Health insurance in Germany

Germany is considered one of the most important countries in the medical fields so there is a great interest in the health insurance system in Germany and health care in general in Germany but health insurance in Germany has a special situation where health insurance is mandatory for everyone and one of the advantages of health insurance in Germany is that it provides everyone with full health coverage as it provides workers with good and satisfactory salaries as the insurance extends for a long time and in Germany there are 90% of the population has health insurance and members of insurance systems Health in Germany is bad, private or governmental, and this makes Germany one of the developed countries and the most interested in the field of health and medical care.

Health insurance in Germany
Health insurance in Germany

ماذا سوف تتعلم

Health insurance in Germany

In some countries, the health insurance or medical care plan is very expensive and the cost is constantly rising because epidemics and diseases come at any time without warning, as the new Corona virus did at the end of 2019 and has spread since then like wildfire.

Due to the recent pandemic, the cost of the loss caused in 2020 to the public health system was more than 1.7 billion euros, as well as the loss caused by Covid-19 in lives is enormous, and this huge cost pays for the living sleeping system in Germany, medical care from taxes, members of the health insurance system and heads of companies affiliated with citizens, as there are decisions that come into effect that make the cost increase all of this from the bulk of better health care.

The aim of these decisions is to improve the performance of the medical system and the quality of devices to withstand attacks from any other epidemic so that there are no more human losses in the event of another virus.

There are also some changes that will be made to the health insurance system in Germany where you can reach the doctor via the Internet and make an appointment or medical consultation as there are now some medical applications that work you how to deal with the sale of diseases and book vaccines online All these things of recent input to the health insurance system in Germany.

Health insurance for students in Germany

As mentioned before, the health insurance system in Germany is mandatory for everyone, including students, whether German students or foreign students covered by care and health insurance systems, as insurance is very important for students in Germany, especially foreigners, as it is useful in cases that require medical assistance, and health insurance for foreign students is necessary as you cannot get a visa without obtaining health insurance.

The number of international students is on the rise because studying in Germany.

Students enrolled in degree systems such as bachelor's and master's degrees can obtain a general insurance affiliated with the government or dogs enrolled in preparatory courses, language courses and applications who are over 30 years old cannot obtain a general insurance system so resort to special insurance systems.

Health insurance for international students in Germany

Obtaining health insurance is one of the conditions that foreign students must obtain when studying in Germany because German law obliges everyone to obtain health insurance as the student cannot register in any of the German universities or obtain a visa to study in Germany except by obtaining public or private health insurance.

This law is in the interest of students as in the presence of insurance the student is not interested in health problems or medical bills because the health insurance takes care of all these services the student must consult the university office from the guidance to any of the general insurance or private insurance taking into account the conditions purchased by the group or the state from which the student came.

Obtaining health insurance increases the student's chance of obtaining a study visa in Germany so it is possible for all to obtain private or public health insurance when in Germany studying.

Health insurance for students of language courses in Germany

Many students ask do you need health insurance before you start a preparatory course at any of the German universities?

Many German universities require a preparatory course and do a test on the basis of which it is determined whether the student accepts or not and this test is before the start of lectures or study in the university program and there are some universities do not request preparatory courses.

The International Bureau of the University asks students to attend an urban course and when attending the student must obtain health insurance in addition to the documents required by the University and German law requires everyone to have health insurance once they are on German territory.

The choice of a plan that suits the needs of this plan can be special so that students of preparatory courses cannot get general health insurance There are some companies that care about foreign students and are dedicated to covering the health insurance plan length of the preparatory course with the option to implement a longer plan in case of staying studying in Germany.

Study and work in Germany

Health insurance for refugees in Germany

Due to civil wars and natural disasters, the old people of the world have become very many in Germany during 2016, world statistics have affected that more than 700,000 refugees have been registered at the Union Office for Migration as refugees.

These refugees are from areas that are witnessing internal wars and conflicts such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and a number of them can suffer from injuries and physical and mental diseases, so getting effective treatment is one of their priorities, it is to get insurance

Health insurance in Germany is mandatory for all residents within Germany This law also allows refugees regardless of the country from which they came from to obtain health insurance

But there must be restrictions of laws that refugees must walk on within any country, so refugees inside Germany before arriving on health insurance must observe some laws
, the most important of which is that the refugee must realize that the advantages of the average citizen exceed the benefits he gets in health insurance, but there is a law now that deals with some specific cases

Where to get health insurance as a refugee in Germany

The place from which the refugee starts to obtain health insurance is the immigration center where he was registered as there are specific departments the easiest process to get health insurance in Germany for refugees and shelter them in specialized centers for it as some refugees are subject to medical kisses in order to know their health and mental condition and a correct situation as there is a medical team equipped to receive refugees and conduct a thousand medical sessions for them

What benefits does German health insurance cover for refugees?

As mentioned before, a refugee in Germany gets health insurance, but the services available to him are less than ordinary citizens, a refugee can ask for basic medical services and cannot get more medical services unless the competent medical team estimates that the case may be an emergency.
Refugees can access the following services .

  • Regular check-ups.
  • Treatment of acute diseases.
  • Medical treatment for pregnant women nursing them.
  • Treatment and medical assistance for some women who have given birth to pregnancy.

Can I get legal health insurance like permanent residents of Germany?

Refugees can get permanent health insurance in Germany and friendly to you after spending 15 months from the day they were received at the immigration centre but there are restrictions that will still exist on their own health insurance and on the refugee himself.

From the first day in the migrant camp, everyone should be checked at regular intervals to know if their mental and physical health is within acceptable limits or not, but these check-ups are usually routine in refugee camps, so in order to know the health of refugees at any time, these checks are necessary in order to know which individuals may have a history of illness that may pose a threat to society.

After living a period of time in Germany, refugees must share a percentage of the money that is disbursed to them to cover their own health insurance.

What is Gesundheitskarte?

A smart card dedicated to health insurance has been developed, which is an electronic card that allows the patient to go to the doctor directly without visiting the social services department to request permission or medical certificate.

After 15 months of residency in Germany a refugee can obtain an electronic health insurance card but these cards are not available in all German states.

Which German federal states grant health insurance cards to refugees?

These states have implemented the Refugee Health Insurance Card

  • Bremen
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Schleswig-Holstein

Partially implemented

  • Brandenburg
  • Rhineland-Pfalz
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Niedersachsen

In progress

  • Thuringia

In the political process:

  • he will sharpen
  • Sachsen Anhalt


  • Bavaria
  • Sachsen
  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Should refugee students seek health insurance in Germany?

Refugee students must obtain health insurance for those under the age of 30 who wish to enroll in the university Lagoon students bear a monthly premium as the percentage of ordinary students, which amounts to about 66 euros, this premium is allocated types of insurance to students in Germany and this insurance is enjoyed by all students in an equal capacity

A refugee student can start the process of submitting the required documents to the university but it is easy if he has a fixed place where there are some documents required from refugee students who perform enrollment in any of the German universities

  • Qualification degree
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Official notice if there are a limited number of programs that students are entitled to apply for
  • Personal Information

What if a refugee suffers from an acute illness and needs urgent medical interventions?

Refugees have access to medical services and limited health insurance that only covers basic medical needs but there are emergencies that can happen exceptionally and get a lot of medical assistance and fortunately Germany now has few flexible laws.

Does every German state provide health insurance for refugees?

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany but unfortunately there are some German states that do not offer health insurance service to refugees

German states that offer health insurance to refugees:

  • Brandenburg
  • Bremen
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Schleswig-Holstein
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Thuringia
  • Rhineland-Pfalz

For German states that have not provided health insurance services to refugees:

  • Baden-Württemberg
  • Bavaria
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Saarland
  • Saxony

For German states with partial application or ongoing discussions on the provision of health insurance to refugees:

  • Hesse
  • Lower Saxony
  • Saxony-Anhalt

German Universities

Health insurance costs in Germany "Health insurance rates in Germany"

Health insurance costs in Germany "Health insurance rates in Germany"

The law in Germany obliges everyone to the health insurance system and therefore it is considered a mandatory cost on the individual in Germany so when one thinks to move to Germany he must calculate the cost of health insurance there as getting health insurance is very necessary to study in Germany and you cannot study there without all these things make you think how much the health insurance system in Germany will cost you.

Social security contributions for public health care insurance ( GKV, Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung ) are assigned at 14.6% of the employee's gross salary, consisting of a contribution of 7.3% of the employer's contribution and 7.3% of the employee.Each public health care provider is also allowed to charge an additional contribution of up to 1.7% paid by the employer.

The amount collected is determined by wages of 4538 euros per month, which means that the maximum amount anyone will pay is 360 euros per month (where the employer pays an additional 360 euros).Everyone also pays a mandatory nursing care contribution of 3.05% (or 3.3% if you don't have children), which is shared by the employer and employee again.

The cost of healthcare coverage can range from €80 to €1,500 per month

health insuranceHealth insurance premium monthly
AOK Baden-Württemberg10729 EUR
Parmer GEK108.77 EUR
DAK – Gesundheit111.75 EUR
KKH – Kaufmännische Krankenkasse111.75 EUR
TK – Techniker Krankenkasse105.80 EUR

Types of health insurance in Germany

Germany cares a lot about the health insurance system a lot so you find there are two types of health insurance type I am public or government health insurance systems ( gesetzliche Krankenkasse, GVK) and type private health insurance system ( Krankenversicherung Private , PVK )

Since you are a resident of Germany, you must compulsorily register either in the German statutory health insurance system (gesetzliche Krankenkasse, GVK) or the private insurance scheme (private Krankenversicherung, PVK).

Government Health Insurance System (GKV)

Germany has a population of about 73 million people, all of whom are registered in the state health insurance system, where if your gross salary is less than 64,350 euros per year you must be a mandatory member of the state health insurance system (GKV).

In Germany, it is not the government that manages the general insurance plan, but 103 Krankenkassen , one of the insurance companies who receive about 14.6%, is the same as the basic rate in addition to a small percentage of about 1.3% of your total salary, as the subscription to Krankenkasse is about 12 months as a minimum membership and you can cancel your subscription at any time for two months from the application.

Private Health Insurance (PKV)

In case the general insurance plan is not enough for your needs, there is a special insurance plan, which is a group of physical therapy and dental treatment, and the special plan for insurance covers a wide area unlike government insurance, and the level of service in private insurance is better than government insurance.

As is customary, hospitals and doctors rely heavily on private insurance to increase their income, so the treatment is different from the general government insurance, there are many insurance companies in Germany to the extent that their number reached about 40 companies with special benefits for each company to compete in the health insurance market in Germany.

The health insurance system in Germany includes the following health care services:

  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Inpatient care (rehabilitation in the hospital)
  • Rehabilitation facilities

The difference between public health insurance and private health insurance in Germany

As mentioned before, health insurance in Germany is mandatory for everyone who resides in Germany regardless of its annual or monthly income, there are two plans, private health insurance and public health insurance, you can get either of the plans according to your monthly income.

The difference between them is that it varies in the coverage of medical care for the whole system The medical coverage of the general insurance system is for basic needs and this includes the needs of dentistry and regular examinations and in return for that the private health insurance covers more treatments as you can get treatment in a private hospital or possible or require a private doctor.

It also differs in the system of premiums paid by the patient as in the public health system it is much lower than the private health insurance system as there is an equal premiums rate at the state level for general insurance regardless of the income of the citizen The rate of premiums can change but the percentage of premiums is 14 percent of the annual income of the individual.

Public health insurance in Germany can cover family members such as husband, wife or children and in return the private health insurance covers the applicant only if you own a private health system you do not pay any and the fees at the hospital are the opposite of the general health insurance he has to pay a small fee from Alma to the hospital.

Public health insurance covers a small geographical area while private health insurance covers many areas If you own a public health system, you have to pay 10% of the price of treatment as a minimum, as it is possible to bear the cost of treatment in full and on top of that, the medicines obtained by the owner of the public system are very cheap, while the owner of the private system does not pay any of the price of the medicines he gets, and the medicines he gets are expensive. And of high quality.

The Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany

The Best Health Insurance Companies in Germany
  • Techniker Krankenkasse (TK): Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) has been ranked as one of the best health insurance companies in Germany for students by the magazine Focus-Money.
  • Allianz Insurance: Allianz began its global appearance in Berlin, Germany in 1890. It now currently has nearly 700 different country branches, with nearly 75 million customers and 180,000 employees.
  • Generali Deutschland : (until 2008: AMB Generali) is one of the German holding companies consisting of about 20 insurance companies. It is the second largest insurance company in Germany after Allianz. [1] Based in Munich.
  • AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven: AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven's customer area includes about 250,000 insured people.There are also contracts with about 17,500 employers.Strong contractual partners include nearly 2,000 doctors and psychotherapists, more than 150 pharmacies and, among others, 450 dentists in Bremen.It is the largest health insurance company in this region.The head office with a postal address is located in Bremen with the support of more than 700 service employees.
  • BARMER GEK : BARMER GEK is one of the largest companies in the field of health insurance in Germany, where the number of cardholders is about eight million and it has about 800 offices and the number of its employees reaches 15 thousand employees and the company cares about patients and health card holders to the fullest and deliver to them all the machine treatments as health quality is the number one standard they have.
  • KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse: KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse is one of the largest health insurance institutions in Germany when it comes to health because it comes in the first place and has many advantages, including receiving a large health service that includes many medicines and choosing a hospital, as it provides distinctive services for dentistry and cares about everything related to health.

Names of health insurance companies in Germany

  1. Krankenkasse
  2. actimonda
  3. AOK Baden-Württemberg
  4. AOK Bayern
  5. AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven
  6. AOK Hessen
  7. AOK Niedersachsen
  8. AOK Nordost
  9. AOK Nordwest
  10. AOK Rheinland/Hamburg

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance

There are some questions that are frequently asked by many who want to apply for health insurance in Germany, the most important of which are these.

كيف أتقدم بطلب للحصول على تأمين صحي؟

القانون الالماني الحصول على تامين صحي عام او خاص لذلك يوجد في المنيا حوالي 110 شركه تامين صحي تعلرف باسم Krankenkassen لك حريه الاختيار من بينها كل ما يتطلب الامر منك هو الحصول على عقد يناسبك الاتصال بالشركه التي تريد التعاقد معها واجراء باقي الاعمال الورقيه .

كم من الوقت يمكنني البقاء بدون تأمين؟

يمكنك البقاء بندون تامين صحي في المانيا لمده 30 يوم اذا كنت قادم من دوله اخرى ويتم التنسيق معك علي عنوان الاقامه الخاص بك اما اذا كنت ستصبح احد الموظفين في شركه ما فان صاحب الشركه يتولى الاعمال الورقيه وذلك في غضون اسبوعين من بدء العمل لديه.

كيف أحصل على تأمين صحي في ألمانيا؟

كما تكلم قبل فان هناك العديد من الشركات الخاصه بالتامين الصحى والمعروف باسم Krankenkassen ممكن طلب والتقديم و الحصول على بيانات خطة مناسبه لك ثم الاتصال بالشركة و اتمام العمليات الورقيه و سداد المستحقات .

ماذا لو كنت وافداً ولا أعرف اللغة الألمانية؟

ياتي كثير من الناس من دول اخرى الى المانيا ولا يجدون اللغه الالمانيه لذلك فان الدوله توفر اطباء يجيدون اللغه الانجليزيه او لغات اخرى لكي يسهل التواصل معهم كما انه يمكنك الحصول على طبيب خاص يجيد لغتك اذا كنت مشترك في خطة التامين الصحي الخاص حيث انه توفر الشركه لك ذلك

هل يتم تغريمى إذا لم يكن لدي تأمين صحي؟

القانون الالماني يزم الجميع بالحصول على تامين صحي لذلك ان لم تملك تامين صحي فانه يتم تغريمك وذلك لانك اخترقت القانون ولكن هناك مده زمنيه يسمح بها ان لم تملك تامين صحي ولكن اذا تجاوزت المده فانه يتم تغريمك .

إذا تخرجت قبل انتهاء عضوية التأمين الصحي ، فهل يجب علي الاستمرار في دفع ثمنها؟

عند حصولك على تامين صحي خاص فانك توقع عقد مع شركه التامين هذا العقد له شروط واحكام لا يمكن تجاوز هذه الشروط معظم خطط التامين تستمر لمده 18 شهر هذه الفتره يمكنك ان تنهي تعاقدك مع الشركة او التجديد لفتره ثانيه ولا يمكن ازاله عضويتك قبل الموعد التي تنتهي فيه الا بارسال اشعار الى الشركه والحضور لمئ نموذج الغاء تامين وذلك ليتم ازالتك من قاعده البيانات الخاصه بها .


Health insurance in Germany

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