Study Fine Arts in Germany

Arts are creative and self-refinement and if you are creative you love the arts and want to study them we offer you a wonderful opportunity is to study fine arts in Germany where Germany offers you to study the arts at the highest scientific level based on nature and develop skills of creativity and innovation, and also provides international students with many disciplines and this is what we offer you today to study fine arts in Germany in terms of conditions and specializations.

Study Fine Arts in Germany
Study Fine Arts in Germany

Study Fine Arts in Germany

The study of the arts is based on a sense of creativity, innovation that leads students to bring out their feelings in images and aesthetic designs Germany provides international students wishing to study the arts with the possibility of studying interior design, Graphic designs and also cares about the application of students practical experience on the ground where it qualifies them to work, and the application of what they have learned in the labor market.

There are also programs dedicated to the study of the arts in Germany where they work to develop their artistic and unique talents and students study many artistic disciplines such as: painting and sculpture, photography, installation art This program concludes with an exam to pass the diploma and all courses of the program are held in open spaces to create a collaborative learning environment.

Design in the natural environment that is the approach from which students derive their creativity, allows studios, campus libraries, and workshops in beautifully transformed, polite historical repositories to provide a creative and collaborative work atmosphere.   

Duration of study of fine arts in Germany

The study of the arts in Germany takes a period of time from 3 to four years depending on the choice of the university, the credit hours system and the different semesters from one university to another.

The Fine Arts program in Germany also offers a unique opportunity to study various art media such as three-dimensional design, animation, web design, music theory all to make it easier for the student to choose his specialization easily and obtain a bachelor's degree that provides opportunities for career advancement. 

High School in Germany

Papers required to study fine arts in Germany

In order for international students to apply to study the arts in Germany, they need to meet certain conditions and official papers, including:

  • High school diploma to apply for a Bachelor of Arts or in the case of a master's degree there is a highly qualified certificate.
  • Birth certificate for students.
  • Certificate of high school marks.
  • National ID card is valid.
  • Valid passport.
  • Certificate of placement of the German language.
  • Write a letter of motivation about the reasons for studying in Germany.
  • Student's CV.
  • The existence of a closed bank account to secure the costs of studying in Germany.
  • Get a study visa in Germany and you must apply for it early.
  • Personal photos of the applicant.

Costs of studying fine arts in Germany

It is known that the costs of studying in Germany are low and may reach free of charge because they do not include tuition fees but depend on the semester system of study and students enrolled in the study of the arts in Germany must pay a small amount for the services and features they receive.

These fees vary depending on the university and the region in which they are located and in general the costs of semester fees for studying at the university range from 100 to 300 euros per semester.

Some German provinces also require international students to pay an administrative fee ranging from 50 to 70 euros, the most important feature of the payment of the previous fees is that the student gets the student card in Germany, which gives him the right to use transportation for 6 months for free.  

The most important art universities in Germany

Germany contains the greatest universities for the study of fine arts, the motivation behind the demand of students to study in it and we offer you the most important universities of Germany, including:

Berlin University of the Arts

The University of Berlin is one of the most important universities in the study of the arts The university was established in 1975, and the University of Berlin is considered one of the best universities in the world and students are taught by traditional methods in faculties including: fine arts, media and designs, performing arts, and architecture The University of Berlin is characterized by that its low fees may reach free for German students or international students The costs of study up to 300 euros but you should pay attention The costs vary according to different fields of arts may reach 3000 euros.    

Specializations of the University of Arts Berlin 

The University of the Arts in Berlin has multiplied, including:

  • Faculty of Design

The Faculty of Design includes the following disciplines:

Architecture, Fashion Design, Art and Media, Product Design, Social and Commercial Communication.

  • Faculty of Performing Arts

The College of Performing Arts has more specializations such as:

Creative writing of scenes, theatrical education, theatrical decoration, musical performances, acting, singing and music therapy.

Academy of Fine Arts of Munich 

The Academy of Fine Arts was founded in Munich in 1808 and is one of the most important art academies in Germany, offering international students to obtain a bachelor's, master's and then doctoral degrees or equivalent.

Study Departments of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

The study departments in the Academy are multiple, so that the student can choose the department according to his wishes, and the most important sections include:

  • Technical Education Course.
  • Architecture Course.
  • Interior and industrial design.
  • Interior Design Program (Postgraduate)
  • Fine Arts programs include: Porcelain Art, Printing, Product Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Photography.
  • Visual Arts and Therapy Program.   

University of Fine Arts Scholarship Hamburg Germany  

The University of Fine Arts Hamburg in Germany is one of the best art universities in Germany and ranked 170th nationally in Germany, and offers scholarships to international students to bring out their talents and study fine arts in Germany.

This scholarship is offered to students including tuition and living costs and may reach €450 per month for outstanding students who are selected to study in different disciplines.

Master's students can apply for a Master's degree in the scholarship including tuition costs of up to €450 per month and the duration of study within the scholarship is up to one year.  

Admission Requirements for Hamburg Fine Arts Scholarship 

 All international students can apply for the scholarship for a bachelor's or master's degree in a discipline of arts study at the university.

Thedocuments required for admission to the Hamburg Fine Arts Scholarship

The university requires several documents that must be available, including:

  • Certificate of enrollment in higher education (high school diploma) or bachelor's degree to complete master's study.
  • Write a letter of motivation to explain why you chose to study at the university.
  • Get a new level in German or English.
  • The presence of the applicant's CV.

German courses in Germany

Advantages of studying fine arts in Germany

Germany is a great educational and international destination and has a high-quality educational system based on the latest scientific and research methods and means.

This level was improved depending on Germany's strong economic level, all of which made Germany the first destination for international students to study the arts there.

The standard of living is excellent and provides all the comforts and support for external students, and the state enjoys a great degree of security and safety, which made students rush to it to escape the wars and political conditions in their country.

Germany is one of the economically stable countries, and politically all this affects the level of education it provides to international students, and Germany is one of the most beautiful and attractive countries and one of the best countries to study fine arts where the picturesque nature that occupies inspiration and develops the creativity skills of students.

In addition to relying on the latest advanced scientific and research methods in the world, Germany is more interested in the practical aspect to graduate a generation of students who compete in the labor market deservedly and obtain the highest practical positions.