enroll in study in Germany, including:

  • Obtain a high school diploma with an average of 70%.
  • The presence of a transcript of the high school diploma.
  • Open a closed bank account for the student in the amount of 10,236 euros to secure the costs of study and living.
  • In case the student receives a scholarship, prove this with official documents.
  • Obtain a certificate of German language proficiency.
  • The presence of a valid passport.
  • Obtaining a study visa to Germany.

Documents required to apply for Iraqis to study in Germany

After making the decision to study in Germany there are documents required to apply to study in Germany including:

  • Having an accredited and recognized high school diploma in Germany.
  • Personal photos of the applicant.
  • Valid passport.
  • A closed bank account to secure payment of tuition fees.
  • Obtain a certificate of placement for the German language.
  • Obtaining a study visa to Germany.
  • Having valid health insurance.
  • The presence of a university admission certificate in Germany.

How Iraqi Students Get a Study Visa in Germany

 After the student gets university admission in Germany, he begins to prepare for a study visa to Germany and the application for the visa needs a long time and can apply before obtaining university admission and apply for the visa in German embassies and consulates located in all countries to obtain a study visa There are some conditions that must be met including:

  • The presence of health insurance for the student.
  • Booking Guide to accommodation in Germany.
  • Criminal newspaper of the student.
  • Having a closed account to secure the costs of study and living.

The examination of the visa application takes from 15 days to 3 months until the announcement of the result and after obtaining the visa you have to make sure that it is an official study visa and not a tourist so that you can stay in Germany for 3 months until the change of residence and the beginning of study in Germany.

Steps to Study Iraqis in Germany

After Iraqi students have made the decision to complete their studies in Germany there after the steps they have to determine to know their path, namely:

Choosing a field of study

Students have to determine their desires in which field they study, as Germany offers many disciplines from which the student chooses according to his abilities.

University Selection

Germany is the third most popular and attractive destination for students and provides more than 400 accredited universities worldwide and is distributed throughout Germany where the Iraqi student can choose the most suitable university.  

Ensure that the Terms apply to you

When applying to study in Germany, you should study the conditions set by universities and make sure that they apply to you or not.

Clarification of the financial situation

Before you make the decision to study in Germany you have to determine your financial situation to cover the costs of studying, housing, living and health insurance. 

Finding the right housing

The Iraqi student must find the appropriate housing and be at the lowest cost and can enroll in the university housing, you should apply early and secure housing before traveling to Germany.

Location of Iraqi Students to Study in Germany

When Iraqi students are thinking of studying in Germany, they should apply on UNI-Assist , an organization that helps international students, especially Iraqis, to apply to study in Germany, and the organization also evaluates the university admission applications of international students to more than 180 universities and makes sure that the university you want to enroll in is within the organization, and you can register and follow the tips.

Study in Germany for Iraqis at private expense

If Iraqi students want to complete their studies in Germany there are two routes or at the path of scholarships provided by the Cultural Exchange Organization DAAD or at the way of the student's own alimony where he bears the costs of studying in Germany at his own expense which is low compared to other countries, and the price of costs is determined by the specialization that the student wants there are disciplines of high cost such as medicine, pharmacy, and engineering in general The cost of studying in Germany at private expense is from 100 to 200 euros per year and the system of Study in Germany is divided into semesters with a cost per semester to €260.  

Majors available to study Iraqis in Germany

Germany offers many diverse disciplines that Iraqi students can choose from according to their scientific desires, including:

  • Engineering and scientific studies.
  • Architecture.
  • Business Administration.
  • Press and media.
  • Tourism and travel.
  • Medicine.
  • Veterinary.
  • Law and human rights.
  • marketing.
  • Secretarial and administration.
  • Hoteling.
  • Sports and physical sciences.

Master's degree in Germany for Iraqis

The study of bachelor's degree is different from the master's in German universities and institutes to obtain a bachelor's degree The student takes three years in most disciplines such as engineering, languages and literature, or if the Iraqi student wants to complete the study of master's and graduate studies he must obtain a bachelor's degree first and then apply for a master's degree and the period of study takes two years on average to complete the master's study in most university disciplines and one of the advantages of obtaining a master's degree is to increase job opportunities in institutions and major companies, and also provides a higher income than bachelor's holders.

Master's study costs in public universities in Germany up to €2,000 while master's degrees in private universities cost up to €30,000, and the Master's of Arts study is one of the highest costs of study with fees of €5,000 at once.         

Advantages of studying Iraqi students in Germany    

Studying in Germany is a dream that many students aspire to because of the wonderful features that Germany offers to students, the most important of which are:

  • Studying in Germany is reduced compared to studying in many countries.
  • Some prestigious universities in Germany sometimes offer scholarships to students including tuition and living costs, and no tuition fees are required.
  • Learning by university professors and teachers with unparalleled experience.
  • Germany ranked fourth in education globally despite the low cost of education compared to other countries.
  • Education in Germany is divided into thousands of courses that suit all students.
  • Germany is also ranked among the best tourist countries suitable for international students and expatriates.
  • Germany is a destination for all students to study in and this ensures the diversity of cultures and experiences of Iraqi students.
  • Germany offers many free courses for students to learn German and English together to facilitate the process of studying at German universities.
  • Germany also offers plenty of job opportunities for international students after graduation.
  • Germany offers Iraqis and international students the possibility to complete their studies in English or German as they wish.
  • The cost of living in Germany is also low compared to other countries.
  • In addition to all this, Germany enjoys stable political and economic conditions, security and social stability, making it the main destination for Iraqi students to study in it and achieve the dream of scientific and intellectual excellence and obtain an internationally accredited certificate.