Study in Germany for free

Studying in Germany is free of charge, where Germany is the main and first choice that students resort to to complete the stages of their education for free, where universities allow students to complete the stages of their education until obtaining master's and doctoral degrees with a lot of free training courses until the development of the educational process and the upgrading of the student's scientific levels.

Germany is one of the largest countries in the field of education and economy because it has a large sector of teachers in addition to the presence of the latest means of education where there are more than 450 educational bodies within Germany, and it is worth noting that German universities are keen on the interest of the student and seek to spend all his scientific needs free of charge.

Study in Germany for free
Study in Germany for free

Is studying in Germany free?

Studying in German universities is obtained completely free of charge, but there are some important requirements set by German universities to enroll in them free of charge, and these requirements vary from one university to another, and the most important of these requirements are the following:

  • The student must master the German language and the cumulative study average of the student must be 09 and his specialization must be scientific, but if his field of study is in the specialization of engineering, his study rate must be 07
  • If a student wants to apply for a master's degree or doctorate, he must be a professional in the German language, have a grade of 2B and have a cumulative study average of 07 and above.
  • In addition, some German universities set a prerequisite for applying for a master's degree to have a grade of 56 and does not require a certificate of professionalism in the German language, but if the student's grade is less than 56, it is necessary to study some curricula within the university and then apply for a master's degree.

  How can I study for free in Germany?

In order to get the study free of charge within Germany, there are some requirements that vary from one individual to another according to the educational stage you wish to study, so the conditions of study for a bachelor's degree differ from the conditions of a master's or doctoral degree, which are as follows:

  u003cstrongu003eكيف يمكنني الدراسة مجانا في المانيا؟u003c/strongu003e

شهادة احتراف اللغة الألمانية.u003cbru003e

شروط التقديم للدراسة في ألمانيا بشكل مجاني لشهادة البكالوريوس أن يكون الطالب حاصل على شهادة احتراف اللغة الألمانية وشهادة اختراف اللغة الإنجليزية.u003cbru003e

شهادة ميلاد الطالب و مستندات طبية.u003cbru003e

لابد من وجود شهادة تثبت ميلاد الطالب بالإضافة إلى تقديم مستندات طبية تثبت حالة الطالب الصحية ومعافاته التامة من الأمراض.u003cbru003e

جود جواز سفر للطالب

لابد من وجود جواز سفر للطالب وتكون سارية المفعول ولابد من وجود أثبات يوضح مستوى الطالب في اختبارات القدرات O u003cbru003e

Studying in Germany is free for Moroccans

The higher education bodies within Germany have been universally approved and are one of the main countries to which Moroccans turn to complete their education because they have obtained the best countries according to the scientific halving of the prestigious universities to take the ranking of 6 out of the top 100 and the ranking of 18 of the top 200 universities internationally.

It is worth mentioning that there are more than 400 public universities within Germany that receive 95% of students for university education completely free of charge except for the annual tuition fees in Germany for each university, in addition to the presence of 120 non-government educational bodies that set annual fees for study.

Study in Germany for Moroccans

 It is necessary to fully and comprehensively know the German education system with knowledge of the disciplines available to study within the universities of Germany, which are as follows:

  • Technische universitat "techical" is the field of study of technological sciences and the field of engineering.
  • Fachhochschschuolen is an applied science field in the study of business, engineering and social fields.
  • Kunst- und musikhochschulen is specialized in the teaching of fine arts, music, media and communication fields.

Best Specialties in Germany

Universities in Germany

German University of Munich: It was launched as one of the most important German universities according to the ranking of Rankings Qs World University and is one of the first universities within Germany, which was established in 1868 AD and is one of 9 German universities with high status in Germany in addition to that this university contains 14 educational academies and receives a number of students up to 40.124 students, of whom 24% are students outside Germany and also there are more than 172 educational programs within the University of Germany in order to promote education Undergraduate and student level promotion.

Ruprecht Karls Heidelberg University: It was established in 1386 AD, which was named Roberto Carola, and it is one of the ancient universities within Germany and is characterized by the abundance of scientific research and international rankings of universities confirmed the role of this university in the field of scientific and academic research, which earned it great fame within Germany, so students resort to it to take advantage of the modern education systems in it.

This university includes more than 12 fields of study, the most important of which is the field of study of the humanities and social and behavioral fields in addition to the study of natural fields, medicine and engineering.

University of Munich University of Munich: It is located in the middle of the city of Munich and is one of the prominent educational bodies in Aruba and was established in 1472 AD so many students around the world resort to joining this university and contains a large range of fields of study including humanitarian, legal, economic and social fields along with medical sciences, engineering and natural sciences fields.

It is worth mentioning that this university implements an innovative education system in order to enhance the student's abilities and train him to solve problems efficiently.

The best German cities to study and work

German University Scholarships

There are many educational bodies within Germany that offer many free training courses, the most important of which is the German Authority for Cultural Exchange and you can go to its website and see a wide range of training courses in addition to the presence of some scholarships that are available through the Fikra website to attract students from the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition to the existence of non-German government bodies that provide training roles, these scholarships have been made available from international organizations to promote cultural cohesion between countries and the student can choose from them according to his abilities, skills and field of study in Germany that he wants to join, and it is worth noting that a fee is paid for these courses and this is determined according to the field of study and stage of education within Germany.