Hotel study in Germany

Hotel study in Germany is a great opportunity for international students because Germany provides them with a study at a high scientific level, and is also interested in practical training in hotels to ensure the graduation of a batch of students who depend on them to stimulate tourism and this is what it offers today to our students studying in Germany, and the conditions that must be met in students.   

After the students finish high school they feel confused to determine the specialization they want and if the student prefers tourism and travel, he must join the study of hospitality in Germany, which is an accredited university study that gives the student a bachelor's degree in hotel management, i.e. he is trained to work in hotels and serve tourists and work to provide all the comforts for them, a student after graduation is the front of the hotel in attracting tourists, which raises the economy of the country.

It is known that the tourism and hotel sector is affected by the surrounding factors and the best evidence of this is the crisis of the Corona pandemic and the decline of the level of tourism in the world so tourism cannot be dispensed with and the graduation of many hotel students, and the need for tourism specialties, and hospitality is considered medium and tourism is expected to have a big role in the employment sector.  

Hotel study in Germany
Hotel study in Germany

Conditions for studying hotels in Germany

International students must meet the conditions to apply and get university admission to study hotel in a distinctive and wonderful way and here are some conditions:

  • First, students must select the appropriate program with their abilities such as studying hospitality in Germany.  
  • Obtain a high school diploma.
  • Proficiency in the German language.
  • Obtaining a study visa in Germany.
  • The existence of a closed bank account to secure the costs of study and living.

Documents required to study hospitality in Germany 

After knowing the conditions required to study hospitality in Germany, the official documents required to apply and obtain university admission must be prepared, including:

  • Having a high school diploma accredited in German.
  • Secondary transcript.
  • Curriculum vitae of the student.
  • Write a letter of motivation to explain the reasons for studying in Germany in full.
  • Obtaining a study visa in Germany gives you 3 months to stay in Germany until you change residence.
  • Proof of affordability of studying in Germany through a closed bank account and a deposit of 10,326 euros.
  • Personal photos of the applicant.
  • Valid passport.

How to apply to study hospitality in Germany

After completing the processing of the required documents to apply to study in Germany, you can apply on the UNI-assist website and follow these steps:

  • First login to the UNI-assist website.
  • Then make sure that the university you want to study at is on the site.
  • Create a new account on the site.
  • Then upload all the required documents in order to obtain university admission.  

Personal characteristics of hotel students in Germany

After international students make the decision to study hotel in Germany, they have to acquire some skills, and personal qualities of the crisis to be the right people to study and succeed in the specialization, including:

  • Skills to impress others, influence them.
  • Has the skills of arrangement and organization.
  • Tact in dealing and talking to others.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • He has the ambition and passion to develop in his hotel business.
  • It has the ability to save information such as information about tourist places, dates and others.
  • Love of tourism and travel.
  • Great level of German, English.
  • He has a social personality to deal with customers with a welcoming chest.   

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Hotel Study Materials in Germany 

The study of university subjects varies according to specialization and university, but you need to know that most of the subjects include subjects related to the hotel and tourism sector such as: subjects that teach the basics and principles of tourism, customer service and marketing, preparation and catering and hotel study materials include:

  • Hotel management.
  • Geography.
  • Food production and service.
  • Tourism and travel.
  • Practical training in hotels
  • Practical training in tourism management.

Hotel specialties in Germany

After students join Germany to study hotel, students can choose the right specialization for them according to their abilities and potential, and the most important basic disciplines are:

  • Tourism, archaeology and hotel management.
  • Geography.
  • Hotel management.
  • Culinary arts.
  • Educational Sciences.
  • Tourism and archaeology.
  • Science and religious studies.
  • Political Science.
  • International relations.
  • Sociology.
  • Music and drama.
  • Management of heritage resources.
  • Tourist guidance.

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Number of years of hotel study in Germany

There are German hotel institutes that give the student an accredited certificate in hotel work, and the study period takes two years, and if the student enters the university to obtain a bachelor's degree, the study period takes 4 years, and varies from university to university according to the number of hours, semesters and can graduate in a period of three years or three and a half years.   

Hotel areas of work in Germany

After students finish their hotel studies in Germany, there are many jobs that can be worked in such as: restaurants, hotels, airlines and flights, all tourist sites, in addition to marketing, advertising, management of tourist offices, or work in tourist guidance offices.

How much do hotel graduates pay in Germany?

The salaries of hotel graduates in Germany vary according to the specialization and career role of the students, where the student initially spends 1602 euros to 1981 euros per month depending on the location of the university and after the student acquires more experience enables him to increase his salary.   

How much does it cost to study a hotel in Germany?

The costs of studying in Germany vary depending on the university, and its place in Germany It is known that the costs of studying in Germany are low compared to other countries may reach free of charge and the costs of study up to 350 euros, which is an administrative fee and the student can benefit from it and get a student card that allows him to use transportation for free.   

Outstanding students can also receive scholarships offered by the DAAD, which are funded scholarships including tuition and travel costs plus a monthly stipend, and can apply for scholarships for a bachelor's or master's degree.

The cost of living in Germany is irreplaceable, and the cost depends on the region where the university is located, where Munich is one of the most expensive German cities in living and the cost of living can be reduced by staying in the university residence where you find all the comforts and support for students.

Advantages of studying in Germany 

Studying in Germany has countless advantages, the most important of which is the study of hospitality in the most important international universities in Germany, which depends on the scientific method and training in the best miracle hotels at the highest level.

  • Studying in Germany gives you an internationally recognized degree.
  • The costs of studying in Germany are low despite the provision of high-quality education and a small fee for study programs.
  • If the student is not fluent in German, he can choose to teach his specialization in English, but it is better to learn German.   
  • The field of hotel and tourism work is continuous regardless of being influenced by the events around it.
  • The field of tourism and hospitality has the advantage of gathering celebrity personalities and leaders to support the tourism sector to improve the economic level.
  • Studying in Germany is an opportunity for international students to escape the low conditions in their home countries, but Germany is a safe country characterized by an economic and political level that provides security and safety for students if it is their first destination.
  • Hotel work gives its owner more flexibility and a prestigious position.
  • Germany has many historical and archaeological cities that attract tourists to it.  
  • Germany is interested in training hotel study students in distinctive hotels prepared for the best amenities.
  • German universities are interested in developing communication skills with customers.
  • Germany aims to graduate students who are able to compete in the labor market in the field of tourism and hospitality and achieve a lot of success and excellence.