5 Reasons to Study Computer Engineering in Germany

There are plenty of places that offer master's degrees in information technology and computer science, but there is no doubt that Germany is one of the best places to study computer engineering in Germany. If you're not sure why Germany chose to study for a master's degree in computer science, here are the main reasons to start researching your study options and preparing your application.

Study Computer Engineering in Germany
Study Computer Engineering in Germany

Reasons to study computer engineering in Germany

1. Study in Germany – State Technology

Germany is a country that fully embraces digitization, thus increasing the demand for IT and computer science experts from all disciplines. Of all the EU countries, Germany is one of the most developed when it comes to digitizing business, digital skills of individuals and digital public services.

This is also why German universities and colleges are keen to receive students and graduates for internships and internships in order to train future employees early. You will receive fully professional training.

Computer science and information technology degrees offered by universities in Germany cover some rigorous courses and assignments. Although lectures are not usually mandatory, try not to skip any of them because professors have a fast-paced teaching style and you will lose valuable information.

The following are examples of German universities offering high-quality degrees in computer science:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Bonn
  • Jessma Business School
  • InnoEnergy Master's School
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

On the bright sides, you'll benefit from an in-depth look at current research topics in computer science and will have the opportunity to engage in practical work in outstanding research facilities.

Study in Germany

2. Get a job in a technology company in Germany or abroad in a short time

2. Get a job in a technology company in Germany or abroad in a short time

Germany is an excellent place to work as a computer engineer , as its companies invest heavily in development and research, preserving the country's results as Europe's largest economy and third in the world. It has a lot of startups and medium-sized tech companies, along with large multinational companies that organize branches across Europe and the world.

A good example of this is Deutsche Bank which, despite being a financial company, is a large employer of computer engineers, developers and IT professionals. Other large German companies that attract IT graduates are Siemens, Skytec and even car manufacturers such as BMW or Daimler. It goes without saying that getting a diploma from excellent German universities is a compelling way to find a good job anywhere in Europe and beyond.

3. Germany offers generous salaries to outstanding computer engineers

Technology will only become more sophisticated, also due to intense competition for innovation in places like Germany. Over time, IT employees will see their benefits increase to match their importance in the economy and their complex level of training. Currently, there is a shortage of IT professionals in most parts of Europe and the United States, and this is likely to continue, pushing salaries to interesting levels.

The average salary for a computer engineer in Germany is 4000 euros / month, and many of them receive higher salaries than experienced people.

Check out the experiences of those students who have earned a master's degree in information technology in Germany:

4. Affordable tuition fees and low cost of living in Germany

4. Affordable tuition fees and low cost of living in Germany

In Germany, most public universities offer tuition-free study programs, due to the government's decision to help facilitate access to education for all. As for private universities, while maintaining registration fees, they have to remain competitive with state institutions and, therefore, do not charge fees that exceed the reach of most applicants.

In addition, the cost of living throughout Germany is affordable, reducing the overall price of getting higher education in Germany as an international student.

5. Computer Science is taught in English

The field of computer science contains more and more innovations and applications that it offers us, and therefore contributes to the development of new study programs and specializations among universities that are working to keep pace with modernity. In many universities of applied sciences in Germany,

You'll also find many other interdisciplinary study programs that integrate the social sciences, mathematics, or even biophysics into the curriculum.

It doesn't take a supercomputer to calculate the benefits of studying IT and computer science in Germany, so go ahead and start innovating the future!

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5 Reasons to Earn a Computer Science Degree in Germany in 2021

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